"Are you Bai Sijiao?" Yilin looked at her for a long time before she remembered this vulgar name.


"Yes," she smiled.
"Hello, my name is Xia Yuanqing." Yuan Qing greeted me in a friendly way.
"Hello" Bai Sijiao is smiling.
Bing Xuan ignored her drowsiness and went to bed (Mo Xing, you can really sleep. You have been sleeping for almost a day, but I am sleepy. I ZZ …)
In the middle of the night, Bing Xuan felt that something was opened her eyes and turned out to be a snake spitting letters. She killed it with a cold hum.
Are you and I that easy to deal with? You are so naive. Bing Xuan’s eyes are extremely cold.
The next day-
"ah!" A call from Bing Xuan’s dormitory.
"What’s the matter? What’s the matter?" Three boys rushed in, but they got in because the door was locked.
Bing Xuan Yi Lin Yuan Qing looked at the dead snake with complicated eyes.
Bing Xuan knocked on the door and went straight out.
Three boys went in and looked at the black snake covered with blood in surprise.
"What is this?" Mu ye ying frowned.
"Clean it up," said Bing Xuan without looking up.
"Just forget it," Yi Lin asked in disbelief.
"Well, it’s time to go." Bing Xuan went outside.
Outing b
Six people came to the foot of the mountain and looked around. No one was there. They were the first to arrive here.
"Shall we climb first?" Yilin asked their opinions.
"Well," four people agreed, but Bing Xuan didn’t know that she was always frowning and looking at the gray pupil in the distance.
"Ice xuan go" yi Lin come and pull her.
"Oh" ice xuan went behind her.
She took a step and looked back, but her worries didn’t dissipate at all.
"Bing Xuan, what’s wrong with you?" Yuanqing noticed that she was strange and walked beside her and asked earnestly.
"Nothing." She shook her head and let them relax. As soon as her eyes turned to Mu Ye Ying, she found that he was watching her, too, and hurriedly turned away from him.
They went on walking along the road, with trees and trees, all kinds of flowers competing to release and birds singing happily. Everything seemed too peaceful.
After about an hour, they were halfway up the mountain.
"Look out!" With keen intuition, Bing Xuan smelled danger and went to the front to stop everyone.
The voice just fell and an explosion sounded. When Bing Xuan was about to run, a force pulled her away and then picked her up and ran to the surface.
But the bad news is that the mountain is burning, so they can hide aside, and then they find an safe and hidden cave, so everyone hides in it
"Are you all right?" Ice Xuan asked them
"Nothing," Yi Lin said.
"No! How can there be blood? " Yuanqing saw the blood dripping from the outside to the inside.
Mu Ye Ying suddenly fell flat to the back.
"Mu Ye Ying!" Bing Xuan shouted anxiously to hold him down.
"Where’s the first aid kit?" She kept calm and asked them
"This" Su Yu quickly handed it to her.