Ye Han took the opportunity to let everyone take off their clothes first, and then pulled aside. Xiaoli didn’t even wear clothes, so he fled in a mess until he fled the oasis and fled to the entrance direction of the vast grassland.


"Oh, it’s good to run fast or I won’t be able to leave today!" Ye Han breathed a sigh of relief and didn’t care about his embarrassment of not dressing yet.
Is Xiaoli heard this Ye Han agreed with nodded, but inadvertently found Ye Han body without a wisp of situation, look at yourself is also tight at that time was once again blush with shame.
Be Xiaoli this a look Ye Han finally return to absolute being, but he doesn’t seem to have a heart itch, a pair of eyes staring at Xiaoli tightly, especially her chest position!
Xiaoli looked at directly and bowed his head. I don’t know whether to look at his body or dare not know that Ye Han looked at himself again. But this Ye Han seems to be a good gesture of wanting to talk. The unbearable feeling in his heart suddenly swept through his body and mind like a storm.
So Ye Han finally felt that he had been dispersed by the daughters before he could bear to go. Now he has decided to continue his old job and finish the unfinished business.
At that time, he suddenly picked up Xiaoli and put aside the grass, then lay down her charming body because the previous feelings were buried by the anxious mood, and now the feeling of restoring calm suddenly poured out completely.
Ye Han can’t help himself. I haven’t had a good Xiaoli body to find the feeling, but I have already got into the business. I will directly kill Xiaoli again and almost fainted.
Good Xiaoli repair is extremely deep, although it has been repeatedly attacked by Ye Han, but it has not been completely defeated. It seems that only a trace of faith can be kept for a long time, and it will be completely lost.
Finally, Ye Han felt that the time was coming, so he took out two sets of clothes from the stone tablet, one man, one woman, one blue and one red, then put on the blue robe and threw the red group to Xiaoli.
After this face attack, Xiaoli has been too tired to lie on the grass directly. Although Ye Han gave her clothes, he just won’t get up and wear them. Although he is profound, he can also bear the torture that this abnormal woman can bear … Well, maybe it’s a happy feeling!
Seeing this situation, Ye Han knew that he couldn’t sit still and help himself up from the grass. She groped for it for a few times first, and then she sat up straight with her and slowly gave her clothes to wear and read.
When dressing naturally, he doesn’t forget to finish what he can take the opportunity to do. Xiaoli touched her body a few times. This belt method is different. If you want to solve it normally, it is estimated that Ye Han can do it.
It may be different when people don’t properly solve the problem. If you can get close to Xiaoli, people can easily solve the problem. It may take a small hand to buckle it. After all, no matter how well the knot is tied, it’s just a small belt. Even clothes can be forcibly torn off. What’s more, what about this small belt?
Naturally, this kind of thing is Ye Han’s strong point, but Xiaoli knows it, but he doesn’t say it, but his belt is so warm in her heart that he should always tie himself around, right?
Ye Han didn’t know what this meant. He thought it was fun, so he did it. After helping Xiaoli get dressed, he felt the need to leave now. It’s almost noon. If you don’t hurry out to find your prey, I’m afraid you won’t be able to enjoy it tonight.
Thinking that he doesn’t care whether Xiaoli can walk or not, he will directly hold her in his arms and then make a seal with one hand toward the hidden star to send the enchantment position, and then the door will be visible.
As soon as Ye Han appeared at the door, he flashed his body and went directly through the door to Yan Yunshan.
Because of the Xingyuanmen incident, he had nothing left, and he didn’t go back to see his daughter and apprentice, which was directly abandoned by him. When the apprentice grew up, he could take care of himself without worrying about himself.
In that light snow, he doesn’t have to worry about having her grandmother to take care of her, and she doesn’t need others to worry about it. Besides, there are very few people who can bully her in this world. Even if she is humble, she can save the day by virtue of this spirit.
Besides, this girl is a strange person, and I’m afraid there are very few people who can bully her in this world. Now she can bully her in the middle of the star gate, and the human base hasn’t appeared yet. Who else can stand her if she doesn’t sneak outside?
Maybe he didn’t know that it was because of his abandonment that Xiaoxue slowly took his own cultivation road, which may be much easier than Ye Han’s, but it didn’t have to go through many twists and turns …
Ye Han took a long look at his bosom, pretending to be lethargic. Xiaoli couldn’t help it. She pinched her ass so straight that his face was reddish and his chest trembled rapidly. He almost couldn’t fit it. He turned around and flew towards the beast mountain range.
Xiaoli wants to sleep. Ye Han won’t stop him. Although it’s catnap, he’s happy to hold her like this. He has a pair of hands and he can’t help secretly doing something, which makes Xiaoli almost unable to install it every time.
But just as Xiaoli was about to wake up, he suddenly behaved a lot, which made Xiaoli almost jump out of his arms several times, but when he stopped moving, she gave up the idea again.
Maybe snuggling up to Ye Han’s arms, she can find some impulses that can make her pretend to sleep for 10 thousand years, and now she can temporarily monopolize his body and mind, and she feels very happy and satisfied
I don’t know that sometimes she really wants to be alone with Ye Han for a long time so that she can always have him, but she doesn’t do that. She knows that this idea is too selfish, and it is best not to have this selfish idea around Ye Han.
Because if she is really jealous of her daughters, it will be difficult for Ye Han to get hurt in the end, and it will also be what he wants. She will have the unanimous idea that sisters should live in harmony with their families, so that everyone can share happiness.
Don’t she dare to expect too much, and now she feels very satisfied when she can get along with Ye Han alone for a while, which he won himself.
So he will be the first to jump out in response to Ye Han’s decision, and that’s why she wants to spend more time with Ye Han and let herself enjoy it better, which won’t make Ye Han suffer and get short-term happiness [968] [encounter with water]
Ye Han, holding Xiaoli, soon left Yanyunshan and came to the southern beast yuan mountain. Therefore, there are many beasts in the place, and Ye Han doesn’t want to hurt people. He can choose to go to the beast yuan mountain to see if there can be a beast that meets the requirements.