From the observation of alien stars by the blue star telescope, it can be clearly seen that this canyon looks like an alien scar and is called the War Mark Canyon.


The Federation determined that the second transition gate of the empire was located in a certain area of the War Mark Canyon.
Su He made suggestions after the introduction.
"From the point of view of the speed of gaining meritorious service, the other two war zones are better than going to base 6. I don’t recommend going to the Shenshishan war zone where General Li Yuanba is located. It is enough to have him there. The War Mark Canyon is not comparable to General Li Yuanba’s individual combat power, and Lao Ji’s first battle is the canyon."
"I don’t agree," Shen Mu retorted. "It’s very unlucky for you to say that the Grand Canyon is going to fight in the first world war. Does that mean the old horse is going to fight in the last world war? God Mountain, General Li Yuanba didn’t even reach the top of the old horse to reach the top. Isn’t that full of honor in minutes? "
Su He was right or didn’t want to take a reason. Shen Mu suddenly looked forward to watching Ji Xinghe with nervousness.
Ji Xinghe briefly pondered.
"I’m going to base six."
"But base 6 is doomed to be destroyed, just like base 3."
"No buts," Ji Xinghe said. "Revenge is revenge. Destroying the empire is destroying the empire, but war should not be killing and destroying but guarding."
Shen Mu and Su He are all white. Why did Ji Xinghe choose this?
The third base has been captured by the empire, and the final explosion has brought great damage to the empire, but for this purpose, many people can no longer leave the third base
If the outcome of base 6 is the same as that of base 3, many people will stay.
For example, the commander of base 6 said before that he would never leave base 6, and there are still many people Ji Xinghe knows, and they will not move.
In fact, there are not so many places to transfer to the Federal Alien.
The remaining four bases are full of people, and the barracks are not suitable for the transfer of biological personnel in the base.
"Well, let’s go to base 6. The Xinghe squad is now applying for transfer in base 6 province."
Shen Mu suddenly asked, "Which base do you think the empire will attack after the sixth base?"
Chapter 24 Bring an Imperial space battleship.
Will the Empire attack the third federal base?
If they can know about the area, they will, but no one can know which base is at present.
Base 3 is followed by base 6. Is it possible that base 5 is followed by base 6?
The Shen Mu question made Su He suddenly understand the reason why Ji Xinghe made that choice.
The longer base 6 persists, the more secure base 5 becomes. Now the empire has not enough troops to attack two federal bases at the same time.
After all, the two war zones, the Mountain of the Gods and the War Mark Canyon, need to invest more than twice as much troops as the No.6 base.
Ji Rong Xinyue is seven years old, and her treatment will end in about six months to a year.
In this case, if base 6 can persist for six months to one year, Ji Rong Xin Yue won’t need to be transferred again. She can go back to Blue Star directly.
Ji Xinghe said that he wanted to protect Base 6, didn’t he want to protect Ji Rong Xinyue?
"the meeting is over"
Shen Mu said these four words and then went back to continue to build a general. Su He was busy with his secret "serial" work as a photographer.
It is not appropriate to say series connection, but the quality is series connection.
Ji Xinghe has completed the construction of the general armor, and he should have completed some of the new armor exercises. The rest is to wait for the real machine test and running-in training after the successful construction.
He sometimes repairs the mecha again.
No.66 operating area was built to build a general’s headquarters, but recently it didn’t receive the mecha to repair it. Ji Xinghe received the parts repairman from other operating areas as before.
Compared with the way of gaining battle benefits in battle, it is much slower to win meritorious points, but this kind of work is no less meaningful than personally defeating the enemy.
Repairing the mecha will be broken by the mecha, and the imperial gorillas will be killed by the mecha. The orangutans are in the No.5 base department, Ji Xinghe, and they will continue to participate in the war in this way, which is the way the mechanic participates in the war.
"Ten more"
In the training area of No.5 base, there has been a frequent sound in the recent period. Ji Xinghe, a part-time instructor, has never given up his function.
But what is different from the first time is that he has to fight ten times at a time. This is because after he changed his attitude, the rules of Base 6 have continued to the present and will continue for a long time to come.
After the fist and muscle collision, ten elite soldiers were put down by Ji Xinghe successively, and everyone quickly climbed up for the first time, and the physical pain was forcibly resisted by them. After giving up the central area, they were forced to stop watching.
"Ten more"
Ji Xinghe is like a humanoid mecha, and it is always in a state of full energy. The humanoid mecha has defeated all the elite fighters who rushed to him again and again.
After a hundred fights, Ji Xinghe turned pale and out of breath.
Next to the instructor’s whistle, all the soldiers in the training area sat down to face the big screen of the training area and listened to Ji Xinghe’s explanation of their mistakes in the battle.
This scene has happened many times in base 6, and it has happened many times in base 5 as of today.
Different places are different from the participants, which is the same as the process and result. Ji Xinghe remembered the names of these people.
Fighting training is over. Someone can’t help but ask
"Instructor, can you play now more than before? I mean, compared with the time when you first fought with Han Li School just now. "