"What? You woke up early? Then why didn’t you talk when you saw me working so hard just now? Do you know that I almost died just now? !” I said in a complaining and anxious tone


"Yo yo? I’ll lose my temper. I’ve come out to help you. Well, let’s talk later. Now I’ll read you the advanced magic of Ray. You must listen carefully. "
"What? Advanced? Sister, I haven’t even touched the junior level. You want me to go to the senior level? Is this possible? !”
"Don’t call me elder sister! Am I that old? Me? Call me miss … hum! " Alice dissatisfied way
"…" I’m right again
"Well, you listen up! Be sure to succeed! Gar element! Please use your great power to destroy the enemy in front of me! No need for pity! Thunderbolt and lightning strike!’ As the spell is completed, the sky flashes again and again, as if you were accidentally hit by it at any time! Slowly, the thunder is getting louder and louder, and the strong wind is blowing the surrounding trees to the brink! This is the time! A huge light speed appeared in the sky above the magic cockroach! It seems to have identified something and split straight from the sky! The target is the magic cockroach! And the magic cockroach seems to be almost finished at this time, and there are bursts of purple light on its body …
Chapter IX Wounded and Narrow Victory
"Alice! Why do I feel so uncomfortable? My chest is about to explode! " As the speed of light split away, I suddenly felt a pain in my chest, as if something was about to explode inside, and I was so surprised that I was busy covering my chest.
"Fast spirit! It’s the first time you’ve made all the magic elements in such a strong magic restless. You’ll be attacked by magic at any time! Now you have the spirit to force them out or there may be danger! " Alice also sensed that something was wrong with me.
"what! Then I am not finished! ? I will drag the cockroach with me even if I die! " I looked hard and said, at this time, my body is full of different colors of light, which must be the magic elements …
"Don’t cling to your old age! I thought there was me! Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you. Now you have to control the automatic overflow energy! I feel that the cockroach is about to explode! " Alice encouraged me to say
"good! I’ll bet it that whoever wins and who loses will soon be known! " I barely controlled the speed of light and tried not to let it deviate. Seeing that the flashing speed of light was about to hit the magic cockroach! And at this moment, the magic cockroaches are also shining with dazzling light! I know that its self-explosion has been completed!
Just as it was about to explode, the speed of light finally hit it directly! At that time, there was a sudden flood of intense light around, and people around them couldn’t keep their eyes open! And then with a’ crash!’ Boom! I was so shocked by this explosion that I flew out, my ears buzzed, and there was a series of strong energy waves in the center of the magic cockroach. I was shocked to fly to the wall and then fainted in pain.
Strong waves continue to spread … The onlookers on the grass outside have also been strongly impacted. Although those soldiers were protected by the magicians who had just arrived, there were still many weak mental abilities that were stunned. In the past, strong waves rolled up everywhere and destroyed the original scenery. Even the walls were crumbling.
As the strong waves gradually weakened, the surrounding area gradually calmed down, but the surrounding area has been destroyed and ugly.
Or Luo Hexian reacted first. Although he was not stunned by strong waves, he was also uncomfortable at all because he had just done his quarrelling and suffered a little injury before. Now his whole body is a kind of collapse … His face is dim and he looks around and then runs to me where he fainted, but at this time I am already unconscious.
"Hey? Where is this? Why am I floating? How could I be here? Didn’t I just pass out? How did you come to this dark place? " I said to myself with a full face of doubt
"Idiot! Is that you? Why did you come to me? " When I was ignorant, I suddenly heard a familiar sound! That’s right! This is Alice’s sound!
"Is that Alice? Where is this? Why is it all dark around? " I asked tentatively.
As soon as I finished speaking, a figure suddenly appeared in front of my eyes! That’s right! That’s Alice!
"wow! Alice? ! Don’t scare me! " I was startled by the sudden appearance of a figure.
"Hey hey! Take a fright! ~ I just wanted to scare you. I didn’t expect it to be a success. Haha! !” Alice was clutching her belly and laughing.
"ah! You did it on purpose! What’s wrong with you? Do you know the phrase’ scary people frighten people to death’? Really, "I have some complaints that I’m still working hard. You’re joking.
"Oh no, really angry? Well, I won’t play. I just want to ease the atmosphere. "Alice curled her mouth and said that when she looked at her carefully, she couldn’t help but feel the concept of beauty."
"wow! Alice is so cute like this. "I held Bardot in my hand, but Alice was blushed and ashamed by me." Hum! You still bully me and I ignore you! "
"I bully you? I’m praising you! That’s your understanding. When did it turn around? That’s good! After I say you are ugly, maybe you will appreciate me. "I put on a light smile and joked.
"You say it again! If you talk again, I will really ignore you and leave you here forever! " Alice roared when she saw me looking for her heart.
"It’s okay … I’m kidding. If someone says you’re not cute, I’ll be the first to hit him, okay? !” When I finished speaking, my eyes couldn’t help but look at her, but she was stared at by me. When I met her, I hurriedly moved my face and blushed. But I broke the scenery and said, "What’s the matter? Have you been blushing since just now? Are you sick? Do you want me to have a look? "
"Hum! Don’t care! " Alice suddenly became angry for no reason.
"Why do you say that you change your face when you are happy and angry?" I asked doubtfully, but she really ignored me.
"Hey … you’re talking? Why don’t you talk? " I kept asking, but she just ignored me.
"hello? Don’t ignore me, okay? You are my first friend and my most important friend. If you ignore me, who will care about me? " I really ignored her when I saw her. I was afraid she was really angry and quickly said
"Who cares about you? It’s so sentimental! Hum … "Alice finally spoke again after listening.
"But I want you to take care of me, and you’ve always taken care of me so well! I’m going to leave the next generation to you. "I saw that she was finally willing to talk and hurried to continue perfunctory.
"Well … that girl can’t take care of you for a while. You’d better be good or I won’t talk to you …" Alice was finally moved by my words, and her heart is so sweet now. He asked me to take care of his generation … but her face pretended to be so-called.
"Good good! I promise to listen to Alice and punish me for not eating! " I think she’s finally back to her original liveliness and friendship.
"But Alice … where is this? How did I get here and how did you get here? " I finally got down to business and asked the questions in my heart.
"This is my spirit. I have been doing this since I turned into a necklace. What does this matter to you? I think it may be that your soul came to me after leaving the body." Alice also answered me seriously
"Spirit? What? I don’t understand … and how do you go out like this? " I face a question mark way
"The so-called spirit is created by people’s spiritual strength. It’s all controlled by the spirit. Only people with strong spirit can create it … This is the best place to restore the spirit. If you want to go out from here, you can get your soul back, but I’ve never heard of others who belong to your own spirit! But you really barged in. "Alice answered me.
"Can the Chinese spirit go out?"
"Yeah, but it’s necessary for this spiritual master to promise, otherwise you’ll never get out. Hehe … Fortunately, you came to my spirit, and I tell you that there will be no more than four people in this world."
"oh! Fortunately, I came to you. If I went to someone else, I wouldn’t have finished my whole generation. Now send me out! " I finally lifted the doubts in my heart and said
"You’re so easy, because you’re not mine. I don’t know if your mental ability can attract each other with mine. If they repel each other, it’s over," Alice said with a face of nai.
"Well … I’m not afraid that I will always believe you because we are connected!" I want to also don’t want to answer.
Are you connected? Ha ha … "Alice smell speech face a faint red.
"Well, now you don’t want to try your best to’ forget yourself’ so that everything around you can blend in and then I can send you back directly," Alice said to me.