"There is nothing I don’t want to listen to my parents." Tang Fengxiao smiled.


What don’t want to he can’t expect Chiang … Still alive?
"That’s good … you’re going to get married. If your third sister gets into the capital, you have to accompany her." Children play martial arts and their male daughters are going to Beijing to accompany him.
"Yes" tang style should have some joy in his heart. Can he see the child?
Tang style had no expectations on her wedding day.
However, in this life, his parents are loving, his family is harmonious, and his four sisters love him.
What are the shortcomings of making up for the grief of orphans? To get married …
He doesn’t expect it, but he won’t exclude whoever he marries. Well, Chiang’s … It’s the past.
The wedding day is an excellent day.
He was in a trance when he took the bride. He didn’t give Chiang such a chance at first. Although Chiang wore red, he didn’t have such a beautiful scenery.
He can’t help but fantasize that the hijab girl is a wry smile when Chiang thinks too much …
"Husband, what’s the matter with you?" The hijab girl obviously has some immature light questions.
"Things" tang style should be one.
Firecrackers thought that the bride had entered the Tang gate.
On the wedding night, tang style drank a lot of wine. He hesitated whether to lift the veil with a scale.
The hijab girl seems to be dissatisfied. "I’m so tired, husband …"
Tang style was in a trance. What is the queen of Jia’s governance? So … but it’s good.
Tang style froze at the moment when the hijab lifted.
"Hey? My husband knows my name? " The woman smiled and suddenly said, "I was stupid to ask the name after adopting it. Although I have never seen it, I know it."
Tang style finally during her … Chiang’s exactly the same.
Although he knew this family was surnamed Jiang when he was engaged … but what looks and names are the same?
"When will you …?" Tang fengwen
"Husband, I … didn’t I just come today?" Is Jiang Xiuer thinking about her husband drinking too much? Why do you ask?
Tang style calm after a long time suddenly hugged her "sa is you? You don’t remember that I am you, do you? "
"Husband …" Jiang Xiuer ignorant to see him.
"I’m not afraid that I’ve seen you in my dreams. It’s so kind to me!" Tang style smiled and hugged her tightly. "I will be good to you. I won’t let you have an accident in this life. Don’t worry!"
Although confused, Jiang Xiuer is very happy that her husband promised this is a beautiful thing on the wedding night.
"Sa, we will join hands in this life. Believe me," tang style murmured.
"Well, then … should we get married?" Jiang Xiuer’s mouth is blocked.
Tang style one leng is rare to blush with shame. This time, Jiang … It’s so cute.
The child is still doing well in the palace. What is there to be dissatisfied with Jiang’s return to him? Hear brothers are frenzy, the Lord and the queen are happy, and he finally puts everything in 997. Chapter 997 Parallel world outside the world.
Parallel world, another big Yin dynasty
Everything is the same, but there will always be differences. The biggest difference is that Su Mian does not cross Su Mian here.
She is not the Su Mian who was sent to the Nine Emperors’ Mansion and died in disfavour.
In this world, her father is still alive, her mother gave birth to her brother and sister, and Liu still gave birth to Su Lin, but Liu was not so popular, so Su Lin raised Jane here, and Jane was kind and Su Mian, a sister, also took good care of this brother.
At the age of fourteen, Sue’s sisters all wanted to be drafted. Because of their identity, Sue’s quilt was pointed out to the Nine Emperors as ordinary princesses.
They met for the first time in the Xianfei Niangniang Palace. The Xianfei Niangniang selected several people and specially called the Nine Emperors.
This world is not crossed by Su Mian, but by family harmony.