"Another day, there are still some things at home." After that, Hu Lu took two women out of Xidan Deer for a long time and looked at Yunqing’s back for a long time.


When I went back to Gonghulu and went straight to Qibao Palace, I felt the chill coming into the bedroom, which was even more obvious.
There is no one else here and no worries. Mu Rong wears cool clothes and walks barefoot on the ice, which makes people have an appetite.
Is sword Mu Rong saw suddenly broke into Hu Lu accident way "turn me over again tonight? Didn’t it just turn over? "
Hu Lu hugged and kissed.
The sword fell to the ground and the two men rolled on the ice. Mu Rong frowned. "Oh, your diaphragm hurts me."
Hu Lu ordered "take it out"
Mu Rong fumbled for a while and then pulled it out. It was a box with some rounded edges and corners erased.
"This is?"
Hu Lu beat the box, took out the cold ice and frozen love dream cream inside, and hung Mu Rong’s neck to "give you a little gift"
I feel quite comfortable just hanging up in Mu Rong, but I will soon die. "Ah, it’s so cold!"
It was the first time that she felt cold after the heart burned. She was not so cold even when she was lying in the ice.
It was so cold that she directly let Hu Lu run out of the bedroom and into the yard.
At ordinary times, she dare not go out of her bedroom without the ice charm, but now she feels no problem, not only does she not feel the pain of fire erosion …
"I I want to add a dress ~" She shivered at Hu Ludao.
Murong wants to add clothes definitely not because the clothes can only cover some key parts and it is very, very cold.
Good Hulu added a coat to her and walked out of Qibao Palace, and she felt that the heat and cold were moderate and comfortable.
Hu Lu told her, "If you can cultivate immortality, you can shed blood and recognize the Lord, and you can control it. If the cold level is no longer tolerable, put on more clothes."
"What is this baby?"
Hu Lu "Lengbing … just call it Bingpo, and don’t take it off."
Hu Lu took Mu Rong’s hand. "If you leave tonight, you won’t live in Qibao Palace. Remove those ice-making refrigeration things and come back. You should go to Linglong Sister’s for the night."
"Listen to you ~"
He sent people to Weiyang Palace, and Hu Lu waved to Yun Qingzhao. Tonight, he turned the card blindly, and he directly chose Shu Fei Wan Linglong.
It’s time to test Linglong’s ability to work together again!
The next morning, Aotun Sakura and Qinhuai soft and ethereal fairy boat bearing have left the land, and they can see more beautiful sea scenery. Sakura chose to fly low. Just now, a huge wave came over, and she deliberately rubbed the huge wave to wet the deck and watch the miners. This is a scenery she has never seen before. Of course, she must enjoy it.
"Qin Jie, how long do we have left?"
Due to the limited strength of Otun Sakura, flying is not very fast. "It only takes less than one third."
She felt slow, but Sakura thought it was not bad for her first flight, and she will arrive in two days.
I was thinking that something suddenly covered the sun or the dark clouds, and it turned out to be a huge tentacle!
The tentacle touched the fairy boat, and the fairy boat swayed for a while. The two were fine, but the miners and soldiers on the boat had staggered and some were badly injured.
Otun Sakura is in danger. "There is an enemy attack!"
Qinhuai squinted softly and her eyes were fierce. "It was the big brother who left the monster in the sea and it killed Xiaoqiang!"
Chapter 276 Kun
This is an octopus-like monster beast with huge legs and claws, which is tens of meters when you stretch your legs.
After getting a leg, Sakura pulled Gao Xianzhou away from the monster beast’s attack range for the first time. There are so many mortals in her so-called Ke Xianzhou.
Qinhuai Rou dived to prepare Xiaoqiang for revenge.
Make sure that Anhou Sakura stretched out her neck to see the situation. Just after a glance, she saw Qinhuai Rou fly. "Run! This guy is too strong!"
"You can’t beat it?" Sakura was surprised that this Qin Jie, but Zhu Jixiu, knelt so fast.
Qinhuai Rou’s own elegy said, "That guy has been repairing me for at least a few decades for hundreds of years." Moreover, her ascension is largely dependent on slamming Lingshi into the realm of "Gathering Spirit Array", but she still can’t reach the level of the foundation.
"Besides, my brother has transformed it a lot. It actually has two tentacles made of steel. I can barely break the steel body, but it is difficult. Let’s go first." Qinhuai Rou thought about telling parents to let his father tidy it up when he got back.
Sakura is brave, but after all, she has just refined gas and thought that she can’t beat nature and is not a Qinhuai soft opponent.
Qinhuai Rou can’t beat this monster beast, so let’s run. Sakura has decided that she can run away with her wishful hammer.
It’s easy to run if you can’t beat them. After all, monsters swim in the water and they fly, but the result is not the same.
Just a few hundred meters high-speed flight for a while, the monster beast in the sea chased me again. Although it jumped out of the water and stretched its tentacles to the longest, it couldn’t touch the ethereal fairy boat, but it could actually spray!
And spray far away!
Jet is not venom, but a group of shrinking monsters, that is, octopus pellets
Spherical objects are ejected by it hundreds of meters high, even if some of them fall into fairy boats, there are dozens of them.