"You will be tired."


Leng Ruixi simply lay down beside her and said, "Does Yi Qing want to sleep with me?"
She hugged him, too. "Maybe sometimes it can make a person look like she hates, but now I am like this. I hate it. I dare not love it now. I will give it to you when Leng Ruixi gives it to me."
"I always knew you were me, Yi Qing. If I was indifferent to Yin Yuhao’s sacrifice of you, then I didn’t know you in cold blood."
"Thank you"
"Fool, what did the two of us say? Thank you for taking a good rest and waiting to marry me."
"You …"
"Two weddings have been destroyed. Do you know how upset I am? ! ! !”
Chapter 47 Debts
"I know …"
"You know! Don’t be so unhappy, get better and marry me! "
At this time, she can feel a little warmth. "Leng Ruixi has to say that it is good to have you."
"If even I can’t give you this feeling, who else in this world can?"
"It should be that no one has ever given it."
Yi Qing, I will wait for you to get better and then give you a big gift.
"Gift? ! What gift are you going to give me? "
Leng Ruixi smiled mysteriously. "You will know when the time comes."
"You said it was so mysterious. Don’t give me nothing then!"
"Yi Qing, this is really a big gift for you."
* * * * Mo Liangyue * * * *
Xiao Cheling was awakened and saw Anrui when he came together. He thought a lot of things as soon as he came.
Anrui came over with a smile. "You finally woke up."
"AnRui what did you do to her? !”
Anrui was stupefied but still sneered, "How do you know to ask her where she is when you wake up? It’s really ironic that people hate you."
"Anrui has nothing to do with you!" Said Xiao Cheling will get up AnRui hurriedly asked "where are you going? !”
He gave a lecture, "It seems that I don’t need to explain to you."
"Even if you don’t say I know! You have to find her! But Xiao Cheling, have you ever thought that she would hate you if you appeared in front of her like this now? "
"Did you do something to her!"
She said she didn’t hate him! If possible, he wants to make up for …
"Xiao Cheling, no wonder you don’t know that Yin Yuhao is dead."
He died …
Xiao Cheling suddenly felt that all hopes were dashed. What a big blow it would be for her if Yin Yuhao died!
"An Rui Yin Yuhao has never participated in our war. You should not involve him anyway!"
"Say, don’t you all because of her! Yin Yuhao’s death will be a great opportunity for me! "
"This is a great opportunity for you, not me."