It takes at least more than ten hours to walk for such a long distance, which is still not unexpected.


It will take longer if the road is attacked by zombies or zombie beasts.
Plus, these people are even more annoyed when they walk hungry.
Lin Ying waved her hand and said, "Even if it’s so far away, is there any material point nearby that hasn’t been attacked?"
What Lin Ying said is that place with abundant materials but many zombies.
Hao yang cocked his head and thought for a while. "There is no such place, but I know there is a place where there are a lot of animals, but I don’t know if that thing can be eaten."
Lin Ying frowned. "How big is it?"
Hao yang "Not far from here, there is a direct current of the Yangtze River that passes through the river. After many variations, the fish is big, at least the size of a house."
Lin Ying a listen to shine at the moment, "variation of fish? This thing can be eaten. Let’s go and have a look. "
Hao yang one leng and immediately in front to lead the way.
Half an hour later, Lin Ying and them came to the riverside as hao yang said.
They stopped a few hundred meters away from the river, and then looked at the river and gaped.
Seeing that there are constantly mutant fish jumping and rolling in the river, they hit the water and splashed with huge waves.
These fish are at least four or five meters long and over twenty meters long.
Lin Ying looked at these fish and launched a real eye.
A moment later, Lin Ying nodded with satisfaction. "That’s them. They are mutant fish that can eat."
Everyone was very happy when they heard Lin Ying’s words. These fish are so big that many people can eat them.
To hunt tens of thousands of people, the food will be solved.
Besides, people haven’t eaten meat for a long time. Think about the smell of fish. Many people are drooling.
But at this time, the Nangong Holy Mountain poured a pot of cold water on everyone. "The lowest order of these fish is the fifth order, the highest is the sixth order, and there are so many of them. How can we beat them?"
When they heard the Nangong Holy Mountain, they suddenly woke up, and then all the people’s momentum instantly fell to the lowest point.
Lin Ying looked around and saw that everyone was depressed and said, "It is still possible for us to plan well."
"How to plan?" Everyone stared at Lin Ying and waited for his article.
Lin Yingkou said, "We should be able to set a trap on this beach and then attract a fish to come over and surround everyone."
Everyone’s eyes seemed to see delicious fish.
At this moment, Green Muyang jumped out and waved a long sword. "Does the boss want me to blame again? I can do this. "
Lin Ying nodded. "Let the coolies dig a hole there later, and then you can lead them to the pit to kill them."
Lin Ying said to the mercenaries around him, "Roy, you can take the coolies to the beach there and dig a hole ten meters long, ten meters wide and four or five meters deep."
"How many?" Roy asked.
Lin Ying thought, "Dig four or five first."
Roy immediately lit up coolies around him when he heard this. About 100 people ran to the front beach to dig holes.
The sand on the beach is loose, and many coolies can easily dig out the pit by hand.
Looking at Roy leading people to dig a hole in the forest shadow, he said to Liu Xiaoqi, "Xiaoqi, you should arrange a group of people to count their names, and cooperate with the two senior brothers to manage them well and don’t let them make trouble."
Liu Xiaoqi nodded, "Don’t worry, you can take care of the things behind the battle in front and leave them to me. I will never let anything go wrong behind."
With Liu Xiaoqi, Lin Ying was assured of a warm heart and greeted everyone around him. "Everyone is ready to fight. Let’s kill fish. Whether we can eat fish depends on our battle."
Then Lin Ying walked in the direction of the beach and there were hundreds of people behind him.
A small number of these people were brought out from Gaolin Town, and the rest were gathered all the way, and the order was higher among the lucky ones.
According to Lin Ying’s idea, killing a few fish by so many people should be easy and enjoyable, and they can be handled easily.
Chapter one hundred and forty-two Kill fish
Lin Ying took everyone to the trap and stopped to wait for the coolies to dig the trap.
The beach was soft and the coolies soon dug up several big pits.
Lin Ying told the coolies to retreat and then said to Qing Muyang, "Go crazy to the river to attract some fish."
Qing Muyang came out and waved a sword in his hand, saying, "Well, it’s my turn to perform."
With that, Qing Muyang ran towards the river.
Qing Muyang ran to the river, picked up a stone and threw it into the water.
"Hey!" The stone splashed into the water.
But compared with the splash made by those big fish in the river, it is simply incomparable.
There are no big fish and birds in the river, and the green muyang is still spinning and jumping with his eyes closed.
Green MuYang looked at immediately to the temper.
Pulled out a grenade from the body, then pulled off the tab, aimed at a big fish of more than ten meters and threw it in the past.
As soon as the big fish jumped out of the water, the Grenade hit the forehead.
"Bang!" Grenade explosion will directly blow the fish forehead scales flying around, and a scarlet blood will splash around with shrapnel.
"Boom!" The big fish fell into the water, and the river suddenly turned red.
"Hum!" Waves spread from the river to the shore, and a lot of stones flew about.
Qingmuyang keeps jumping to avoid stones.
At the same time, Qing Muyang casually picked up the stones flying around him and threw them into the water like a fairy tale.
And at this time, the big fish wounded by grenades just emerged from the water.
The stone thrown by Qing Muyang just hit its wound and eyes.
Blood spattered.
"Hum" the big fish opened his mouth to show his fangs and made a sound wave.
The sound waves in the center of the big fish will shock the surrounding rivers and push all the big fish out.