"If you want to see it, hurry up and see that we have to eat." Zhuo Qiang urged again.


At this time, Chen Lao lost his initial arrogance and stubbornness. He smiled and said, "Brother Zhuo, I have a favor. I wonder if you can promise?"
"Have something to say quickly" ZhuoJiang a little impatient.
"I won’t watch this yu pendant … I want to see this lady wearing a yu bracelet. I don’t know …" Chen Lao said in a pants.
Famous people in the industry are always surrounded by fresh hu and honor and palm. At this time, Chen Lao looks like a pupil facing a strict teacher.
It’s no wonder that he just went out to see yu falling, and now he has yu falling in his hand, but he went out to see someone else’s yu bracelet, which is a bit too much to ask.
As soon as he got the jade yu pendant, he cleared his hand and swept away his eyes, and it was already judged to be genuine.
Since this yu pendant is genuine, this nv child’s wrist yu bracelet will naturally not be fake.
If that yu bracelet is real, it’s a rare sight, baby
The thought that he is going to personally play with this jade jade bracelet of the king’s green jade, the old heart of Chen, suddenly won the second place, and jumped violently.
"Age, you are pushing your luck." Zhuo Qiang’s cold voice made him fall into an ice cave.
"Zhuo brothers, I will take a look at it at a glance." Age looks a bit miserable.
ZhuoJiang heart andao have a look? I almost saw that yu bracelet in my eye socket just now and said I wanted to have a look.
"Christie, let them have a look at the yu bracelet, or we may really not be able to leave." Zhuo Qiang looked at the two old men and had to give in.
Christie’s so-called. Anyway, she has a lot of this stuff, and she doesn’t think it’s too good.
She casually took a yu bracelet from her wrist and handed it to Chen Lao.
Chen Lao finally got what he wanted. He carefully studied it in his hand and picked up the magnifying glass on the table behind him.
Magnifier looked at yu bracelet several times, and he was 100% convinced that it was the old pit glass jade king green.
Being a well-known figure in the field of yu device identification, he has indeed seen many good yu devices, even though he has handled a few of them, but those roots can’t be compared with the yu bracelet in front of him, whether it’s Yan se or luster, whether it’s fluorescent or head. Throw those ten miles away after the yu bracelet is finished!
What’s more important in this is that yu bracelet has a small ring face and a small pendant, which is far from yu bracelet.
The leftover materials from the processing of this pair of yu bracelets are enough to make ten rings and pendants.
Yu bracelet is no better than what he puts on it, so it must be pulled out. Therefore, according to common sense, this kind of lng is almost a red lulu crime, and no one usually does this.
Now that this pair of yu bracelets is secular, the root of this pair of yu bracelets is nothing more precious than the emerald king.
With this bright and clean yu bracelet, Chen Lao suddenly remembered a big problem. He was busy re-examining this yu bracelet and examining it carefully with a magnifying glass again.
Staring at Liu all the time seems to have found something wrong. He suddenly ran to a desk and pulled a hu drawer to rummage through something rapidly.
Finally, he stopped flipping and took out a thick colored page from it. After a few seconds of typing, he found what he was looking for
By this time, Chen Lao had put a magnifying glass and stopped observing the yu bracelet. He looked at the colorful pages in his hand and came over with excitement. Liu said, "Don’t look at it."
Liu was dazed for a moment, and his hand fell to the ground. Then he suddenly walked a few steps to the front of Chen Lao and looked at the yu bracelet in his hand. I don’t know if it was happy or sad.
"Brother Zhuo, let me ask you again, where did you get this yu bracelet and yu pendant?" Age face se dignified asked Zhuo Qiang.
&u walked over and said, "I said age, didn’t I tell you? It was bought in the antique market. "
"Now you still don’t tell the truth? When did I get this once-in-a-century good thing in the antique market? "Age certainly didn’t believe it.
"Then tell me where I will buy it?" Zhuo Qiang asks.
"This yu bracelet is a big deal!" Chen Lao said slowly, "In this yu bracelet, we should start from the 19th century …"
"Stop it!" Zhuoqiangma interrupted him.
"My god, do you know that I haven’t eaten lunch yet? I’m starving. You’re talking to me from the nineteenth century. I’m afraid I’ll be starving before you can talk to me in the twentieth century. "Zhuo Qiang waved and said," Make a long story short and I’ll just listen to it. "
After listening to Zhuo Qiang’s words, Chen Lao couldn’t become a good scholar. Nai said, "Well, I’ll make a long story short. This yu bracelet is really a treasure in the court of the late Qing Dynasty. Empress Dowager Cixi once wore it for a photo. Is it short enough?"
When he said this, Zhuo Qiang became interested. "Then how did it come to me?"
What’s the matter with what Chen Lao said about Zhuoqiang’s whiteness?
The treasures in the British Museum were plundered from all countries. This yu bracelet must have been plundered from Daxia when the allied forces invaded Beijing, and then he stole it from the British Museum.
However, it is naturally impossible for him to confess that he is the chief culprit in stealing the British Museum.
"How can I run to where you are? I should ask you." Age looked at Zhuojiang hu and didn’t know if he really didn’t know or pretended not to know.