When I saw the teenager coming in with dying Long Fengjiao, the girl in Wan’er was surprised and couldn’t help screaming. I didn’t expect the teenager to be so ambiguous. She felt surprised and sour in her heart.


Long Fengjiao has been possessed and in danger. Tang Jun immediately asked her to sit cross-legged on the ground. He sat behind her and put his hands behind her to transport his six-qi fusion. She healed her wounds and at the same time let his mind enter her mind. She found her mind and awakened her unconscious mind.
Thanks to Tang Junshi’s rescue, her mind was awakened, and the strong aura entered her body for reconciliation. After a while, Long Fengjiao’s body gradually recovered to normal, and the normal person was completely awake. When she opened her eyes and saw the Taoyuan world emerge, she couldn’t help cheering up and ran to the stream to drink a few mouthfuls of water.
When she returned to the teenager and looked at many beautiful women next to her, she was very surprised. What is this place? Seeing that all the most beautiful girls are affectionate to teenagers, it is obvious that they are all his women, and her heart is inexplicably sour.
But what makes her most happy now is that she finds that she has become a real venerable person and has reached the realm of high-ranking venerable person. It’s really serious for a teenager to swallow and absorb energy liquid for her!
These maidservants stay in the "vault key" and practice martial arts with half the effort. Tang Jun told them that they should reach the level of King Wu. His hands were filled with horrible energy liquid, which could help them to rise to the realm of saints one by one. The beautiful women were all amazed, holding the teenagers and touching them, which made Tang Jun stare in distress.
Five of these maids have reached the level of King Wu, and two of them are Wu Huang master Tang Jun, who immediately took out the energy fluid from Nazhuan and gave it to the seven of them. The seven maids were so surprised that they devoured it.
Now Wan’er girl is already a junior martial artist. It is said that if she can reach the level of King Wu, she can get the help of young body energy fluid to break through to the level of sage. She was shocked and unbelievable, but she saw with her own eyes that Mrs. Leng, who was originally the level of Emperor Wu, has now become a high-ranking sage. She completely believed it and immediately crossed herself to practice.
Then Tang Junlong, a beautiful woman, sat down and continued to improve her strength. After more than two hours of swallowing and absorbing, Long Fengjiao finally successfully rose to the level of the initial saint. After all, she was a Emperor Wu, and it was still difficult to rise to the level of the most saint for a while, but suddenly she became a master of the saint. She was still happy and ecstatic and very satisfied.
But Tang Jun was not so lucky. He encountered a very serious problem when refining and absorbing the "snake Wang Jindan" of the fusion body, that is, there was not enough force for him to break through, even those energy liquids were ineffective, which he had tried when he broke through the demigod once.
Although this "snake Wang Jindan" can help him to successfully break through to the level of deity, he lacks a lot of venerable force. Everything is thought, and at this time, all cells in his body have been expanded several times by that horrible "snake Wang Jindan" and are waiting for the force to fill it. If not, his body will quickly dry up and wait for him to die.
Thought of here, Tang Jun broke out in a cold sweat. Now he is in a dilemma. What should I do? Don’t just wait to die? Finally, he can ask for help again. The master in the Ruyi button now has a master of the beast to save his life.
After some analysis and consideration, the little girl finally came up with a good idea, that is, this "treasury key" and "immortal fruit". Although this "immortal fruit" is ten times more powerful than that of the venerable Qian Qian, there is no one in the world except Tang Jun, because Tang Jun has a six-qi fusion body that can absorb refining and fusion.
Tang Jun was overjoyed and immediately picked a few "fairy fruits" and swallowed them slowly to see that the teenagers could swallow the "fairy fruits" so hard that those beautiful girls were dumbfounded and scared!
These "fairy fruits" really filled the energy shortage of Tang Jun’s body in an instant, and left a lot of violent energy to condense into a god. He also released a powerful and horrible breath from his body and rushed into the sky.
"Alas you this smelly little every time is every cloud has a silver lining really enviable? This time, not only did you escape a disaster, but you also got a kind of spiritual object, which is what everyone in the protoss yearns for. The’ spiritual fruit’ in the five elements is stronger than the repair ability, and you have another life-saving object from now on. "
When I heard the teacher’s words, Tang Jun was so surprised that she hugged Long Fengjiao beside her and kissed her madly. The maids next to her looked at each other one by one and bowed their heads in frustration. Although they were all beautiful, they were still quite different from the big beauty with the devil figure in front of them.
Long Fengjiao saw the horrible breath released by the teenager’s body, which was even more horrible than just meeting that Johnson Chu. Her heart was very surprised and ecstatic. I didn’t expect a teenager to reach such a height? Standing on the top of the world overlooking all beings?
She feels happier to be with such a magical teenager! Than huan Chapter four hundred and seventeen Yin and Yang gate
"At first glance, the mist is suspicious, and the curtain and mountain flowers are grateful. It’s like a residual makeup. It’s a good night to smell the clouds and rain, and it’s a strange smell when the gods come back. After nine days, they will peak in Yin and Yang."
This is a famous poem written by a world-famous poet when he visited the Yin and Yang Peak of Tianxing Mountain!
At this time, a teenager was walking on the top of the mountain more than 6,000 meters high at Yinyang Peak. In front of the teenager, there was a big mountain gate with three gold words "Yinyang Gate" written on it. It can be said that it is rare to walk to the top of this mountain and see this great master. Because Yinyang Peak is halfway up the mountain, many cards were erected saying, "This place belongs to the sphere of influence of Yinyang Gate. Without notification, people are not allowed to step on it. Those who violate the law are not allowed to die!"
At the same time, there is a road leading to the top of the mountain, and there is a Wu Wangdi who is guarding it. Who dares to step in?
This young man is Tang Junxian. Although he is still a junior martial artist, his real strength has reached the level of a deity. Moreover, he has learned a way to hide himself from the "God-melting Dafa" and practice magic. It is hard to see that he is still a samurai boy outside.
Tang Jun did not fly from the only road to the top of the mountain, but directly cast his divine power to fly high and land directly on the top of the mountain.
Long Fengjiao has just broken through to the Saint level by absorbing the energy from terror, and the situation is still not very stable. Tang Jun asked her to have a good practice in the "vault key" of the fairy, so that the body can be completely stabilized after the energy has just been integrated, and then let her out. He will go to the Yin and Yang Gate alone to see if he can rescue those heroes. Besides, he also misses the cold bodhi old zu.
The two younger brothers who guard the mountain gate at the peak of Yin and Yang are both in their forties. They are all strong men of Wu Wang, and there may be a door of Yin and Yang all day. They have this qualification to let the two strong men of Wu Wang look at the door because there is a rule in the door of Yin and Yang. If the younger brothers reach the age of 40, they will be expelled and will never return to the door of Yin and Yang.
"Who are you?"
See a samurai boy unexpectedly also dare to run to the peak of Yin and Yang to two gatekeepers sweat immediately drink to ask.
Tang Jun’s face was full of fear and smiled. "It’s the younger brother of Qingzhu who came to visit your bodhi old zu in the cold house of Yin and Yang."
"What bamboo door haven’t heard of? What cold family bodhi old zu? Did you yell at the elders of Yin and Yang? Seeing that you are a samurai teenager, we won’t dispute with you. Let’s go. "
One of the two men was gentle and immediately advised the young man to go away. The other man had already stared his eyes and was ready to kill the young man. They were allowed to run to the mountain without being notified, even if they rebelled against the enemy, anyone could do it.
But one thing they were both surprised about was that the samurai boy was caught in the face. How can we get to the top of this mountain?
"Who’s looking for the cold bodhi old zu?"
Suddenly, a sweet sound came, and a beautiful image fell from the top of the mountain to the front of the teenager.
"See Elder Tai!"
Two gatekeepers before the big fellow saw the beautiful woman got a fright face immediately show fear respectfully way
Tang Jun smiled and looked at the beautiful woman in front of her. In front of her, there was a fluctuation in her heart. The great beauty was indeed the cold bodhi old zu in the mouth of the cold frost, and it was also the beauty elder she met on the peak of the green bamboo mountain.
Seeing the samurai boy in front of her was as beautiful as a fairy and cold as a bodhi old zu-cold and snowy, she immediately recognized the boy in front of her. It was almost more than three months since that meeting, which surprised her. Was it that the boy who had saved his life dared to rush to the peak of Yin and Yang alone? Did he just barge in?
Didn’t she tell him that he was qualified to come to her only after he stepped into the third step of budo? But the teenager came to her so soon?
Thinking of the cold snow here, I can’t help but look a little cold. Looking at the teenager, I am a little dismissive. "What can I do for you to find the cold bodhi old zu?"