The super night watchman knelt down on the ground and clung to his head in pain. His face was ferocious and crazy. He had been tamed by them for many years. The strange source of agitation and the whispering in the dark night would destroy all their spirits.


Even the super vigil people are frowning and shaking, trying to suppress their own body agitation and strange sources to resist the spiritual pollution that fills heaven and earth, and they resist madness
Ye Chengfeng looked dignified, and there was a trace of fear in his old eyes. He never thought that there would really be an ancient god in this strange action of defense and landing.
Is the third era coming to an end? ?
At the same time, a group of people in black robes marched against the night wind in the wilderness in the east of Sistine Empire.
The first figure stopped at the top of her head and brushed her hood. A dark hair naturally sprinkled as she turned her head and fluttered in the wind.
The woman looked at the northwest and frowned. "How did it happen so soon? What did they do?"
She felt a heart-rending breath, which was the absolute law to contend with, and the only way for human beings to live was to drag out an ignoble existence or wait for the lofty old grace.
Is this era coming to an end?
"Pope crown, are we still acting as usual?"
The lust and sin department taught Mona to ask softly and carefully behind her.
This world’s top-level combat power is naturally sensitive to the changes in the virtual sea in the north of Sistine Empire.
At this moment, even the people in the southern part of the empire heard the crazy whisper.
People prostrate themselves in horror and pray to the goddess of morning hug, but that won’t help. There is no God as their savior.
Mona, the wasteland, sighed for a long time in the north. "Liu Er, Barton, you two went to the north of Sistine Empire. Peter, the old guy, should have really disappeared. Don’t let the disaster spread too fast. This time, maybe the old gods turned over."
She can be so lucky because everything is not in line with the prophecy, and they are not ready for anything. If old gods really wants to end this era.
Whether it is the morning church or the eternal night church, or whether it is the steam machinery country that has mastered the powerful scientific and technological power now, it can do nothing.
She knows what the steam engine country wants, but that thing can’t give it to the steam engine country. They are on the wrong road. Even if the steam engine country finally wins, the world will still usher in the end of this era.
As she told Clement, the ancient gods were awakened before the war, and she had to avoid the war even though the ancient gods had appeared in the virtual sea.
Because according to the secret book, the terminator of this era is not the one in the virtual sea, and she must avoid the worst
And in the northern war, she can also pray that the ancient god will not violate the "rules."
"Morning support church over there?"
The department of lust and sin taught Su Liuer to stick out a wet, soft and greasy sweet tongue and lick her lips gently to ask Mona for instructions.
"This time the situation is different, don’t mess around, but there is no need to help them with strange tides, but you won’t do it in the three northern provinces."
Mona ordered that even if the situation was critical, they would never help the morning church. They wanted to slow down the spread of panic for the real guardian to rise.
"Follow your will"
Suliuer and Barton salute at the same time, turning the wilderness into a dark streamer and rushing to the northern territory of Sistine Empire.
Mona calmly looked at the tall buildings thousands of miles away, and the creations like indomitable spirit "Lilia Elgat Wang Biao, are you ready to negotiate?"
Jealousy teaches Lilia, laziness teaches Elgat Roman Cantiny, rage teaches Wang Biao, and the strange source fluctuates in succession.
They didn’t object to today’s action. Although they hoped that the Church of Morning Support would be weak, they didn’t want the Sistine Empire to be destroyed in the face of the steel torrent of the steam engine country.
It’s not that they are worried about the country and the people. Everything is the eternal truth. They can learn the eternal truth, slaughter thousands of people and die at the forefront.
It’s said to be a negotiation, but Mona White Steam Machinery is determined to enter Wangdu this time and get that thing, which they can save the world after they get it.
In the end, people’s ambition and sacred mission swayed the slaves of desire.
In the end, it is up to force to decide everything.
This time, the steam machinery countries sent to the front, with a total of 29 magic IV-type fighters. In the early morning, with the sound of gunfire, a paper war fell and the Sistine Empire border officially declared war.
This is the vanguard of the steam machinery country. With the construction of the wide railway, the continuous steel trains like mountains continue to transport strategic materials to the front line. This industrial power clearly understands that this war has been prepared for a long time.
Whether it’s the logistics personnel or the fighters, the magic IV ace pilots are all fanatical.
If there is a party of faith, it will be a holy war, but people in steam machinery countries don’t think it is a fight for faith. They are fighting for justice. They want industrial power, iron fist to break the night and get light in their own way.
Once Mona started, it meant that their long-term technical cooperation between the church and the steam machinery country ended, but she had no choice. Clement was not an adult for six months.
In this war, the node didn’t give one party a chance to talk, but it couldn’t be negotiated. When she could delay as much as possible.
In this war, except for greed, Verus didn’t come to the high-level combat power of the church for special reasons. It can be said that they nest quickly struck the steam machinery country, a war behemoth, and made a hole in the road before it moved.
In the spring night, the slight cold wind blows across the wilderness. The woman removes her body and wears a light cloak to reveal her concave and convex curves. She pulls her hands to the back and ties her hair to her head. It is still a black dress with a dress that is noble and elegant.
She looked at the steam columns rushing to the sky and said, "Go and try their new weapons."