Liu Xue, who was molested in public, looked a little yellow, but thought that she had to make a shy look after her eyes, which made the Japanese emperor fondle it!


The nangongshan obsidian surly so * * * and so spoiled is not easy for the indifferent Japanese emperor. It seems that this new princess means something extraordinary.
A banquet to the Japanese emperor didn’t happen again, which made Nangong Obsidian worry a lot. He was not afraid, but he felt some troubles, which would bring him great hidden dangers!
"Brother, do you think that woman is really familiar?"
Until the banquet was over, Nangong Sandy was still puzzling over who that person was so familiar with, especially those eyes.
The nangongshan obsidian see her frown a face of puzzling over appearance and rubbed her hair "nothing will always be found out you don’t worry"
"Well …"
Anyway, he has all the difficulties. What do you want to say?
After sending her back to the bedroom, Nangong Obsidian came to the residence of Japanese Emperor and refused to move forward for half a step for a long time before slowly knocking at the door.
"who?" House to Japan emperor full of * * * voice slightly dissatisfied way
Nangong Obsidian’s eyebrows suddenly turned cloudy and cold, and her voice said "I" like freezing.
The house Japanese emperor was overjoyed, and the beauty outside his body was teased, and his eyebrows were as soft as silk, and he became a pool of water. At the moment, Japanese emperor also took care of the clamor and hurried to the door.
"Why are you here?"
Being caught on the spot, this kind of thing, but also my own son, the Japanese emperor, was embarrassed and asked
The nangongshan obsidian also don’t talk and went straight into the room to see the bed people’s eyes with disgust tone indifferently, "I have something to tell you that outsiders are better off."
"She’s not an outsider. Tell me if there’s anything." The door was rude to him. It didn’t mean to see the beauty with a face of fear and a heavy tone when she looked at him.
Nangong Yao smiled angrily and asked, "Are you sure you want her here?"
His laughter made the Japanese emperor’s scalp numb. He could yell at Feng Chen Yuan and others, but his heart was always afraid when he faced this moment.
Liu Xue looked at the two men’s tense appearance, slightly shaking their clothes and looking very frightened. "Don’t be angry. Since you have something to say, I’ll go out."
The Japanese emperor’s tone is a little distressed. It’s already late at night outside, and it’s already cold, and their conversation doesn’t know when to end. How can he bear to let such a beautiful woman suffer from the cold wind?
The amorous feelings of the two men made Nangong Obsidian have the idea that he was a bad person, which disturbed them. They had a bad feeling in their hearts and repeated, "I have something to say."
Liu Xue’s eyes were wronged, and Bei Bei bit her red lips, and her lips were a little pale. The depth of the eyes and this deep admiration hesitated and went out.
"Is there anything to say?"
Seeing that the beauty was wronged, Emperor Ying Ying’s eyes kept following the candle and holding her hand.
Nangong Obsidian looked at him with disdain and said sarcastically, "Do you dare to take the road?"
"This is you should talk to father attitude? What is the road? "
Japanese emperor doesn’t allow others to desecrate the purity in his heart, which is more dissatisfied than female anger staring at his eyes.
He maintained the nangongshan obsidian seems to be a bit ironic thought of mother princess thought of phoenix dust deep mother princess …
"The emperor is so fickle? Or will your pet be distributed to everyone equally? " At this time, don’t expect to be able to say anything nice from Nangong Obsidian’s mouth. It is already the limit to say this here.
"So you came here to teach me a lesson?"
The Japanese emperor frowned with anger in his eyes and said, "Don’t forget that I am your father! You are not qualified to teach me a lesson! "
"I don’t have the time to worry about your personal affairs when I think too much. I want to tell you that no matter what you come to South Vietnam, no matter what your purpose is, I won’t let you succeed."
Nangong Obsidian’s eyes narrowed with unquestionable majesty, and the warning words made the opposite person black. Is he wrong?
Emperor Ying’s mind turned slightly to look at his firm appearance and sneered in his heart, "I came to visit and express my intention!"
"I hope so"
With that, Nangong Obsidian turned to be ready to leave the door with his hands and turned his head. "It’s best to check that people around you don’t know how to die in the end."
The Japanese emperor thought that he suddenly came out and saw the man push the door and leave.
Liu Xue held her breath and looked at the man coming out of the room. His tall figure blocked the inside, and the Japanese emperor’s eyes were hot and could no longer hide his love. Looking at him, his heart tightened.
But the man didn’t even give her a look and disappeared into the night without looking at it.
All the ardent parts turned into loss, and immediately there was a great anger. Sooner or later, you will be me.
When Nangong Obsidian returned home, he always felt that things were not so simple today. The cold wind hasn’t come back yet. I don’t know if there is any news.
There was a while outside, and the Nangong Obsidian raised his eyebrows, but he didn’t get up and look before he saw the man coming back.
"this is something that has just been found."
The cold wind did not dare to delay and put the information he had just received into the man’s hand.
Nangong Obsidian knocks over the resolute font and frowns slightly. Is it because he is wrong?
Liu Xue, a native of Hangzhou, fled from the refugees’ parents because of the successive disasters in Hangzhou, and suddenly died of illness. She was lucky enough to find her life and fainted in front of Real Madrid!
There are Liu Xue growing up in a big net and what happened. It seems that she is a particularly simple girl.
But the more you don’t see the flaw, the more people feel that something is wrong