The man was stunned when he heard Lin Ying ask his name, and then he reacted with some excitement. "Brother Ying, my name is Zhou Xingxing."


Hear the male name Lin Ying leng one.
There is a reason why Nima should call this name so funny.
Zhou Xingxing looked at Lin Ying with a face of excitement. He was going to be weighed by the Lin Ying Committee.
But Lin Ying gave him a look and said to him, "This is killing zombies, not fighting in a cluster. You take a mop rod to make wool, and find yourself a weapon with greater lethality."
Others around him laughed when they heard Lin Ying.
Zhou Xingxing’s move really made him kill zombies with a mop. He was the first key, and the mop was robbed by zombies.
However, Zhou Xingxing’s move directly relaxed everyone’s nervousness immediately.
Previously, they didn’t dare to go before and now, and they all rushed forward to stab the zombie behind the iron gate with a long weapon.
Generally, zombies are very rigid. When they see the living, they will move forward. No matter what is in front of them, even if it is a knife and a sea of fire, they will turn their backs.
Now that an iron gate and the shadow guards behind it are that daoshanhuohai.
Those zombies fell in pieces, and they kept coming forward.
Gradually, a large number of zombie bodies were piled up at the iron gate, and black blood splashed to form a sea of blood.
At the end of the day, because there were too many zombie bodies in front, some zombies crawled over from the bodies and were stabbed to death by everyone.
It took about ten minutes for the zombie department behind the iron gate to be eliminated.
The movement made here disturb that zombies in the prison.
Zombies in other places are roaring and constantly making the whole movement.
But the quality of the iron gate in this prison is very high, and those zombies can roar behind the iron gate, but they can’t get out.
Lin Ying didn’t care about other local zombies, but planned to enter the prison from the iron gate in front of him.
After confirming that the zombie department behind the iron gate is finished, Lin Ying asked everyone to hit the iron gate in front of them.
The iron gate was locked and they didn’t have a key.
But this is not difficult for everyone.
Someone found a big hammer and thumped the door lock. It didn’t take long to smash the door lock and hit the iron gate.
Chapter 267 mulling two ways
The door lock was smashed and the iron gate was hit.
A large number of zombie bodies crashing down to the crowd.
But everyone reacted fairly quickly, and everyone retreated at the moment when the zombie fell.
In the end, no one was hit by a corpse and no one was injured.
A few unlucky people were splashed with black blood.
They laughed at each other a few times and then pulled the zombie behind the door out to show the door.
Lin Ying took the lead and went in.
It was Zhou Xingxing who followed Lin Ying closely.
He didn’t know where to find a chain as a weapon. The chain was as thick as his thumb, and his hands danced noisily.
Hear the movement around Lin Ying face take a smoke.
Isn’t this Nima going to the big group to get an iron chain to take care of an egg?
But Lin Ying ignored him and couldn’t find it for himself.
Others followed Lin Ying into the playground.
Qing Muyang was arranged by Lin Ying to be the last one to enter the playground, but after entering the playground, he locked the door with a chain.
People around you looked back in surprise at the sound of locking the door.
You see green MuYang holding half a chain seems to be white.
After entering the playground, Lin Ying saw two small doors in front, which should lead to the prison.
At ordinary times, these small doors should be locked if prisoners keep watch, but when the end of the world comes, these two doors are broken.
There is a lot of dried blood at the door and around.
Lin Ying waved to Qing Muyang, and Qing Muyang quickly walked to Lin Ying. "What’s the matter, boss?"
Lin Ying pointed to the front two doors facing Qingmuyang. "Crazy, we will take two people through these two iron gates later. Do you want to make sure you are safe?"
Qing Muyang nodded. "Yeah, but why don’t we go in?"
"You clean up the zombies inside and see if there are any armed police zombies. If there are, grab the gun and retreat to this place to wait for me."
Qing Muyang replied, "Do this thing for me."
Say that finish green MuYang a wave of his hand "willing to come this way with me"