There is a light in the corridor on the third floor, and there are two bodyguards at the door of a room. Obviously, Watanabe Marsh is in this room.


The waves didn’t want to disturb the bodyguard, so they withdrew to the fourth floor and walked along the dark corridor, silently calculating their position.
He must reach for the doorknob in front of a door.
The door is locked.
How can this lock stop the waves! He twisted the doorknob with a slight force of his hand.
The waves approached the room and piled up some sundries in the dark.
The waves carefully hid their feet and debris without making a sound. They came to the window and looked at the probe. It was the Watanabe marsh house that he had just seen.
He took out the black silk thread around his waist, held one end of the window sill and the other end of his head and feet tightly, and made an "upside down golden hook" gesture to slowly loosen the silk thread and slide it away.
Sliding to the third floor window, the waves stopped sliding and a pair of eyes looked into the room.
Hey! The big bed in the existing room is still the middle-aged mature woman sitting on the bed. Just now he saw Watanabe coming out. Does it mean that Watanabe left the room in a short time?
The waves are turning in my heart. I heard the sanitation door ring and Watanabe marsh came out from the inside. * * There was a bath towel around my waist. It turned out that I had just taken a shower.
The waves are not in a hurry to assassinate Watanabe marsh for the time being, because there are two bodyguards in the corridor outside the existing house. If they make a noise and retreat, it will be even more difficult. They can escape successfully after waiting for the best opportunity.
Now the waves are hanging down to reveal the forehead and a pair of eyes. Watanabe Marsh and the middle-aged mature woman in the room can’t see the waves unless they look out of the window carefully.
Watanabe is about 30 years old, with a slender body, which is somewhat suffocating. It means that the brow is gloomy and cruel, and the lips are thin and tight. Obviously, she is a cold lover.
Middle-aged mature women in bed are smiling, slender, full and sexy, which is a fresh contrast with Watanabe marsh.
This middle-aged mature woman in Watanabe Marsh is only about 30 years old, but she is 40 women. They don’t really look like a match!
As soon as Watanabe came out of the sanitation, a pair of calm eyes, and as soon as she saw the bed, the middle-aged mature woman suddenly became hot and her expression became gentle, and her eyes showed a somewhat attached look.
The waves secretly laughed when they saw Watanabe. It turned out that this Watanabe looks like a steady and calm man, but in fact it is a perverted man who is attached to middle-aged women. This abnormal psychology may be caused by Watanabe’s lack of maternal love since childhood or being seduced by a middle-aged mature woman during Watanabe’s hazy period
Middle-aged mature woman sat up in bed, smiled and opened her arms to Watanabe Marsh, smiling and said, "Come here, let your mother hug you."
Of course, the middle-aged mature woman is not Watanabe’s mother. This is just a joke, but this kind of words makes Watanabe’s trembling eyes become very sad and blurred, and she walks step by step towards the middle-aged mature woman.
Middle-aged mature woman holds Watanabe Marsh with open arms, lying in Watanabe Marsh, burying her head in her arms, closing her eyes in her chest, looking very attached, like a lost child suddenly returning to her mother.
Watanabe’s eyes are closed and his mouth is open. Middle-aged mature woman sucks gently in her mouth like a child.
Middle-aged mature woman gently hugged Watanabe’s mouth and gently hummed a lullaby to coax the big child to sleep.
It’s irritating and funny to see the waves outside the window. Look at this situation. It’s not the same time that a man and a woman have done this kind of thing for ten years. This middle-aged mature woman must be Watanabe’s mistress-Wu Tenglan, head of a department of Yamazaki Co., Ltd.
This middle-aged belle’s pink face, peach cheeks, delicate eyebrows and small red lips slightly provoke a pair of standard almond eyes, and there is a faint misty look as if she were bending a bowl of autumn water.
Her figure gives people the feeling that she is really slender, beautiful, plump and firm. * * Her hips are tilted in a beautiful arc gently, and her legs are slender and symmetrical, and her white and tender calves are swaying and shining, which makes people dazzled. With every swaying of her heart, her heart beats and her heart beats faster.
This middle-aged belle may not be particularly beautiful, but the charm of a mature woman is full of charm, which makes her have a temptation to panic men!
The waves in my heart accelerated the beating eyes. As the middle-aged mature woman looked at it in the past, she saw a man coming out of the health. The smiling eyes of the middle-aged mature woman were tempting to glance at this man.
At this very quick glance, the waves can see clearly that this man is thin and looks gentle with a pair of high myopia glasses, but he also has some knowledge, and his lips are closed and he has a cruel taste.
The waves recognized this man as the target of his assassination-Watanabe Marsh!
The waves, eyes and brain quickly turn their hands, and the alternating force rises from the third floor to the rooftop.
The waves turned over the rooftop and looked around at the situation in a courtyard. There were two security guards patrolling the courtyard at the gate, and no one was on tour.
He didn’t dare to take it lightly, bend down and hit the small iron gate on the rooftop, flicker into the corridor and walk carefully along the stairs.
The fifth and fourth floors are quiet and there are no lights.
The waves walked lightly to the third floor and looked into the corridor from the stairs.
There is a light in the corridor on the third floor, and there are two bodyguards at the door of a room. Obviously, Watanabe Marsh is in this room.
The waves didn’t want to disturb the bodyguard, so they withdrew to the fourth floor and walked along the dark corridor, silently calculating their position.