"Well, don’t ask about those things, forget it. Children all have their own lives, and we also have our own lives. God gave us a generation more, didn’t he? Don’t don’t even think about it. "It’s best not to hold her for those things.


"Well, if I wasn’t sick, would you hurry up and prepare for the wedding? Will you go to get the certificate in a while? " Su Mian grabbed his skirt.
"Of course!" Yan Gui smiled and said, "I have asked someone to do it!"
"I’m so smart that I won’t meet you with Yang Zhen’s license. You see, I’m still unmarried." Su Mian smiled.
"I won’t give up on you even if you are married and have children. It doesn’t matter if you are good!" Yan gave her a kiss.
Su Mian’s eyebrows are smiling for ten years. She has never been so worried. It’s good to be you.
She looked up and kissed him deeply on the lips.
I miss you deeply. How wonderful it is to finally meet each other after crossing? Innocence is generosity!
I changed my beige dress, washed my face, ate dinner and had a full body check-up.
"There’s nothing wrong with it. Malnutrition doesn’t eat on time, which causes some minor problems in the stomach. Just don’t take medicine and eat on time. Don’t take those drugs that help you sleep after that. You are still young, so you can’t eat well." This hospital is owned by Miko’s family, and the doctor is in charge.
"Good thank you" Su Mian smiled.
It’s not even a disease with him!
"Do you think I can get married without any problems?" Su Mian smiled and handed the diagnosis to Yan Gui.
"The wedding has to wait. After all, your wedding dress is not ready so quickly, but we can get the certificate." Yan Gui frowned. "This damn free love! Damn marriage law! "
Su Mian chuckled. She knew what he meant. The world was different from before.
Divorce is allowed here. It’s illegal here without a certificate.
"I won’t leave you. What are you worried about? But you’re a disaster for the country and the people … I’m worried about so much money! " Su Mian smiled.
"I said putting you don’t have to worry about! I haven’t seen him talk to any woman for so many years, including his grandmother! " There is no mother to return Yan in this life …
"But the woman is going to pounce on him?" Su Mianwen
"That depends on your sister-in-law, but I don’t think he is worried about the 30-year-old child chicken!" Mikexiao
When Yan Gui came through, this body was twenty years old. Until now, no one has said anything but not looking for a girlfriend.
"Well, don’t talk nonsense with him. Let’s go and get the license." Yan Gui was a little embarrassed to pull Su Mian.
She changed a pair of light shoes, and she was in a happy mood and walked. "There is determination!"
"Don’t talk nonsense about leaving?" Yan Gui kept a straight face.
"Go and hug me!" I miss him so much, I crave his arms so much.
Yan Gui picked her up with a smile and Su Mian left a string of smiles.
Micona shook her head gently, always talking, and the female swallow always liked it. It was such a stunning thing! No wonder! But it’s a good thing to look at 969. Chapter 969 Fanwai South Xinjiang
When Shen Er finally grew up, he really lived up to Yan Jia’s good genes …
Duguyu couldn’t wait to hide her, but for him, being a country is really unable to protect this beautiful little woman.
There are also people staring at the street.
"How can it be so beautiful" is like watering a spring rain. If you are not careful, the flowers will be beautiful.
"Do you think I look good?" Shen Er smiles at him and dislikes her. Does it look good?
"Stupid! Ok palace is the queen mother is the emperor or else … "DuGuYu shook his head.
"I’m getting married soon. Don’t come out recently, okay?" Duguyu is not at ease, and she will be at ease if she marries this girl quickly.
"Good, then let’s go to your east, ok? Did the flowers grow alive some time ago? Did you spend it? " Shen Er is very good. In recent years, she has been more aware of the fact that Du Guyu is very kind to her.
So she reciprocated and listened to him.
"Buy some cakes you like and go home. You always feel different when cooking in the house." Just like a child, it is better at home, but it is better outside.
"Brother Haoyu, do you have nothing to do today?" Heavy son smiling.
"Well, I’ll accompany you". How can a country be so idle? In poor health, there are things for him to do, but he is afraid of what is wrong with the upcoming wedding.
"Brother Yu, if you don’t go to the palace, it’s okay for you to work in Taifu. If I don’t leave, I’ll just have a good day in the garden. I’ll play by myself for a while. You’ll be busy for a while and then have dinner together. Is that okay?" Heavy son is not sensible laughed
"Shen Er is really good to listen to you." His hand really has something to deal with. He wants to be busy at night.
After returning to the office, Duguyu sent her to the garden and told the handmaiden to wait and prepare snacks, fruits and tea before she left.
"Princess, do you want to see flowers?" There is not a handmaiden in Taifu who is not clear.
This is the queen toffee. No one dares to treat her badly when she looks at the Taidian.
"Did the transplanted flowers live the other day?" Taifu is just like her home. She will come the next day.
It doesn’t matter if you put it in southern Xinjiang, even if you flow with Princess Jade, you never said she couldn’t come.
"I’m alive, I’m alive. Didn’t it rain the day before yesterday? Is it better to transplant in rainy days? Is it that the flowers don’t have a bud yet? Princess, go and see?" The little handmaiden laughed
"Well, look at it." Shen Er got up and followed her two personal attendants.