"Not modest, not modest" Liu Bin smiled heartily. "It’s great that a 12-year-old can attract a four-level star warlock to be special, and I can handle it well. When I meet aristocratic children, many people like to rely on their parents, but you are different."


"Me?" Cheng Jinzhou pointed to his nasal passages
"Answer questions, like watching children answer questions, like watching parents." Liu Bin smiled proudly and sat back in the soft chair. "It’s a pity that I’m going to invite Liu Kuangxing warlock to Hexi otherwise …"
Liu Bin said apologetically to Cheng Yunan smile.
Cheng Fu looked as usual. "It’s very lucky to learn from the astrologer."
"I teach some friends who may recommend you to try. They don’t just teach theology." Liu Bin laughed and took out a business card from his arms and handed it to Cheng Jinzhou.
Mother Cheng is very happy to thank Cheng Jinzhou for the fact that the power of the Great Xia Dynasty was not obvious, but her ability in some aspects still has a good reputation.
The business card says Father Kangdia, with Liu Bin’s name on the corner, and on the back, it says that Cheng Jinzhou, a Sistine Chapel College, is a little upset and scratching his hair. Do you want to exchange for another church school?
Chapter 22 Uniform land
Adults talk about their own affairs. Is Cheng Jinzhou the only second child in the field, or is Cheng Jinhao the other? Both of them look at each other and are probably chanting words like "The ghost will never leave".
At present, most families stay in their old houses with two grandchildren, and their competition may last for a lifetime. The specific length depends on the death rate of their parents and the intelligence level of the participants.
Of course, Cheng Jinhao is dissatisfied with Cheng Jinzhou’s attention, but he can sit too far away and look forward to it. At some point, Cheng Jinzhou will look over and be scared to death by his persistence.
But in fact, apart from the first sight, Cheng Jinzhou never looked back. He really listened carefully to Liu Bin.
Transshipment makes Liu Bin’s most important duty to ensure the national tax source-tax source tax collection is a different concept. The former determines who pays taxes and the latter ensures that these people will pay taxes.
With the development of a country, the sources of tax will definitely change, sometimes more and sometimes less, while most feudal countries, such as aristocratic countries like the Great Xia Dynasty, have less and less tax sources. Because nobles don’t pay taxes, they will merge with small farmers, and there is a tendency to pay less taxes to nobles and flee to the state tax.
"I’m afraid this problem is also a headache." Cheng Yunan told the truth and shook his head gently. The headrest soft chair was a comfortable gesture.
Just as Cheng Yunan, most of the scholars in ancient China, was a talented reader but not a talented official-of course, it is inevitable that officials will always face the problem of surpassing the body of knowledge no matter whether the selection method is ancient or modern.
Liu Bin is very worried about the country and the people. "This problem is not unsolvable, it depends on how much determination."
"That’s how people think about things. You are a first-class official. I’m afraid it’s difficult." Speaking is Cheng Yunquan’s long history of Shaonancheng, which is equivalent to the commander of Shaonancheng garrison headquarters. He and Liu Bin are not unified, and they talk casually.
At Cheng Yunquan gently, Liu Bin said, "I’m not afraid that you know that I want to try out the average inheritance system in Hexi."
At present, the Great Xia Dynasty is a political heritage such as the title of office chief, and we share his property, and few of them are invested in illegitimate children, but none at all.
Cheng Yunan listened to the face and said, "This is something that shakes the foundation."
Liu Bin Gherardini is quite serious. "What I want most is to divide the real estate equally. If it is not only the office but also a part of the real estate, then the national tax source will definitely increase greatly."
Cheng Jinzhou’s face has changed, but the adults have softened their expressions. In the eyes of these nobles, real estate is far less important than titles.
This may be the fact that it is always a horrible thing to divide the real estate in different times when Cheng Jinzhou studied. Even if it is through the inheritance, it will really make Cheng Jinzhou change color. This is the idea that Liu Bin wants to divide the real estate through the inheritance. This kind of thing can be seen more than once in China history.
Of course, the most famous is that the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty decreed that princes and princes should no longer inherit from their chiefs, but should give their property, especially their territory, to all their sons. Therefore, a vast kingdom of princes will be weakened after repeated division, and even if the lords know this, they will force Dad to divide the territory for themselves.
This is a complete central process. From the perspective of China history, Comrade Han Wudi completely buried the enfeoffment system in the historical dust.
What makes Cheng Jinzhou unhappy is that he is a member of the Cheng family. He is the beneficiary of the enfeoffment system and will also be the beneficiary of the imperial succession system-and Liu Bin’s means will obviously make his most stable life go up in smoke.
People sitting in the long hall are not aware of this terrible consequence. Of course, the reason is not that they are slow. On the one hand, their position does not allow them to think that the historical inertia is so profound that hundreds of years are thousands of years. On the other hand, the strength of ancient China counties and countries can almost be calculated by land, but their strength among the nobles in the Great Xia Dynasty is far from being as simple as land. However, what Liu Bin said still stung Cheng Jinzhou’s fragile nerves. One side was so close and the other side could not be implicated.
He couldn’t help adding, "I will definitely object if the property is divided equally in Shaonan City."
"Oh?" Liu Bin immediately turned his head and was not disgusted by Cheng Jinzhou’s youth. "You say it."
Seeing that even Torre turned to Cheng Jinzhou’s heart, he said, "Divide the land equally according to your design. My father has more than a dozen brothers, so that everyone can get Zhuang from the public, but two or three can subsidize some homes, but the whole family will lose more. Wait until my generation’s grandchildren have nearly 100 people, and one person can’t even get a Zhuang. Wait until my son, he may be able to get hundreds of acres of land. What’s the difference between his ordinary farmers then? My housekeeper also has hundreds of acres of land. "
Liu Bin clapped his hands and laughed, "Exactly. It is to force the nobles to move. You can’t count as an inheritance, just as you may become an official astrologer before you are 3 years old. At that time, a person may get more land than the current family, right?"
Mother Cheng chuckled happily. "Ordinary astrologers are not so rich, but warlocks like Liu Kuang-hsing don’t consider the land anymore."
A few people agree with Cheng Jinzhou in succession. It’s a bit sad. Sitting here is almost the elite of the second generation of the Cheng family. Although Liu Bin is only an idea that may never succeed, his attitude has made Cheng Jinzhou see a reformer’s insistence-as if the school insisted on collecting the playground and setting up the vice president of the wave food punishment zone in the canteen-the reformer has a skeleton besides his dazzling name.
Cheng Jinzhou looked at his business card and made signal with the lips. "If land distribution fails, forget it. If it succeeds, it will be terrible."
Cheng Fu "well" seems to be some can’t see white himself.
Cheng Jinzhou toyed with his fingers and said, "If this move is too good, our king will not just expand his financial resources. He will ask each noble to give his title to each child, hand soldiers to each child, equipment in the warehouse to each child, and famous warships and airships to each child. Then he can also ask to give them to his daughters and illegitimate children …"
In the long hall, there was a silence in Jinzhou, repeating his reading results these days. "Our kings have never been wary of the noble position, so they decided that the long succession to the title would be downgraded. How long has it been in the Xia Dynasty? If it weren’t for the intensified border war, it would be possible for Uncle Liu to share the inheritance equally with our king. It’s not unheard of that he wanted to split an earl into three barons and a duke into three marquis. But if he gave his children property instead of depriving them of their interests, the road might be smoother … "
No one expected that only 12-year-old Cheng Jinzhou dared to attack the king’s policy so boldly. The most frightening thing was that he said it was quite reasonable.
There is a tail-flick from a small fish in the gurgling spring.
Liu Binmeng got up and pushed the soft chair out for more than a meter. He straightened his arm and pointed at Cheng Jinzhou, "I want you to be my son-in-law."
Chapter 23 fiancee
Cheng Jinzhou hasn’t woken up from the blood and looked blankly at Liu Bin’s eyes.
God, it’s a pity that he is only 12 years old. Even if he says something inappropriate and is punished, it shouldn’t be an arranged marriage.
Liu Bin looked excited as if he had walked into a meat supermarket, and the tiger was swaying and burning Cheng Jinzhou Road. "It’s really extraordinary to have such knowledge at an early age."
"Liu’s adult …" Cheng Fu finally react some measures to get up.
"Please forgive Liu’s highs and lows …" Several people had to reciprocate before Liu Bin bowed.
Cheng Jinzhou’s heart is full of condescension. Is it still exciting to choose a son-in-law? Put it in the 21st century. Watch the news broadcast. Don’t have a heart attack.
Regardless of Dr. Cheng Da’s resistance to Cheng Yunan and his wife, they are very moved.
The Liujia River is also a big family in the west. The most important thing is that Cheng’s mother has made friends with the Zheng family from generation to generation. In addition, Liu Bin has a high public office and has an earl title.
This identity background seems quite appropriate for the families of both parties to the marriage.
In a few minutes, I saw Cheng Yunan nod, "Wait for my parents to make a decision."