"Ha ha kill Du Yun, I’m afraid that is lang get hollow reputation? What’s more, he is still alive or dead! " Wan Lixiang’s smile is unnatural, but his face is disdainful, but Qin Feng’s brother and sister can see it in their eyes.


"No, Brother Du is very good, and I believe he must be alive and I have a hunch that he will come here soon!" Qin Sisi muttered a small mouth and heard Wan Lixiang’s evaluation of Du Yun’s argument.
Qin Feng shook his head andao bad Qin Sisi said Wan Lixiang will certainly be more angry, but he also doesn’t know how to round this situation. He can’t come back with a real Du Yun without Wan Xiong. Hello? That’s not Qin Feng sex. Two hundred and thirty Gambling.
Indeed as expected Wan Lixiang a listen to Qin Sisi so refute his maintenance Du Yun face soon gloomy to Qin Feng nai shook his head this time even can’t be good.
He didn’t, but Qin Sisi … Thinking of this, Qin Feng couldn’t help hating himself. The city to which he belonged in Xianyan Empire was respected, but he couldn’t even protect his sister when he came to this ghost battlefield.
After a bunch of people dispersed in Du Yun, Qin Feng worked hard, and everything pays off, so he was successfully promoted to the first-order realm of immortal, and his sister Qin Sisi was also promoted to the realm of immortal.
The two monks who ascended the Immortal Monastery would be welcome wherever they went, but Qin Feng never thought that he was stumped by a group of monks who also came from Xianyan Empire.
"Du Yun, he’s just a guy in name only. I think lang Lixiang is sincere to you, but it’s no wonder that you are still perfunctory!" Wan Lixiang’s eyes flashed with an imperceptible shadow, and at the moment, I couldn’t help but have a showdown.
"Brother Du is not a hollow reputation of lang. He is very low-key!" Qin Sisi didn’t notice Wan Lixiang’s almost runaway. She heard Wan Lixiang slander Du Yun, and she couldn’t help but argue again.
"Du Dage Du Dage … ha ha you bite a Du Dage he is so good? It’s just a half-step fairy monk. He wants me to slap him in front of me! " Wan Lixiang anger monstrous sleeve blows suddenly overturned the tea table in front of him.
Bang bang!
Tea table overturned sound to Qin Sisi face a white hurriedly hid behind Qin Feng a little face full of fear and anxiety watery big eyes is showing a fog.
"A slap over? Hehe, try it! " Just then, the tent of Qin Feng’s brother and sister suddenly lifted a corner, and a group of people came in to see the leader, who was it if it wasn’t Du Yun?
Du Yun and his party entered the city in the depths of the God’s hidden place and immediately asked other monks about Qin Feng’s brother and sister’s fall. They happened to meet a monk of Xianyan Empire. When they heard that the bearer was Du Yun, they were eager to introduce Wan Lixiang, but they never thought that they had just arrived here and then heard Wan Lixiang’s last sentence.
"A slap overturns Du Yun!"
This sentence comes out because a group of people who are about to see Qin Feng’s brother and sister talking and laughing suddenly face heavy, and the monk who leads the way to Xianyan Empire is at a loss and stunned.
"Who are you?" Wan Lixiang suddenly saw a group of strangers outside the tent, and found that it was actually a group of monks who were the weakest, and some of them were shocked after the first-order repair.
"Du Xiong …"
"Du Dage …"
Du Yun haven’t talk Qin Feng brother and sister is from consternation immediately return to absolute being, and then a full face of surprise at Du Yun before greeting.
"Ha ha, you’re lucky. Gee, my little girl hasn’t looked more beautiful for a while!" Du Yun smiled and looked directly at Wan Lixiang’s Qin Feng bear for a hug and then rubbed Qin Sisi’s little head.
Aside Wan Lixiang was shocked when he heard that the bearer was Du Yun, and then he felt that Du Yun was dismissive of himself. That kind of view was definitely not something to do, which made him angry. He was also an imperial leader and a second-order monk.
"Are you challenging us by trespassing on our camp of Xianyan Empire?" Wan Lixiang was carried away by anger, especially after seeing Du Yun, Qin Sisi made no secret of his attachment, and his heart was flooded with anger.
"oh? How can you say that? We are brought by your imperial people, and I just heard the provocation … "Du Yun heard this and turned to Wan Lixiang casually. He said that the last sharp blood ShaQi suddenly broke out and locked Wan Lixiang directly." You said that you could overturn me with a slap? "
"I said so what? Don’t be too many of you, we Xianyan Empire people are afraid of you, Qin Feng. If your brother and sister are over there, you will be the people in the Xianyan Empire camp from now on, and we Xianyan Empire monks will never like you! " Wan Lixiang’s face is crazy, and his face is almost ferocious.
Shua shua shua!
At this time, it seems that I feel the movement here, and the monks of Xianyan Empire have gathered here at this moment. The camp is not weak, but the number of the strong is too small
Fairy Rock Empire is just a low-level kingdom. If you add Qin Feng and Qin Sisi, it will be about seven immortals, and the highest level will be Wan Lixiang, a second-order monk, and even two first-order monks. When you look at the floating breath, you will know that they and Lin Chong are generally just promoted to the first-order monk.
Although Wan Lixiang was angry, he woke up a little at this time. It was he who threatened Qin Feng’s brother and sister in this way. Otherwise, if Qin Feng’s brother and sister joined Du Yun’s camp, the Xianyan Empire would have no resistance.
"Fairy Rock Empire, the representative of the ghost battlefield, is not you Wan Lixiang, and my brother and sister are not very strong, but I believe that they will be popular wherever they go. Ask yourself what you have done to our brother and sister these days!" Qin Feng is supercilious and responds to what he fears when the big troops arrive at the moment.
For Qin Feng, if they want to be here in Du Yun, their security has been guaranteed. This is a belief, and there is no doubt about it.
"Ha ha what’s the matter?" Du Yun didn’t understand the situation, but he looked at Qin Feng instead of caring for the monks of Xianyan Empire who had just gathered together.
Qin Feng heard it, so he told Du Yun Du Yun about his experience in this period. After listening to it, he never thought that Qin Feng’s brother and sister were suffering from nothing but returning to their imperial camp.
"Wan Lixiang is? In this way, if you want to fight, it must be you. Why don’t we have a bet? If you win, ask whatever you want, but if you lose, you have to do something in Du Yun! " Du Yun’s eyes turned to Wan Lixiang’s face and he laughed at people and animals.
A group of people behind Du Yun saw that his smile was cold, and soon some Wan Lixiang observed a moment of silence. They knew that the more Du Yun smiled brightly, the more he had something in his stomach.
"How do you want to bet?" Wan Lixiang smell speech one leng, but he is not stupid, but asked carefully without a promise.
Du Yun saw this picture of him laughing in his heart. Did he have such a pit? Of course, if he asks this question, people around him will answer him in no doubt. You are a sinkhole!