"Deception!" Ye Han don’t ponder to pour after his thoughtfully Yan Xin is affirmed his thoughts and then blunt Ye Han angry way


Ye Hanwen suddenly became stunned and immediately smiled with embarrassment. "I really didn’t think about anything and didn’t lie to you!"
"Hum!" Ye Han denied that Yan Xingen didn’t want to give up, so he hummed, "If you don’t tell me, I won’t go!"
Yan Xin found a stone sitting in a lai scene, which made Ye Han even better and nodded. "Well, I’ll tell you, don’t tell anyone!"
After listening to Ye Han’s words, Yan Xin nodded his head. "Well, brother Han, please rest assured that Xin Er will not tell anyone!"
"Real me" stared at Yan Xin Ye Han and hesitated for a long time before sighing and wry smile. "What can I say?"
"Say what you have to say!" See Ye Han so phlogistic hin immediately got up and took his arm and said
Seeing Yan Xin so, Ye Han suddenly hesitated but did not continue to hide his consciousness. He smiled and said, "This is what you let me say!" "
"Well, come on, are you thinking about how to repay the old-timers for their help?" Inflammation hin nods a way
Ye Han smell speech face suddenly revealed a playful color soon hands slowly holding inflammation hin shoulders eyes also some dull gawk at inflammation hin eyes.
See Ye Han this line inflammation hin heart suddenly a fiercely a long-standing sense of shyness instantaneous attack her consciousness swish a pair of cheeks poop points red.
Ye Han didn’t move him, but he still looked at this Yan Xin with a dull face, which made Yan Xin more sure of his thoughts in his heart and closed his eyes slowly at the right time.
As Yan Xin’s lips pursed slightly, Ye Han naturally couldn’t see it in his eyes, but he couldn’t shake it. Manually and timely increase the strength to move Yan Xin towards his arms.
Timely Ye Han huanguo to god to prepare to stop himself has been misunderstood by Yan Xin, but he feels that he can’t come.
Ye Hangang wants to hold Yan Xin, but he doesn’t want Yan Xin’s arms to suddenly wrap around his waist, and a soft feeling full of attractive breath comes.
After this feeling, Ye Han’s mind was suddenly in turmoil, and his head was slightly closer to Yan Xin and closer again.
Yan Xin’s eyes are still slightly closed and her face is full of expectation. With a blush, her cheeks are constantly emerging.
Ye Han didn’t hesitate to move his lips, and soon he would touch Yan Xin’s slightly pursed lips, and his breathing became shortness, and he also felt that Yan Xin’s breathing was aggravated.
"What are you doing?" Just as they were immersed in the feeling that physical contact and kissing were coming, an old sound came at the right time and broke the warmth and tranquility!
Slow down God Ye Han turned his head to see a white-haired old man walking slowly towards his side in an alley not far away.
I feel that it has not come yet. Yan Xin is also busy with her eyes open. When she sees the old man not far away, her face is even blushing.
""being asked by the white-haired old man, Ye Han suddenly became hesitant and didn’t know what to answer at the moment.
If you speak according to the truth, it will be very difficult, but if you don’t speak according to the truth, the scene seen by the white-haired old man can’t be false unless the old man is really blind.
Naturally, it is difficult for a white-haired old man to be blind at this age, but now this old man is full of cold vitality, obviously a man with vitality.
There are usually some elderly people who are not repaired, and the old man with eyes can be regarded as an old man at best, not an uncultivated one
Since these two conditions are inconsistent, it proves that the old man has no symptoms of presbyopia.
After some embarrassment, Ye Hangang wanted to answer, but he heard the old man’s voice come again and said, "Are you two so scandalous in broad daylight?"
Ye Han to also want to find a reason to explain it, but I didn’t think that the old man had to tell the things department first to see this Ye Han deeply.
"I’m so sorry, elder. We didn’t know you would be here!" Redundant explanation Ye Han don’t want to explain so good at the old man to apologize way
"Hum! You don’t know if I’m here, so if I don’t show up, will you have a falling out? " Old man smell speech immediately rushed Ye Han roared in great anger.
By the old man so a roar Ye Han suddenly also some angry just want to send suddenly by inflammation hin to pull back inflammation hin is blunt oneself shook his head.
See inflammation hin so Ye Han also had to convergence in anger turned to looked at the white-haired old man suddenly lost sight of the old man.
See you later. Yan Xin is kneeling at the other end of the alley and respectfully shouting, "Xin Er has seen Grandpa!" "
"Grandpa?" Listen to Yan Xin Yan Ye Han consciousness mumbling for a while and then suddenly look at the old man who was facing away from himself.
Although Ye Han didn’t know the old man, he also learned from Yan Xin that he was the ancestor of Yan’s family-Yanhuo.
Inflammation of the fire is the highest in the family of inflammation. Few people can know this. Ye Han knows that he dare not be disrespectful to this old man.
He bowed his hand at the old man and said, "Ye Han, the younger generation, has seen the older generation!"
"Hum!" Without looking back, the old man let out a cold hum and then added, "Are you the master of Ye’s family, the son-in-law of Cold Family?"
Smell speech Ye Han immediately one leng soon also nodded at the old man replied "the younger generation is Ye Han"
"Then do you know who this woman around you is?" Hear Ye Han old man timely turned around and looked at Ye Han immediately looked at Yan Xin and then asked.
"The younger generation knows!" In the eyes of the old man, Ye Han knew things from himself, so he told them frankly.