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"That is not quick to go to the canteen? Do you want a stomachache? " Or the emperor is the most simply.
Chapter 20-Sister with a black belly
“yeah! Go soon! " Zine jumped up first.
Dining hall road …
"Hey? Why are there fewer people? What about Hao and Yu? " It is only now that Zine has discovered that there are fewer people.
"le? Did azine also fall into the feather trap? " Bract surprised stare big eyes looking at azine.
"No! Only ghosts will fall in, "Zima denied.
"Feather is going to accompany his new horse." The emperor directly jumped out of the face and answered.
Of course, the so-called horse is to sit next to him and dance ~
"Hao has just been taken away by his sister." Light is connected.
"Sister? Hao also has a sister? " Zine looked at the field and asked everyone.
"Jin Ye is crazy about his brother’s control, and he is still very dark. If he confesses to Hao or is not small, he will automatically transfer to another school or be knocked down and hospitalized." Yan is like a dictionary.
"Oh ~" Zin remembered seeing the girl in the lecture hall. She also saw Hao pulling herself. It seems that she can’t escape … Forget it. Even if she comes, she doesn’t say much. Zin is also a master fighter.
"So heart?" After the sudden month, I said,
"Slice … ask no? Is there a rule that you can’t ask? " Zine gave Moon a dirty look.
No one can talk to me on the way.
Chapter 21-Cold VS Korea
"Then I’ll go get a meal first. bye~" Zin skipped away just after throwing a sentence in the canteen.
When Yue saw Zine jumping, his mouth curved a perfect and tempting arc, and he didn’t even know it.
But the other five handsome guys were shocked when they saw it … None of them had ever seen Yue smile like this, and all they saw was sneer and ridicule …
"wow! It’s President Ghost feathermoon! ! !”
I don’t know which anthomaniac screamed, but everyone’s eyes looked at their position.
"really! I am so lucky ~! "
"But … it seems that there is less tenderness and less flowers and feathers?"
"ah ~! ! ! How handsome! ! ! I said you can see one of the young masters, even if it’s good, you dare to expect it! ?”
"It is! Usually they don’t eat in the canteen. "
! @#¥%……ap; * @ # ¥% (anthomaniac is noisy)
"Let’s go" to see the emperor’s mouth covered with black lines.
"… well," looked at the month just now, and then nodded coldly.
The moment they turned around …
There has been a loud noise all over the canteen.
School grass are not interested in this, but they are a little grateful to the person who made the sound, because everyone’s eyes have changed and they have looked there.
"Who are you! ? What do you want? ! !”
The sound of azine came out from the surrounded focus, and all six handsome guys stopped.
"Who am I?" A leading girl in front of Zine said
"Otherwise! ?” Not to be outdone, azine talked back.
"I am Han Rong, the daughter of the fourth Korean regiment in the world."
Han Rong! ! ! !