"To tell you the truth," Jackson hesitated. "I knew your son. At that time, I not only lost to Li Han, but also lost to your son because your son and I personally beat him and he was a first-class mecha. No one knew."


Sure enough, Ji Xinghe had guessed this when he heard Jackson ask the first question, and Jackson was more sure when he asked the third question, because he told Ji Chenxing that Jackson might also learn about these realms through its channels, but combined with sending fame and money to himself like Li Han …
Jackson continued, "At that time, your son told me that you Longzhou people knew kung fu. I didn’t believe it because I had seen many Longzhou people who didn’t have it. I mean, I was still very weak at that time, but your son said that it was because they didn’t have enough kung fu to practice hard at home, but after that, they were dark, energetic, danjin, and vigorous. Before the ancients broke the highest realm of seeing the gods without being bad, there was another realm of the same level called honesty, Taoism and knowing before."
"I’m Dan Jin." Ji Xinghe interrupted Jackson because he was in a bad mood.
"Then can I worship your teacher?" Jackson hesitated again after being excited, and then asked, "I don’t mind if you need me as your son. Your son said that your kung fu is a family and you don’t teach it to outsiders."
Ji Xinghe was silent.
"Hey, what’s the matter with you?" Blind and lame are angry. They think Jackson is rubbing salt into the wound of Ji Xinghe.
"I’m sorry, but don’t get me wrong. I really mean no harm. I …"
"No," Ji Xinghe interrupted the upcoming dispute and said calmly, "I can teach you Kung Fu and others, but if you want to practice it, it will take less than 20 years and you can’t practice on different stars. You need to go back to the blue star."
Jackson sighed with disappointment. "Then forget it. I don’t want to go back until I win."
Ji Xinghe nodded and said goodbye. His mecha should have been repaired, but he can go back to base 6. He is not prepared to rest at base 3 even for one night.
Jackson didn’t pester me to finish the transfer neatly, but before leaving, he earnestly told him, "Although you said that you are right about other people’s experience, it is not your experience, but I still hope you remember that I said the fifth item before, don’t hurt others, let alone change your life."
"Thank you" Ji Xinghe waved his hand and didn’t nod away from him because he had already understood another reason why Jackson came to fight with him.
And after Ji Xinghe left, Jackson was annoyed and curious to ask about the first-class mecha beside him.
"Major, why do you release water?"
"I really want to win because I want him to know that he is not as strong as he thought. It is good to have confidence, but it is easy to have an accident if he is too confident. This is Li Han’s fault, but I have to make up for it, but I didn’t expect that I actually lost."
"Major Li Han is wrong?"
"Yes, Ji Xinghe is actually a mechanic. I heard that Li Han lost to a 65-year-old mechanic, so I communicated with Li Han and wanted to make fun of him. As a result, Li Han told me that Ji Xinghe was the father of Ji Chenxing, and he was deliberately trying to lose the result … well, we all lost. Ji Xinghe may not need us to worry."
"mechanic?" A few mecha recalled the battle just now and wondered why the mechanic could fight so well, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is what Jackson said just now: "What is Major Dan Jin?"
"Well, it’s a long story …"
On the other hand, I want to persuade Ji Xinghe to rest for a night and then walk limp and blindly persuade him to give one free after the fruit, so I don’t talk about Jackson in the process.
"Lao Ji really has you, scaring Jackson one leng one leng."
"Yes, yes, not only Jackson, but also those Eagle Island mecha around him were intimidated by the old horse. Hahahaha, that’s good. Everyone in Longzhou knows kung fu. Things have to be done again."
"I’m Dan Jin" lamely imitated Ji Xinghe’s tone and laughed. "Ha ha ha … Lao Ji, you might as well just say that you’re strong. No one can beat you when you’re undressed anyway."
"After I learned it, I also bluffed like Lao Ji." I was blind and serious. "I am strong."
"You are a crazy old horse who can bluff because he can beat you and say that no one believes you."
Lame and blind want to joke and make Ji Xinghe laugh when he is in a bad mood, but Ji Xinghe doesn’t laugh but responds calmly.
"I didn’t bluff him."
“? ? ?” Lame and blind footsteps at the same time, I watched Ji Xinghe’s back close to his mecha with a full face of consternation.
The No.6 base led the reporter from Xinxin Suhe to the communication area of the base. Everyone can communicate freely by relying on the local area network, but if they want to communicate with the outside of the base, they must come to the special communication area to connect the communication satellites and the corresponding resource applications are very complicated.
Good Ji Xinghe has just made contributions and been promoted. Su reporter also has the right to interview Ji Xinghe. If he can’t drive the mecha, he can go to No.3 base with Ji Xinghe. It’s his duty to follow Ji Xinghe, and it’s also his duty to follow Ji Xinghe. Before Ji Xinghe came to another star, he agreed with Major General Tu Yuan on the middle policy.
I learned that Ji Xinghe had got the medicine and passed Su He, the most dangerous communication area in Sanliu Canyon, safely, so I dared to communicate with Ji Xinghe with Yan Yan.
When the screen appeared, Ji Xinghe was located in the cockpit of the mecha, Yan Yan’s eyes were already red, but she tried not to cry.
"Grandpa, don’t worry. Yan Yan is very good. Mom said don’t run and fall down easily …"
The conversation between Ye and Sun made Su He’s eyes red. He turned his back and waited for a while, then he felt someone pulling his skirt.
"Uncle, get down to business. Yan Yan has finished."
Less than a minute. Is Zhong Zhen finished? Su He saw that Yan Yan was not happy, but he didn’t let Yan Yan continue to talk to Ji Xinghe. He respected Yan Yan and was sensible.
Su He does have something serious to say, and he has calmed down. He speaks a little faster but enunciates clearly. "The second program has been edited and reported. By the time you went to the third base, the video of your battle with Major Jackson was sent from the third base. We are going to edit these into the third program and want to ask your opinion."
Although Ji Xinghe came to the alien planet to follow the China policy, he still has the right to veto his own report. After all, the main character of the report is him.