After drinking the water ice Xuan, her eyes closed and she fell asleep again. More than two people retreated in a friendly way. Xu Qingling gave them a look and slowly left their sight.


"Ice xuan, you know? When you disappeared, I was really afraid that I would lose you. "Mu Yeying kept saying it as if to her." When I found you, I was so distressed that I was hurt by your body; When you were in the emergency room, my heart seemed to be taken away by you. I’m sorry, Bing Xuan. Let’s not quarrel later, okay? " Mu Ye Ying apologized as if Bing Xuan were awake.
Bing Xuan’s eyes are closed, her face is beautiful and she sleeps peacefully. It seems that she is asleep and didn’t hear you.
"… good …" She said this sentence in her sleep, I don’t know if it was intentional or intentional.
"Thank you for your ice Xuan" Mu Yeying’s mouth floated with a little smile and looked at her like a fairy sleeping and smiling.
The whole ward is full of warm and beautiful pictures, which makes people unconsciously raise a smile.
become reconciled
"Well …" Bing Xuan woke up from sleep and felt sore all over. What’s going on? Is it that man who saved my life but didn’t restore my injury? Who is the man who sweated to death? You helped me but didn’t help me to the end (MoXing elder sister, you are too picky, right? It’s good to wake you up. Bing Xuan, you won’t let me wake up to see how you write! Desert star)
"Bing Xuan, you are awake!" Mu Ye Ying noticed that she was surprised to say
….. She was silent.
"Bingxuan, are you thirsty?" Mu Ye Ying didn’t seem to find her strange and continued to ask
….. She continued not to talk and pretended to be indifferent.
"Bing Xuan" He felt that she was abnormal, so he gently held her hand and said firmly, "Can you trust me again? I promise this kind of thing will never happen again. "Mu Yeying looked at her eyes seriously with sincere light.
….. She continued to sit there without saying a word.
"Ice xuan" Mu night shadow called her a low voice.
"Sour" is a night shadow. When she won’t talk again, she suddenly blurts out.
"eh?" Mu Ye Ying didn’t react at the moment.
"My body aches." Bing Xuan sounded like a child begging for help from an adult.
Mu Yeying just smiled and gently lifted her up, let her lean on her arms and then gently massaged her hands.
"Do you want to call a doctor?" Mu night shadow asked softly
….. She didn’t have the words to look down. It turned out that she was asleep again. She was really a slacker. He laughed and hugged her tighter. "If only it could be like this forever," he said softly.
When they came in, they saw such a scene. Ice Xuan was lying in the night shadow, sleeping in her arms with long eyelashes. From time to time, she moved and the night shadow signaled them to be smaller.
When were they two? There are some doubts in everyone’s heart. It seems that it was like this yesterday. Everyone looked at Mu Yeying with a wry smile.
Xu Qingling looked at this scene and felt dazzling. She said that she had something to do at home and went back first.
How come… Zuo Bingxuan, I won’t let you feel better. Xu Qingling’s eyes are full of hatred and anger, and she walks to Jingsha Company.
When Bing Xuan opened her eyes again, it was noon, and she cried unwillingly. Although the sound was very small, she was heard by Mu Yeying.
"Are you hungry?" He stroked her hair and gently asked a sentence
"Well" ice xuan should be lightly replied.
"Then you wait for me to go shopping." Mu Ye Ying gently put her on the bed shang and took the door out.
Bing Xuan frowned slightly at the door. Who wants to hurt me? Who is Bai Sijiao this time? What does Bai Sijiao mean? Bing Xuan racked his brains to think who it was (Mo Xing doesn’t even know the murderer behind the scenes, er, Bing Xuan, you are really a failure, and you are not as sensitive as before)