"I want you to kill all the contestants … no one left" may be excited. There are all kinds of flaws in Yan Ying’s words, but these flaws are just remembered by the side.


"Good adults, we will definitely finish very well. In this case, we will choose to leave the night and we will come to ask for the room key." Bai Zai’s mood is very bad now, and Deidara knows what it is and naturally doesn’t want to stay here for a long time.
Smiling and nodding, Yan Ying looks almost like a kind old man, but when he is behind the door, he becomes a full-fledged schemer. Every wrinkle contains a conspiracy calculation. "It’s time for us to show our faces in the five major countries …"
"And you, Kuchiki Byakuya, really surprised me. The rotten wood family is immeasurable." Go to the window and look at the dazzling golden awn. It seems that the things that have been holding on to the dispute for a long time have been swept away
Out of the rock shadow, Bai zai seems to be a bit mysterious. "Deidara and Sai, I’ll be the captain this time. I want them to know that if I say something wrong, I will bear the consequences." There is a majestic breath in my eyes that suddenly rushes out first.
I don’t know why Bai zai has such a performance, but Deidara can also promise it like this. "Anyway, I don’t believe how many threats these forbearing children can bring to us." The surge in strength seems to have made Deidara forget his age. Maybe there are not more people in the game.
Along the way, I have met several ninjas, most of whom belong to Muye Village and Rock Shadow Village. Everyone’s expressions are very serious, and it seems that they have got something from their mentor. What does this competition mean? Except for those civilians who do everything, the village is still shrouded in a thick atmosphere.
"It’s really unpleasant. I really want to leave early …" Frowning all the way, I talked in vain.
It can be said that the speaker is interested in the listener. Deidara’s face changed slightly after hearing such a sentence. The original white is not coming back, but in order to accompany him to complete an agreement …
After consulting Sai, Deidara finally hurried to "Let’s leave together after the agreement of Bai Zai", patting Bai Zai’s shoulder and Deidara’s eyes slightly guilty.
"There’s nothing sandy wants to end soon."
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Maybe it will be a long vacation.
Jian is ill, a little serious. I didn’t know until now on Sunday.
It seems that the heart is not healthy. It has always been like that, but there is nothing wrong with it.
Although there is no danger to his life, he may stop for a few days (because both portrait and I have to help Jian Geng in class). If he hasn’t been discharged from the hospital on Saturday, I will come to work again.
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№3 Crazy killing
№3 Crazy killing
A few days after that, the China Endurance Competition was held as scheduled. Because it was the first time after the end of the war that several countries jointly organized the competition, all the villages paid special attention to it. For example, Konoha sent their talented ninja Uchiha Itachi and other five teams of ninjas, while Iwaying Village entered a team in addition to their raiders, but the strength was very hard to say.
The first test is a written test, which is not a small trouble for those ninjas who fight blindly, but there is such knowledge in their father’s transcript, which is of course handy to deal with, and Sai is a lover. These things are simply a piece of cake. Deidara finished all the papers with his efforts.
A small number of people were blocked from the entrance of the second test, which made his village lose more ninja rock shadow. He even ordered to delete the psychological ring program, which was to give his village more fatal trauma. Don’t you know that you have also been calculated?
The location of the second exam was set in Rock Shadow Village, a name called Wangui Rock Formation. When there is a wind blowing here at night, it is as if there are several ghosts shouting, which is scary and complicated, and it is even more troublesome. It is best to kill people here.
"All right, candidates, I declare a notice for this test. No one is allowed to bring Ninjutsu scrolls and five blasting symbols into the venue. You can bring whatever you want. We will divide you into teams carrying scrolls of heaven and earth. Your goal in these five days is to grab scrolls that are different in your hands and then reach our map to specify the position of the red star." After making a simple rule, the examiner divided all the contestants into different groups and entered the venue from different directions …
"Na Bai Zai, what do you think we should do now? It’s such a mess here. If we fly there, it must be difficult to gain something." It has been decided that Bai Zai will be the captain. Deidara naturally asked about Bai Zai’s plans now.
Smile a little bit more indifferent. "Sai let your detection rats out and let them monitor the traces of the team they found. All we need now is to stroll slowly and then … find some daredevil guys to come out." It seems that we have hit three hiding places and are ready to attack the white ninja.
Pick up the scroll in the pocket of three people, and I am used to such a bloody scene …
"Well, very good" doesn’t make Bai Zai feel uncomfortable. Ninja should treat life and death. If Bai Zai hasn’t achieved such results after years of experience, I’m afraid it is the last thing Deidara wants to see.
Kindness is ninja enemies.
"What do you … what do you want to do? We have given you the scroll. What do you want to do?" A frightened face is still a little childish. Although Bai Zai is not a ninja yet, three people in his eyes are demons.
While rotating his bitter Sai in his hand, he replied with a smile, "Konoha ninja’s strength is not bad, but it’s still a little poor. Is this the elite ninja cultivated by your victorious country? Have you lost your goal after a few years of comfort? Didn’t you see what we’re going to do yourself? But it’s a good thing you didn’t choose to run away. You were right about your friend. The pain quickly cut off the man’s aorta and blood immediately poured out …
A little tired, stretched and stretched, and Bai zai regained his indifference. "Let’s go, but there are still many." If there is a look in the eyes, those ninjas who watch the white play have already counted them as their own hunting objects this time.
"Live …" Haven’t waited for Bai Zai to shoot a few hidden shadows of the rock stratum, but the forehead suddenly appeared in Yanren Village.
Looking coldly at the appearance of nine ninjas, "Do you have any advice?"
"Hum, we waited for so long, so your prey was robbed. What do you think we are here for? We are a village. Leave all scrolls and let you live. Otherwise, we can’t bear the responsibility for this dead person in the wild."
The expression is still indifferent. After Sai gently told a sentence, he was slightly disappointed and sighed, "Kill one of them, and don’t stay for the one who just spoke. I’ll solve it." When talking, the body has been very harmonious and rushed out. A silvery white sword flower danced in soft sword, killing a rock shadow.
"Boom …" A bomb exploded and several lives were suddenly lost by Deidara.
Smiling and dancing, the body seems to have no bones, making strange twists. A broken knife in the crowd has been stained with several sticky blood, but the pale face has no meaning at all …
"You … you’re a demon." Terrified, Yan Ren fell back unsteadily and fell to the ground, but his body moved backwards very unnaturally. In just 15 seconds, his side had changed from eight living people to eight dead people. How could such a blow not make him crazy?
"You’re right. I can’t bear this responsibility if anything dies in this wilderness. Let’s see how these people died." The expression of disdain sword has pointed to the tip of the rock.
"Please leave me alone … we are a village." The expression has become trance until I kowtow blindly without even noticing that my forehead is broken.
"Because you already have Konoha Ninja close to the destination, you can’t chase it … all your mistakes go to hell." Even if they didn’t stop Bai Zai, they wouldn’t chase Konoha Ninja close to the destination, but what he said seems to have made sense.
The head fell to the ground, but the body still kept kneeling. "Let’s go. We can’t let others out of this ghost domain …" A breathtaking momentum … was released immediately.
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№33 Complete with you
= White zai memory recovery in the first article … =