Looking at the imperial mecha war recorder recording video before and after the war, two hundred and fifty imperial mecha were killed by twelve federal mecha.


Adakang face no anger.
"It’s normal to beat him because he is Ji Xinghe."
I can’t hear the irony from the tone. It seems that Adakang really thinks so.
"Nine marquis mecha federation is really willing to part with or use Ji Xinghe. I shouldn’t have said that I gave Ji Xinghe a hundred thousand square kilometers of fief before, and I shouldn’t have been too eager to launch an action against Ji Xinghe to capture him alive, so that the federation attaches more importance to him than before."
Adakang saw that the information was analyzed by monkeys.
The performance of the 12-man mecha of Xinghe team participating in the war has been thoroughly analyzed.
Nine mountain-level mecha empire seems to be equivalent to their Marquis-level mecha blind and lame mecha, although customized, but there are still some gaps from the mountain-level.
Ji Xinghe champion Hou is not as good as their two mecha.
"But what they don’t give Ji Xinghe better mecha? Or is it that the construction is not completed and Ji Xinghe is forced to participate in the war under pressure? "
Adakang suddenly looked at the pro-guard orangutans beside him and asked, "Do you think the Federation will equip Ji Xinghe with eleven duke-level mecha guards if you go like this?"
Six have the duke mecha pro who heard this question when some scalp pins and needles.
They’re scared
But the mouth can’t say fear.
"How many Duke-level mecha guards are there in Ji Xinghe? If you want, you will be able to slay him."
"Ha ha … really?" Adakang asked a question for a while and then said, "It’s a pity that you won’t let me kill him. Why don’t you let me kill him?"
The pro-guards don’t know what to answer.
Adakang asked himself and answered himself.
"Will it be with that person?"
The pro-guards don’t know what to answer, because they don’t know who the man in Adakang’s mouth is.
But they all know that that man is one of the only four people in the Federation whose names Adacon has remembered.
But Adacon never mentioned the man’s name
"Forget it, don’t think about it. Let’s take him alive."
Adakang’s expression became cold.
"He will definitely come again because he has always been very courageous. Hehe, the two golden light patterns on his mecha’s chest must represent two nuclear bomb baptisms. So high-profile he must still attack this way once."
"Inform Ji Xinghe that all the mechs have appeared. Don’t be afraid that Ji Xinghe’s mechs can’t do it. This is our chance and don’t be afraid that the four federal ace mecha can’t do it."
"If more than 200 mecha lay siege to them head-on, everyone except Ji Xinghe will die. When these humans are all dead, Ji Xinghe will wait for us to catch him at the No.5 base honestly."
The monkey next to him couldn’t help wondering, "General, what if they accidentally killed Ji Xinghe?"
"accidentally killed Ji Xinghe? Ha ha ha ha … "
Adakang burst out laughing for a long time before he stopped.
"Do you tell me jokes? Don’t tell this joke again after it is really funny. "
Neither Adakang nor his staff are worried about Ji Xinghe leaving the No.5 base.
They seem to have determined that Ji Xinghe will not transfer.
Chapter 352 Lonely and brilliant
When the black umbrella flower bloomed in the night again, it was already guarded against the imperial troops’ first discovery.
Instantaneous fire
Missiles are like machine gun barrage. Real machine gun barrage can’t be seen clearly in the night, but they do
Based on the special environment of alien stars, the gun range is much farther than that of Blue Star and Imperial Star.
Imperial troops went all out to start their defense mode, but it was not the federal long-range fire attack, but twelve federal mecha that fell from the sky
The falling speed of the parachute-taking mecha has increased, but they are all based on the free-falling motion. It is too easy to judge that the falling trajectory was discovered before.
Thousands of jamming bombs were fired, and a large amount of imperial fire was detonated before the jamming bombs.
But after all, it failed to stop
A high-speed falling federal mecha was hit by a missile, and the crashing explosion light lit up the mecha body.
"More than one hundred Venus are ace mecha, and they are ace mecha around Ji Xinghe."
Imperial orangutans and monkeys roared with excitement, and this mecha lost its balance, and the mecha kit was also damaged in the missile power.
Although the fuselage was not broken by this missile because of its strong defense, it lost its auxiliary function and lost its balance. There is a high-speed falling field.
Cockpit federal ace mecha will fall into a pool of meat.
The morale of the imperial troops was greatly increased, and another federal mecha was hit by a missile in the middle of the night.
The fire shines on the fuselage and the picture reappears.
There are more than 50 Venus in the body of the fallen mecha.
It seems that the results can’t be compared with the previous ones. After all, this is a federal special grade, but it is equally important for the imperial troops to break this time.
Twelve federal mecha now have ten left.
Two hundred and sixty-seven imperial mecha have identified twelve federal mecha placement. They are not in the heart. Two federal mecha are out of control, and the other ten are relatively federal mecha.
Ji Xinghe is right in the middle
More than 600 Venus mecha have a high-speed fall in the process of the whole body interference bomb is the most.