Wei Yuan believes that An is also a person who is used to deceiving others. He will not tell the truth.


Anyi lives in a small courtyard that has been cleaned and looks clean. There is rain flowing in the gap between bluestone bricks, which seems like a small river.
Window dozen Ann also sat by the window and walked into the yard and saw him at a glance.
Looking at him, Yan Liang couldn’t help but take a deep breath. The day finally came.
It seems that I heard the sound besides the rain, and Ann turned her head. His eyes were pale, his face was as white as jade, and the boy was as comfortable as his name.
"Yan catching the head?" Because of the rain, he was not sure whether what he heard was true.
"Well" response with defender deep step into the door.
Walking into the room, Yan Liang went directly to An Yi and looked at his almost transparent face. He narrowed his eyes. "An Yi, I came here in the rain today to give an answer. What did you come back for? Tell the truth or continue to lie. If you tell the truth, I will keep you safe and sound. "
Wei Yuan at the door shook her head while putting away her umbrella. She really can’t detour.
The smile on his face is still pure and pure, without any impurities.
Eyebrow sorrow seems to have faded a lot with his smile.
"It’s raining really well today, and my heart is quiet. Please listen to the rain with me," I turned to the window, although I couldn’t see it, but I could hear it.
Wei Yuan raised his eyebrows and gave a cold sneer. "An Yi, do you think you are still in the mood to listen to the rain now?" Listening to the rain I do know some elegant things
"I’ll tell you about Yan Shoutou, but I’ll tell you that after listening to the rain alone," Ann also said with her face facing the window.
Yan Liang frowned slightly and turned to look at Weiyuan "You go or wait". It seems that Ann is still not ready. She can wait.
Weiyuan narrowed his eyes and disagreed.
Finally saw his one eye, Yan Liang turned to stop looking at him, and Ann still listened to the rain as if there were no others in this room.
A long time ago, the defender Yuan turned away from holding an umbrella, and his back was cold and he quickly walked out of the yard.
You can see Weiyuan walking along the window to the other side of the soft couch and looking out of the window.
The rain kept falling, and the smell of the rain came head-on with a hint of fishy smell.
Yan Liang is watching the safety and listening to a rain. There are two ways to watch it.
"Now the rain should be small, dense, moist and cool. If it is raining, it should be very comfortable." Ann’s tone slowly seems to imagine what the light rain is like
I can’t help but think of Weiyuan’s appearance in the rain. Yan Liang doesn’t think it’s as comfortable as watching Weiyuan.
"Is it good to catch the rain now?" By sitting on the other side, Ann also asked softly.
It seems that every time it rains, something bad comes to her and she doesn’t like it.
"You still like it as before, just say you like it or not, just say you don’t like it. It’s never difficult to tell a lie by yourself. I like the rain and listen to it to feel that the world is still wonderful and not one place." Nothing can be seen in his heart. The world is black and it’s also very chatty.
Take back the line of sight Yan Liang looked at him and seemed to see life in his eyes for a while.
"Anyi, what are you going to do when you come back?" Solid bottom Yan Liang still feels that Ann is not a big villain.
"I’ve been thinking about whether to tell you the truth these days, and now I’m ready to tell you everything you want to know." I turned to look at Yan Liang, but his line of sight was without focal length, and he couldn’t see it.
"Speak" no expression Yan Liang looked at him but was willing to believe what he said from now on.
"I really came back to look for the money." To tell the truth, Ann was calm, as he said, and he really thought about it.
"Did you find it?" He doesn’t leave this mansion, and he doesn’t have eyes to look at it.
"The horse is going to find Tong ‘antang" and he has no eyes to stretch his hand toward Yan Liang.
Want to get up and tell LiuTianZhao back to punishments notice saw Ann also hand Yan Liang and sat back.
Reach out and put your arm in his palm.