This will make him a target.


He has driven the 16th generation standard mecha, and he can mobilize one for him at any time, and he can also modify it accordingly.
Cutting the mountain can be reproduced, but he can’t drive it anymore.
It’s not a challenge before the battle. The imperial mecha won’t fight him one-on-one and can kill Berrossi IV, the grand duke of the empire. He faces two earl-level imperial mechs at the same time. No problem, but what if he faces two marquis-level imperial mechs at the same time?
Ji Rong Xin laughed like a bell and then said seriously
"Then grandpa can’t pick a big Venus anymore, because the moon and the moon are a big Venus and there are 1000 small Venus."
Ji Xinghe paused and then nodded seriously.
"A good grandfather takes a little gold star after him"
Hearing this answer, Ji Rongxin smiled even more.
She didn’t know much about the imperial duke, marquis, count, baron, baron, and regular mecha.
But she knows that her grandfather Ji Xinghe is now dealing with the duke-level imperial mecha. Under normal circumstances, there will be no danger to her life. The duke-level imperial mecha still poses a great threat to Ji Xinghe.
And when the federal mecha spray Venus, they will spray the Duke and Imperial Mechs into larger Venus.
It turns out that this is to show Li Yuanba’s record, and now Ji Xinghe has also enjoyed this invisible welfare.
Is welfare because it represents all the federal mecha recognition.
"Grandpa, can I spray Venus on you then?"
"Of course."
"Well, let’s pull the hook."
"Well, let’s pull the hook."
Ji Xinghe agreed to Ji Rong Xinyue’s two requests, and Ji Rong Xinyue agreed to Ji Xinghe’s request, which has not yet come out.
Both ye and sun know that a short separation is coming.
If you want your granddaughter Chengqi and want revenge, Ji Xinghe can’t always be with Ji Rongxinyue.
And Ji Rong Xinyue also knows and supports it.
"Old Ji, we think we should make a plan." Shen Mu took advantage of the gap to pull Su He to Ji Xinghe and whispered, "How can we do great things without a plan?"
"What plan?"
"Do great things" Shen Mu a face of natural expression "for example, get Jackson a tungsten-steel alloy mecha and Chen Xun a Gaussian energy sniper rifle, let’s be bigger and stronger"
Ji Xinghe and Su He both have some nai. They think Shen Mu’s idea may be a little extreme.
"What is the plan? Not only do we really need some goals," Su He corrected the topic, "Not long-term goals, but short-term goals so as not to make everyone feel difficult to accomplish."
He didn’t put it bluntly. Shen Mu was puzzled. "What do you mean it’s difficult to finish? Is our goal difficult? "
Su He asked, "What do you think our goal is?"
"Of course, it is to create the Galaxy Empire."
Shen Mu suddenly got excited.
"Old horse is the Milky Way Emperor Yan Yan, who can become a real princess and a female emperor. I am the first president of the Academy of Sciences of the Milky Way Empire, and you are the first director of the Galaxy Empire Observatory …"
"Shut up and say something stupid."
Su He scolded Ji Xinghe and felt that there were still normal people around him.
But he didn’t expect that Su He didn’t know how to think, and he said very seriously, "Why is it that I am a TV station director? How to also get a six is still! "
It’s over. It’s not normal
Let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about it
When Ji Xinghe rolled up his sleeves, Su He and Shen Mu were finally honest.
"Our ultimate goal is to destroy the empire, but this is a long-term goal. We need to set some small goals so that everyone can work hard to see results in a short time, which is very good for the military."