The fish king’s eyeball was broken, and the great pain made him crazy.


The huge body kept swinging and rolling, trying to get the shadow out of the eyes.
Lin Ying fish king eyes felt a very dizzy instability.
When Lin Ying was good, she cut the horse’s saber horizontally and then got stuck in the eyes of the fish king to fix her body.
But the fish king struggled too much.
Lin Ying had no way to take out his waist and plunge a machete into the fish king’s meat to fix his body.
At this time, Lin Ying found that her machete could easily pierce the fish king’s meat.
Lin Ying suddenly gave birth to a bold idea, "Always dig a hole from your eyes and enter your brain."
As soon as this idea came up, Lin Ying waved a machete and dug a hole in the fish king’s head.
In an instant, a large amount of fish was smashed by a machete and then fell out of the eye socket.
A bloody channel appears in the fish king’s eyes and then goes straight to his brain.
Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Done!
Lin Ying dug all the way from the fish king’s eyes to his head by feeling.
The fish king’s pain constantly gave out bursts of whistling, which made the earth tremble
A wave of coercion scattered around it and all the big fish around it were crushed to the ground and could not move.
Lin Ying felt like she was tied by a rope and was stiff all over.
And Lin Yingxian felt the constant surge of fish around as if to squeeze it out of the body.
Lin Ying will definitely have no chance after he knows that he will be squeezed out.
So Lin Ying mobilized his vitality to run and his body was bound, and this moment suddenly solved.
So Lin Ying waved a machete and kept digging toward the fish king’s head
The fish king felt that Lin Ying was constantly controlling the fish around him and wanted to squeeze him out, but he didn’t do anything.
A moment later, Lin Ying dug a layer of cartilage and then broke it without hesitation.
Then a soft, shiny thing like jelly appeared in front of Lin Ying.
Lin Ying’s spirit stirred up a machete in his hand and stirred it towards these "jelly" things.
"moo! ! !” When Lin Ying’s machete touched Jelly, the fish king shivered and gave a long cry of despair.
Call resounded through the heavens and the earth will shake the surrounding sand flying out.
When Lin Ying heard the roaring of the big fish, she knew that she seemed to have dug something incredible, so she continued to wave a machete and stir it towards these "jellies"
And Lin Ying smashed these things and threw them all out of the dug-out passage.
As the forest shadow moved, the fish king suddenly jumped high and then hit his head toward the ground.
Not far away, Green Muyang got a fright when he saw the fish king’s move. He couldn’t help shouting, "What did I do? How did this fish king commit suicide? "
There is no difference between a fish king’s action and suicide.
"Boom!" The fish king made a loud noise when his head fell to the ground.
Then the fish king head directly inserted into the beach.
The huge weight and inertia of the fish king made it directly hit a big hole in the beach.
Then the fish king plunged headlong into the beach.
And the fish king struggled to keep his head arched into the sand when his head was stuck in the beach.
Qing Muyang stopped running away and looked at the fish king and couldn’t help but exclaim, "What’s wrong with this fish? Is it going to bury itself? "
Green MuYang staring at two eyes like light bulbs looking for Lin Ying body around, but after looking for it again, I didn’t see his figure and frowned. "Where’s the boss? It won’t be eaten by a big fish, will it? "
Immediately, Qing Muyang patted his head and said, "Haha, I know that the boss must have been eaten by the fish king, and then his family destroyed his stomach to make the fish king so miserable. Hahaha, it must be like this."
Green Muyang didn’t see it when Lin Ying was knocked into the fish king’s eyes.
But his guess is close to the truth, but Lin Ying was not eaten in the stomach, but entered the fish king’s head through his eyes.
Lin Ying Fish King kept stirring those jelly things with a machete in his head and then discharged them from the dug channel.
As he moved, the fish king struggled constantly as if suffering great pain.
A moment later, Lin Ying smashed the "jelly" in the fish king’s head and discharged it.
As the last bit of "jelly" was discharged, the fish king slowly stopped moving.
Finally, the fish king lost his movement like an onion planted on the beach.
Feeling that the fish king had no movement, Lin Ying took a long sigh of relief. "Done!"
"when!" After Lin Ying finished digging "jelly", the machete touched a hard object and made a sound of stone collision.
Lin Ying looked intently and suddenly became excited. It was a white stone the size of a washbasin.
It looks like crystal or diamond, and the whole body is white and crystal clear.
Stone inlaid with red and white points in fish
Lin Ying carefully shaved the fish around with a machete and then took the stone.
The stone was heavy. Lin Ying tried to run for a long time and found that the stone contained a lot of vitality.
Lin Ying suddenly turned a pleased face. "I didn’t expect this fish to have stones in its brain and it is rare to be so big."
And it contains much more vitality than I expected. "
Lin Ying felt that the big fish stopped moving and knew that he had just smashed those things, which should be the brains of the fish king. That thing was ruined by him, and the fish king didn’t die.
So Lin Ying dug out the passage when she came in.
But it was squeezed into a ball because the fish king fell headlong.
Lin Ying managed to dig some fish around with a machete before digging a passage again.
When Lin Ying came out of the fish king’s head, he was watching Qing Muyang kill those big fish of more than ten meters.