For example, when it was known that Cheng Jinzhou needed senior officers and troops, the Cheng family did not hesitate to promise to come, so his grandfather Cheng Wenzheng promised or which aged person he was. No one said and no one would know.


A whole officer lined up neatly, and Cheng Jia’s tinker was full of arms, big waist and round expression, and the scars on the outside showed their rich experience. A group of people stared at Cheng Jinzhou’s 15-year-old body with fierce eyes.
He has just reached the standard of 1.6 meters, and he feels like he is patrolling among sheep and wolves.
"Cheng Jiajun’s work to establish a family title is a life fight back. If there are more people who want to work hard, they will get the title if they have the opportunity to work hard, but not many. Now I will give you a chance." Cheng Jinzhou said slowly and short without looking at a soldier.
"Please rest assured, my Lord." The soldiers’ answer was deafening and there was a breathtaking sense of grandeur.
Cheng Jinzhou slightly regrets that this one person started, but I don’t know how many people will come back.
But think about it another way. If you don’t fight to the death, how many people can be human? If you want to be taller than others, you have to risk falling.
"Let’s go get something." Cheng Jinzhou waved his hand and didn’t want to consider those annoying philosophical problems
One officer is an elite in the imperial army in the summer, and the young people are divided into groups. After Jinzhou, everyone got a hundred kilograms of petrol bombs-gasoline or diesel oil refineries can be obtained by distilling oil according to the weight, mainly because of large-scale and high-efficiency refining. There is no difference between indigenous refining.
When they returned to their camp, they mobilized with great fanfare.
This kind of mobilization actually bypasses the central army’s independent mobilization and prepares for war. When the enemy is angry, he will attack himself, but he will suffer.
Because they don’t want to be constrained by civil servants, all mobilization is carried out in private, and they also have high requirements for the officers’ ability to master. They have to hit the warehouse to take out those oil-sealed weapons, replace the training wooden guns with real iron guns, distribute the armour to the soldiers, and let the soldiers have a rest. The separation of weapons and soldiers in peacetime is not unique to the summer.
On the day before World War II, people’s "control" does not mean that the army can not only provoke the soldiers but also disturb the unification, which is considered to be a long-standing one and can meet the needs of Cheng Jinzhou with a little improvement.
The so-called border trouble is not only the only way for border generals to obtain meritorious deeds and property, but also a profound knowledge.
Going deep behind enemy lines to kill and destroy things is the lowest means. Needless to say, it is easy to cause dissatisfaction among our own civil servants. If you meet one or two people who claim to be honest and honest, it is possible to show off their heads. Of course, their heads will not be sent to the enemy for disposal, but the results will satisfy the enemy, and the disaster of war will naturally disappear.
Attacking enemy patrols and then attacking enemy military buildings is a common means, but it is not necessarily good-when the two sides are in military tension, they will not launch an offensive because of it, and they will not get any merits; When the two sides are in harmony, they are likely to get burned.
Gentlemen of the government hall are not vegetarians either. Every year, half of the censors are sent out to search for the target in the group of military commanders-the reward for killing the enemy and the reward for killing the censor will be the perfect food chain structure.
In the world dominated by the civil service corps, military commanders want to be promoted and rich, and they need a little bit of good luck besides more thoughts.
Back in the barracks, the officers secretly called the soldiers to the tent, saying that it was personal style to educate the garrison generals to know what was going on, but Joe didn’t know what to do.
The next night, groups of soldiers fled out of the barracks one after another, because there was a total of one team, which was too many, and many teams assembled themselves, and the number of each team was uncertain, ranging from four to five, and forty or fifty people met each other without talking, riding, driving and walking silently.
Because Luoshan is no longer in the Northern Han Dynasty, the defense of tens of thousands of troops will lose its focus. If there is no wall, it is impossible to guard against the tens of kilometers of territory. All they can do is to let out scouts and see if there are a large number of troops infiltrating
In this era, the logistics conditions are not yet popular, and it is not their characteristic for large troops to fight in depth, especially in the enemy land. Once the troops of the northern Han people find an enemy invasion, they can build a city and defend it.
The idea of taking charge of the original border defense is right, and it is also the best means to ensure national security under limited conditions. However, smugglers and summer soldiers can easily cross the border and go deeper than 2 kilometers until the sweet water grassland is in danger
The largest grassland in the Northern Han Dynasty, the sweet water grassland, is rich in water and grass. Several major rivers will not be cut off in winter, but now the meadow is more full of gurgling streams in summer, so I don’t know where to go.
Herdsmen’s family, unit and tribal center graze a family with dozens of people, so they can occupy miles of grassland in Fiona Fang. They will graze here for about 100 days and then return to the tribe.
A nine-year-old mare is squeezed with milk. Horse milk is their main food. Milk and goat milk are more expensive and can’t be eaten often.
As soon as he got out of the horse, he saw more than a dozen shadows on the other side of the grassland.
I haven’t seen a stranger for a long time. The shepherd boy shouted excitedly, and the basin at his feet was greeted by jumping on horseback.
Two men emerged from the tent and looked at the shepherd boy in front with a smile.
But soon he ran desperately forward, not only stopped, but also turned his horse around desperately
The herdsmen were frightened, and the men at home took out bows and arrows and sent children to the tribe to call the police.
It was found that the soldiers in the summer were also exhausted and struggled to catch up, but the speed was slow.
Soldiers in the summer have not entered the depths of the grassland for at least forty or fifty years, which makes them feel at a loss when they are hunted and hunted.
Nearly half of the team lost, but his team also struggled to reach the designated position.
Grassland will not be affected by serious fire in summer, so it needs professional arson investigation by astrologers, complete maps and suitable weapons to burn tens of millions of square kilometers of grassland. If there is no grass to eat in summer, the northern Han gentlemen will have to fight even if they don’t want to fight.
We have to blame them for their crimes.
On the evening of the sixth day of the officer corps’ departure, the sweet water grassland air duct gathered in several areas and burned first.
Hundreds of kilograms of oil is enough to ensure that the burning wind direction of thousands of square meters of grassland remains unchanged. No matter how much water the grass contains, it will "snap".
The red color suddenly became the main color of the sweet water grassland.
Chapter three hundred and nineteen Fifteen years old