Because she has extraordinary computing power and mastered all the fire attack modes of imperial alien in history.


The combination of the two made her succeed in tens of billions of firepower strikes and calculated a relatively safe path.
However, this mountain armor was inevitably damaged, that is, Ji Xinghe arrived at this position, and the arrival of the moon and the moon was unexpected by the empire. There were also three final fortresses that shared the firepower of the empire here. Otherwise, if the empire had been prepared, it would have been impossible for either the moon and the moon or Ji Xinghe to strike from this level of saturation.
Finally, I successfully slid down to the bottom of the valley with the chopped armor. I didn’t choose the Z-shaped evasive travel mode to face the saturated fire attack, let alone the Z-shaped, even the irregular S-shaped.
The most effective way is to walk in a straight line with different speeds to avoid it.
The effect is not bad. The imperial firepower suddenly weakened, and the communication was also restored
In the face of communication applications from Nantianmen and Shenshen Mountain, Xingyue didn’t pay any attention to them, but decided to target sturm und drang before she arrived.
Soon she reached a relatively complex terrain and then disappeared from the sight of imperial and federal detection at the same time.
"What about Ji Xinghe?"
Imperial transition base command hall grand duke pastoral ready and a surprised tone out.
"It seems to be … hiding. Our area doesn’t have enough detection ability."
Even if the empire occupied the mountain of the gods for many years, it is impossible for every position of the mountain of the gods to be equipped with eye detection devices, which is understandable.
"Continue to carry out a saturated attack on the disappearance position of Ji Xinghe"
Pastoral purge a little regret "wait for the general in place"
It wants to get the merit of killing Ji Xinghe, but it recognizes the reality and can rely on firepower to attack it. It has no ability to kill Ji Xinghe.
Look cautiously at the position of Emperor Wu III, and bow down to confess his sins. Emperor Wu III waved his hand at it and looked as if he was completely unaware as before.
"Where’s General Ji?"
Ivanovich and Yang Antai also asked this question. It is normal that high-level reconnaissance equipment can’t see Ji Xinghe due to terrain reasons, but it is very abnormal that the communication has to be maintained and even the positioning of the beheading armor has disappeared.
"General Ji closed the communication module and entered the state of losing contact again."
The answer makes Ivanovich and Yang Antai frown even more. Ji Xinghe now doesn’t believe in the Federation?
However, compared with the previous time, the concern caused by the loss of Ji Xinghe is much smaller.
But this does not mean that all problems have been solved. Yang Antai hesitated at this time.
Ji Xinghe rejected his communication application, so what should he do?
"Pick up Tu Yuan"
Tu Yuan has just received a message from the stars and the moon, and he is equally hesitant at this time, but the bow has no turning back.
He said to Yang Antai, "Continue the mountain decisive battle, and the gods will be at the top of the mountain."
So Yang Antai also entered the state that the bow did not turn back.
Because he once again ordered Li Han and others to do the same, the decisive battle moment is bound to happen at the top of the gods as Tu Yuan said.
But it has been said by many people that Ji Xinghe, the God of the Union Army, is so broken that he can’t even fight the mountain armor in communication. What can he do in this decisive battle?
"if general Li doesn’t go to war, should we throw his overlord armor?"
Someone in the command center of Nantianmen Command suddenly made a suggestion and got a lot of support.
However, some people woke up and said, "We can’t even put the final fortress in Bawangjia. How can we successfully put it in? Besides, we don’t know the location of General Ji now. Wouldn’t it be a serious investment if General Ji didn’t get the overlord armor? "
This is really a problem.
There is a staff tone hesitant "unless …"
Unless you throw Li Yuanba and overlord A together.
However, this is obviously unrealistic. The reason why Ji Xinghe Institute can still carry out this kind of life-and-death war is that Li Yuanba is very likely to master the gift ability and is very safe
When Ji Xinghe’s life and death are in question, how can Li Yuanba be put in a narrow escape?
Ivanovich was about to reject that proposal that was about to come out when a panic sound suddenly sounded.
"Report that General Li Yuanba has robbed him of his overlord armor!"
“? ? ?”
Chapter 755 Force to go!
Bawangjia has belonged to Li Yuanba since its birth, no matter how many times it has been upgraded and strengthened, or it has been driven by Ji Xinghe for a short time.