I finally persuaded Li Ze to go back to rest. Yang Ye finally went back to the big palace, and a bedroom outside the big palace had an affair. I went to Nanrong Magic Yang Ye and waved and said hello to Nanrong Magic, but I didn’t see it. I still paced there with my head down. Yang Ye couldn’t help wondering. After I came back to Chang ‘an, he had already arranged rooms for the poor grandfather, the baby, and others, and sent maids to wait on him. At this time, the room behind Nanrong Magic was now late. Why didn’t Nanrong Magic have a baby room?


When they were walking past, Yang night suddenly saw Lan Yao chop from behind the bedroom door and came out to the front of Nan Rong Magic and patted him on the shoulder and said something in a low voice.
Yang Ye got a fright. What happened? Don’t south glory magic and blue demon chop still have a leg? Impossible! Impossible! He would never do such a thing after knowing Nan Rong Phantom for so long. Besides, even if Nan Rong Phantom has an idea, Lan Yao is not such a person!
Wondering Yang night to speed up the pace, go straight to the front of the south glory illusion and blue demon chop.
Lan Yao beheaded Nan Rong Magic and was not surprised by the arrival of Yang night. He glanced at it and nodded lightly and continued to talk.
"What’s the matter? Is something wrong? " Yang night see south glory magic face is very ugly interjected
South glory magic shook his head and sighed for silence.
Lan Yao looked at Yang Ye and said, "It’s a baby."
"Baby? What’s wrong? "
"The Lord of the Black Domain found Baobaolong and said Baobaolong betrayed him and he must take revenge." Lan Yao cut his voice in a low voice.
"Lord of the black domain?" Yang night was shocked. "When did it happen?"
"When you and the night attack and the scorching sun went to see the awarding ceremony of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty," Lan Yao continued to say in a low voice, "I heard the baby screaming in my room, and I went to check on the baby in the past without knowing what happened. It was really scared and I stammered and fainted."
"This black domain owner!" Yang Ye growled angrily and looked at Lan Yao again and asked, "How’s Bao Long now?"
"Still in a coma, maybe awake, but don’t want to open your eyes." Lan Yao said with a sigh. "The night attack only worried that the Lord of the Black Domain was notorious for doing whatever it took to think of the baby. Naturally, he also thought of some things before."
Yang night listened and hesitated for a while, just about to open his mouth. Lan Yao cut and grabbed his hand and said, "Red Bi, you know that we, the baby, the hot sun and your night attack all have our own identities except the identity of the official. Of course, the official newspaper has its own identity … Our identities are also very rich and expensive …"
"I really didn’t think about it carefully, hehe." Yang night smiled gently.
"The baby is worried that the black domain owner will be bad for her relatives." Lan Yao said and took a look at Nanrong Magic.
Yang Ye nodded and didn’t speak. He walked over and patted Nan Rong’s magic shoulder. He was able to worry about the unusual status of a scholar, and those relatives were not allowed to get hurt. For example, at that time, his father, Yang Zhen-kui, Nan Rong’s magic father, Nan Rongjun, and in-situ Yun Xin, Ru Yan, Zheng Dan and Xi Shi.
"South glory illusion don’t worry about our things here have solved us …" Yang night gently encourage.
Nan Rong Phantom suddenly looked up and caught Yang Ye’s shoulder and hastily interrupted him. "Yang Ye, we have to help the baby. Do you know what it feels like to have loved ones hurt …"
Yang night nodded and smiled. "Of course, Nanrong Magic don’t worry. The baby is your woman and our friend. If something happens, we will do it."
Blue demon chop also came over and nodded at Nanrong Magic. "There is no sign that the black domain Lord will treat the baby as a relative. Let’s go back to the red domain Lord and discuss the situation first."
Nan Rong Magic nodded, raised his head and smiled reluctantly. "I don’t want the baby to get hurt."
"White, but you should be with the baby now. Go quickly." Yang Ye said and gently pushed Nan Rong’s magic.
Nan Rong’s illusion of "well" took a few steps towards the bedroom and suddenly turned around and said to Yang Ye, "You should think of some way to get her back over there. She’s still with Yang Guifei."
Yang night nodded and smiled and gave a "can I forget her? You go. "
It’s true that Yang Ye has long thought of Uniform Xin. It’s quite easy to get Uniform Xin to his side, but he just got back and can’t call Uniform Xin on the same day. Tang Xuanzong and Yang Guifei doubt it.
"Red Bi baby things make me feel a little uneasy" Lan Yao said softly in the face of Yang Ye. "You should be careful that the black domain master didn’t succeed this time. I guess he will come to you again."
"Looking for me?" Yang spent a night. "He must hate me now!"
"Don’t red Bi Long Xiao fled back to what happened here. The black domain master will know." Lan Yao cut a face of worry and continued, "He came to call you to his door. Now he knows that your strength is so strong that he will be more impatient. He won’t want the red domain master to catch him for a week."
"Well, I know that if Ruyan, Xi Shi and Zheng Dan didn’t know about it, I would have gone to get even with the black master!" Yang night malicious 1 long one breath and laughed gently "alas, I remember one thing"
"What?" Blue demon cut curious upward staring at Yang night eyes.
Yang night turned to look at Nan Rong magic into the bedroom, then turned to look at Lan Yao and said with a smile, "To tell you the truth, many times I completely ignored you guys and also had our own families, hehe." Then I stretched out my hand and pulled Lan Yao to cut the bass deliberately and asked, "To tell me the truth, are you … not a married woman?"
"Go to hell!"
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On the second day, Yang Ye summoned several commanders who went to Japan alone, and asked the mountain father-in-law to give him the gold, silver, jewelry and silk department of Emperor Xuanzong, and asked several commanders to distribute these things to the two hundred thousand soldiers who risked their lives together, and told them not to distribute them according to the level, which must be treated equally!
Several generals were shocked and bowed with their fists to thank General Zhenyuan. Oh, no! It’s a blessing for soldiers to be so considerate to have such a general.
Yang night smiled and shook his head and said, "No, no, this is what General Li Zeli means."
As soon as several commanders listened to Ma fuels, they felt comfortable with Li Ze and did their best to praise him with gorgeous words.
Li Ze certainly didn’t know about it, and Yang Ye didn’t intend to let him know that he couldn’t take away the gold, silver and jewelry, so he might as well distribute it to those soldiers.
Because Yang Ye has always admired these many times before the charge, the officers and men fought and killed the enemy, put out the fire, provided disaster relief and fought against floods … It was these officers and men who rushed to the front to fight for their lives! Unlike those leading officials who go to the scene to express their feelings, give speeches and mobilize once, and then go back to the office in a luxury car to blow the tune or go to a restaurant to drink and chat.
There are not so many gold, silver and jewels distributed to 200,000 soldiers, and the amount of silver each person gets is also quite rich for them, so the natural military camp sang generously and righteousness to General Li Ze.
Such a big thing soon came to Li Ze’s ears. Li Ze was surprised that his character certainly could not enjoy such a big time in vain. He even lamented that Peng Xiong could do this and distributed so many rewards to the soldiers without pocketing any money.
So Li Ze head don’t waist foot spanking eggs and ran to the barracks to explain also brought a few people to give him the gold, silver, jewelry, where to bring ready to follow Yang night all the salary department private dedication.
military camp