This dog slave is convinced that he won’t be so bold and reckless with him, right?


"Then you can kneel here and think about the rain. Maybe it will make your brain clearer and tell the palace when you think about it!" Throw a word coldly and he turned and strode out of her sight.
The cold hard floor is far from cold in my heart.
Gu Xi Xi is very fortunate. Fortunately, it is raining in summer, and nothing will happen. It will not be a big problem.
As time went by, her determination never wavered.
Even if the bad man let her kneel here and die, she will never confess!
When Jun Fengwen heard the news, she had been kneeling in the rain for three hours before being covered by dark clouds. The sky was dyed black and she was about to welcome the night.
Jun Fengwen ran to her side and looked at her soaking wet and shivering. She looked like the eyebrows were severely pulled up.
"What are you doing kneeling here?"
Although it’s summer now, even if it’s so long, this body will not stand the cold!
Suddenly she was annoyed that she didn’t stay in the palace and ran outside! Xiao Fu can’t find her!
"Princess, rest assured that my slave is fine."
Gu Xi Xi shook his head and even grinned at her. "Leave this matter alone and go home quickly."
It would be bad if you were surprised by Jun Yi-han and suspected that she was warm and gentle.
Jun Fengwen bit his teeth and settled for the second time. "Then I won’t go looking for him if you get up."
"Princess …" Gu Xi Xi nai looked at her and slowly pushed her to appease a smile. "Don’t touch me when I am wet, or it will be bad to get you wet."
Although she didn’t answer her question directly, Jun Fengwen has understood her meaning.
"Refused to get up, right? Ok, wait for me. I must ask him clearly today! "
Jun Feng Wen said that without waiting for her reaction, she rushed directly to Jun Yi Han’s bedroom, because she knew very well that Xi Xi would never compromise, so she could ask for it herself.
"Hey wind … princess!"
Gu Xixi shouted behind her, but she couldn’t come. It’s the most important thing to protect her faults. Where can she be bullied like this
Even if the person who bullies her is his brother!
Gu Xi sighed weakly and shivered, but suddenly someone patted him gently. "How are you?"
You are greeted by a little eunuch who is just like her.
Xiaofu slowly squatted around her and frowned. "Am I late?"
"Did you get the princess?" Gu Xi Xi frowns
"Well, I have seen you chatting with the princess several times. The princess should also like you … 1464. Chapter 1464 I have one thing to ask you.
After a pause, he didn’t go on. He asked in a low voice, "Do you think you are meddling?"
"Xiaofu, thank you for this matter. Even if someone wants to mess with me, the princess can really help me …" She suddenly sighed and her eyes fell low. "It’s more complicated, and I don’t know how to tell you, but if you help me like this, if others know, you will be implicated together, and maybe someone will say that you are an accomplice."
Others simply sat down and touched her wet and embarrassed head. "Yeah, I know, but you didn’t say that we have to help each other!"
Have each other?
Gu Xi Xi frowned. Did she ever say that?
"Don’t worry, I will not leave you alone."
She was moved to sniffle, with a smile on her face that was uglier than crying, but she didn’t notice the gentle eyes of the man beside her.
Jun yihan looked at the angry woman in front of him and pinched her eyebrows. "What is it, Sister Huang?"
Gentle wind looked at him like this, and he was so angry that he bit his teeth and hated iron not to produce tunnel "How dare you ask me?" Jun Yi Han, how can a man bully a woman … bully a little eunuch! "
But also a woman who like him!
The opposite man squinted slightly when her voice fell. "Sister Huang, what did you just want to say about bullying?"
"I didn’t say anything!"