Cheng Jinzhou has met the astrologers. The difference is that Li Xianfeng is a female astrologer. The four-level Samsung Standards Association astrologer was originally a high-level astrologer of the association, but she returned to her hometown after the war five years ago and never appeared in public again.


Her appearance in De ‘an immediately became the most sensational news after the invasion of the Northern Han Dynasty, which caused strong anxiety in the Northern Han Dynasty.
Chapter two hundred and sixteen Special rice
Jiang Huang left a letter to Cheng Jinzhou and left Dean with Xi Yong and Zhang Tao.
Cheng Jinzhou can understand his urgency, but a new four-star warlock won’t make him nervous.
Star warlocks are not good at serving dissidents. Look at Liu Kuang and An Feng, especially at Bishop Kant, and you can see that they are not the perverts like Yang Zhan, or you have to find a way to pay tribute to women every month.
I don’t know Li Xianfeng’s sexual situation to meet her. Cheng Jinzhou did not hesitate to invite Er Bo Cheng Yunxiang, who has been in charge of the official department for so many years. It’s always easy to command some when he sees more.
Of course, the most important thing is that Cheng Jinzhou is too lazy to prepare.
The Jinzhou incident is tantamount to the vice governor’s status. Jinzhou Province is not high in status, but it is almost a god for a local county magistrate. But Cheng Jinzhou called him to Cheng Yunxiang and ran happily.
So Li Da, who does not do this, was once again thrown aside, including Mr. Xian Cheng, who re-entered the ceremony of welcoming the four-level star warlock with great vigour.
Lord Shang has nothing to complain about. He is a senior civil servant. If a two-star warlock comes, it will be just a three-star warlock. He has to behave himself and greet his hands, and he has long been used to the differential treatment of Dean.
Li Xianfeng came faster than Cheng Jinzhou’s conjecture.
On the third day after Jiang Huang left, Li Xianfeng appeared in Dean City.
Black robe, black scarf, black silk hat, wrapped in a sickle, looks like a god of death. Li Xianfeng, a star warlock, seems to be trying to keep a low profile and enter the city. Unexpectedly, the bustling city of De’ an will be attracted, and as soon as she drops her costume, she shows the clues.
After receiving the news, Cheng Yunxiang quickly dispatched more than 100 people to ride quickly. The cavalry posture boomed and he arrived at the back of the city. The welcoming ceremony of panting bearers was chaotic but not complicated, which made people look funny.
Cheng Jinzhou rode Lu Xu and soon appeared in front of Li Xianfeng. Although he was introduced by Jiang Huang’s star warlock, he was still worried that the star warlock was definitely a man of character. Hundreds of years old monsters were alive and not abnormal because you didn’t find them.
The magistrates didn’t dare to drive away the ordinary people, so Li Xianfeng mixed a group of people to walk around and see if she had lived in a corner for many years, and it was rare to see so many people again.
The arrival of Cheng Jinzhou scared away many small traders, but there was no strong control. Everyone tried to gather around and watch the fun.
Leijiacha etc classmate star array chasing Li Xianfeng side said with a smile, "Li Xianfeng star warlock welcome a humble place in a county, please forgive me"
He has never met a high-ranking female astrologer. It’s hard to stare at Li Xianfeng’s veil and don’t know where to put it.
Li Xianfeng’s sex board is looking at Cheng Jinzhou’s sample, but she doesn’t like to slightly lift the sidewalk. "I’m here to protect you from being killed, but if you do anything unnatural, I’ll do it myself."
Responsible for receiving Cheng Yunxiang’s stare and hurriedly laughed. "Star warlock’s adult, the star warlock tower outside our city has prepared a room. In addition, the city also has a clause to rest in. Both places have been properly prepared, and the Fushou Building in the city has also prepared the dining tables. You see-"
"I’m a vegetarian with my own rice balls," said Li Xianfeng, pulling up and flying up. "Cheng Jinzhou, you come with me."
Cheng Jinzhou nai made a wink to others and flew.
Liu Qingshuang looked at them nervously and flew to the river bank. "Go and let the chef prepare vegetarian food."
Leijiacha etc students come from modern times and love eating, drinking and having fun most, but when they have money, chefs alone have recruited nearly 100 people, and some of them specialize in vegetarian cooking.
Day Li Xianfeng took the lead, and the speed was extremely fast until she reached the dock and stopped to wait for Cheng Jinzhou.
She seemed to know that Cheng Lu and the Star Array looked at the blue flash behind them and asked, "I heard that you have cotton fruit?"
"It has been given to Jiang Huang’s star warlock." Cheng Jinzhou is most worried about the crime of Huai Bi.
Li Xianfeng took a suspicious look and asked directly, "What is your sacred cliff?"
Cheng Jinzhou stayed for a while and didn’t dare to ask questions like "What is a sacred cliff" immediately.
Answer "What is what?" Although Li Xianfeng has lived in his hometown for five years, his fiery personality has not changed at all, and he is more like a male than his star warlock’s tortuous thinking.
"I don’t have any cotton fruit in my hand." Cheng Jinzhou’s tone was tough and soft for a while. "If you have any questions, please take us to dinner first."
He doesn’t have to fight a tough face with a four-star warlock. Polite smile is a bit supercilious.
Li Xianfeng didn’t ask again to fly slowly. At the same time, she took out a white rice ball from her pocket and lifted the veil with her left hand. She ate it herself and watched Cheng Jinzhou blindsided.