He six lich king reaction is a little slower, such as feel different already can’t come.


"Boom!" With a bang, the world shook, and the Red Dragon Ball burst into flames. In an instant, it will be able to burn the soil of the world, ignite the whole world and immediately turn it into a melting hell.
"What is this?" On Yao panic by Zhu review diffuse back to ask
Zhu Pingman shook his head. He knew that the Red Dragon Ball broke out in an instant, but he didn’t expect the consequences to be so serious. There were fires everywhere, and the fire spread all the time. It won’t be long before the world will become a veritable hell after the fire.
The Six Lich Kings are the closest to the Red Dragon Ball and bear the brunt of being killed. The most greedy blackwater fish king and roe were melted on the spot, and their bodies went up in smoke. The rhinoceros king and tiger tyrant rolled around in flames and cried miserably. Fortunately, the snake nine you came to Shekou to swallow and spit out their flames.
Golden-winged Dapeng Bird and Sirius King are slightly better, but they are barely able to protect themselves despite being hurt all over.
Mo Lin was protected by Xiao Bai and was not injured. His eyes always followed the Red Dragon Ball. After seeing the explosion of the Red Dragon Ball, he went round and round and smashed a big hole on the ground, and then he disappeared.
"Don’t let the Red Dragon Ball escape." Xiao Bai was unwilling to run with Mo Lin.
There seems to be a faint white light at the vertical end of the hole, and a small white face looks at each other and jumps in without thinking.
What strange world is there in Molin’s heart during the fall?
Molin’s body fell lightly, like a velvet soft mat. The ground was soft and elastic with a faint green halo.
"What is this place?" Molin consciously looked up at the top of his head, and the end of the hole was still ablaze.
Although Yue Yao is not around, Mo Lin knows that she will be fine with Zhu Pingman’s protection. This is only a slight width in her heart. When he looks around intently, he can’t help but be stunned.
"This is …" Small white also froze.
Their house is full of green brilliance, which is bigger than the wood world, and there are many huge trees at a glance.
Molin is a tree, which can be seen carefully. It is just like the roots of a big tree. Molin has never seen such a huge root, but at first glance, it can’t tell what it is.
Chapter 146 to the world
Chapter 146 to the world
Roots are towering higher than the plants seen in the world, and there are tens of thousands of long roots growing on the huge roots. These roots are all pointing to the surface, entangled and hovering, and lifted high, making each root seem to be a monster holding several tentacles.
"Wood essence … no wonder it’s called the wood world. No wonder the Red Dragon Ball will come here." Behind it, there was a sound of snake nine deep and remote yin.
Molin looked back to see the snake, the nine golden wings, the Dapeng bird, the rhinoceros, the tyrant of Wang Hu and the five lich kings of Sirius. Although they were totally embarassed, the greedy light in their eyes never weakened.
"What is wood essence?" Mo Lin asked
"Wood essence is the essence of wood elements that make up the world’s five elements," said Snake Jiuyou. "The wood in the five elements can make a fire, and the red dragon ball belongs to the fire. Its favorite place is a place full of wood elements. There is nothing in this world that is more attractive to the red dragon ball than a place full of wood essence."
Mo Lin didn’t know what the red dragon ball would drill into the ground, but he guessed that the black demon clan might have mastered some secrets to control the wood essence to control the red dragon ball.
"If we know that this is the Wood Fine Institute, I finally know what is going on in that distant place." Golden-winged Dapeng bird patted his head and said.
"Say what?" Ink Lin curious to ask
"On the origin of the Red Dragon and the Demon Family," said the Golden-winged Dapeng Bird. "When the boss of the Red Dragon was drunk, he once mentioned that we were all so drunk that we forgot the July 7th, but now in retrospect, he said it was here."
The rhinoceros king also said, "I also remembered that at that time, the boss of Red Dragon said that he remembered living in a place full of delicious food when he was a child, where there were towering trees and delicious buds and … there was a green light."
Molin looked around at the place that the rhinoceros king said should be here. Is this where Red Dragon spent his childhood?
"Red Dragon doesn’t remember how he left his place of life later, but he said that we monster hands were all grabbed by him when he left. Is that the world above us the hometown of our monster family?" Golden-winged Dapeng bird wondered
When he said this, everyone was silent. According to what Red Dragon said, what Golden Winged Dapeng Bird said was probably the truth.
After the creation of the world, the Red Dragon Ball was born. This world is full of wood essence. After I don’t know how many years of wood essence nourishment, the Red Dragon Ball was born.