Lord protector’s court
Su Yi quiet inside returned to her room with a dead face, but she didn’t say a word.
"Susu" Gu Huai looked at her nervously with her lips pressed.
Su Yi looked up and looked pale, telling something that made Gu Huai feel a pain in his chest. The first two steps tried to hold her in his arms, but Su Yi hid in the past.
"Maybe we really don’t fit in." Su Yi took a deep breath and it took a long time to take a strange but quiet tone of joy and sorrow. "Ah Huai …"
Gu Huai smell speech in the mind suddenly "hitched a"
"Let’s part!"
Gu Huai was stuck in a flash, like a bolt from the blue. He stared at Su Yi and shook his head "no, no, no"
"Sue Sue, listen to me."
"Say what?" Su Yi took a deep breath and looked up at Gu Huai, dressed in a dark brocade robe of bamboo branches, who was still as elegant as that year. No more mature and stable than that; But the thought of what happened after returning to Liangdu gradually chilled her heart.
Gu Huai opened his mouth but didn’t say anything.
"Back to Liangdu for seven years" Su Yi took a deep breath and looked at Gu Huai.
Gu Huai felt that her throat was dry and it was difficult to say "seven years and four months"
"Yeah, it’s been more than seven years before I know it."
Su Yi took a deep breath and looked at the awkward words. She shook her head at heart. "Don’t tell me that you didn’t know that your mother treated me and Sunseeker in the past seven years."
"I …"
"No matter how she treats me, I can endure sunseeker …" Said Su Yishen, taking a deep breath, and tears rolled down the corner of my eyes. "In the past, I treated Gu Jinlan like a daughter, and I treated Liu Hongyan like a sister, because I stole me from her husband and her wife …"
"No, Susie, it’s not like this. It’s not like this."
"Isn’t it?" Su Yi suddenly laughed, "If I had walked in front of the ghost gate of Sunseeker, I would have thought clearly that if Sunseeker hadn’t been clear and wise, the Tanzhe Temple would have been designed to be ruined;" If it weren’t for the lucky sunseeker, Mo Yan gave his life to protect him, perhaps Sunseeker had been buried back to the bottom of the cliff … "
He hung down and clenched his hands into fists. She said these things, but that person is still his mother!
"I am my only daughter; You don’t love her, you don’t want her, but I can’t. "
"No, Susie, how can I not love her? She is also my baby daughter."
"Ha ha love?" Su Yi looked up with a smile. "Maybe, but it’s not as good as your mother, is it?"
Gu Huai "…"
"LiuManTing almost sunseeker caused death, but she took Amber Hou Fu post so easily; In the final analysis, it doesn’t matter. "Su Yi took a deep breath." If Liu Manting framed Gu Jinlan, would she still be like this? "
"Sue Sue, don’t do this." Looking at Su Yi’s dying face, Gu Huai felt unbearable chest pain. He kept biting his teeth. "If you don’t want to go, just"
"Not going?" Su Yi shook her head and looked at Gu Huai. I wonder if he is really naive or false.
If she doesn’t go to Amber House one day, even before the next day, the whole Liangdu will know that Su Yi defies her mother-in-law.
She’s had enough of this day, and she’s had enough of it.
"No, don’t" Gu Huai shook his head constantly and threw Su Yi into his arms without giving her a chance to struggle "Sue Sue leaves me"
"This frenzy had my sunseeker position." Su Yi looked at him quietly without arguing.
Gu Huai heart suddenly pulled into a ball.
"Gu Jinlan how many times framed sunseeker sunseeker how many times close to death with the Yan …"
"Ah Huai, leave me alone."
"Leave me alone and give Sunseeker a chance to live."