Gu Jinxi


Gu Jinxi gave Xue Hai a grumpily look. "The young lady who started work on her still thinks my hand is dirty, but it’s not a good crop for Princess Ann to look at. Are you really so sure that she doesn’t have ulterior motives in protecting Xue and cherishing her children?"
Xue Hai heard that she felt that the buzzing in her head really didn’t look like a good crop, but she didn’t realize it at first, but the more she went to the back, the more obvious this feeling became. Although she showed great love for her son, this feeling became more and more strange. Does she really want to cherish her child? Thought of here, his face was heavy and a little ugly. "Don’t worry about Miss Gu!" No matter what, let Xue Xi give birth to the child safely.
Looking at Xue Hai appearance Gu Jin sunseeker corners of the mouth oblique hook grumpily shrugged his shoulders to Xue Hai idea she is neither heart nor light way "don’t worry about miss; If you don’t have him, housekeeper Xue will clear it up! Pinellia sends housekeeper Xue out! "
Xue Hai’s lips pinched Gu Jinxi and then quickly bowed his head. "Then Xue Mouren excused himself first!"
"The spring breeze warms people to sleep. Although the distance between Heng Wuyuan and Regent’s Palace is short, housekeeper Xue should always pay attention to it." Gu Jinxi’s face and smile are very shallow, and he speaks with something like pondering. "Well, miss Xue is a little tired, so don’t send housekeeper Xue, please!"
"Miss Gu is welcome!" Xue Haiyuan hasn’t noticed it yet, but after Gu Jinxi woke up like this, he immediately hung his eyes and swallowed hard. Turn around and leave the time with deep thoughts on Gu Jinxi’s words. Does it mean that someone wants to be bad for him? But he didn’t offend anyone, how could he provoke others, or did Gu Jinxi deliberately say that to find his heart? Although this possibility is very small.
After sending Xue Hai back, Pinellia grumpily deflated and pouted. It was contemptuous of the page, but suddenly it seemed to me that I was kneeling in front of Gu Jinxi. "Miss, what did you just say to that Xue Hai?"
It doesn’t mean anything. Gu Jin smiled faintly at Pinellia. You immediately went to my eldest brother and told him that he knew what to do. She hung her eyelids and eyes with some thoughts. It seems that Ann Toffee has stared at Xue Hai and Xue Xi, and she still needs Xue Xi, but this Xue Hai has become a scapegoat. If Xue Xi doesn’t know martial arts, it is not necessarily the late Qing Dynasty. Is Ann Toffee the woman in red?
Pinellia also noticed the change of her young lady’s complexion, but she didn’t ask her to listen to Gu Ji.
I don’t know what happened in the regent’s palace. Since Xue Hai left, Xue Xi’s heart has been hanging tightly. I don’t know if Ann Toffee has tampered with the soup, no matter whether Gu Jinxi will drink it or not. If there is a problem, even Xue Haidu can’t get away. She frowned slightly and looked ugly when she thought of this.
"Mei Xiang, go and see if my brother hasn’t come back yet?" It’s been more than two hours, but Xue Hai still hasn’t heard anything. Xue Xi’s heart is hanging in his throat, more like he’s going to jump out of it. Is it because Gu Jinxi found out that there was something wrong with the cup soup and detained Xue Hai? It’s not as good as that. Brother Rui can’t be good at Gu Jin’s sunseeker even his own brother.
Mei Xiang bowed her head and looked humble. "When I told Aunt Xue, the housekeeper didn’t go back to the house."
"…" Xue precious little smell speech feel heart seven how all can’t let go "how did that happen? By the way, have the page and the servant girl from Rongen Pavilion come back? " They all went together. It doesn’t make sense. They came back and there was no news from their brother.
Mei Xiang smell speech shook his head "handmaiden didn’t hear"
"Aunt Xue, don’t worry about Xue Guanjia’s love for you. She will definitely come back to see you." Looking at Xue Cherish the appearance of plum blossom, the tone of feather duster is still not urgent or slow. "Besides, sometime something happened on the way to Xue Guanjia, which delayed Xue Guanjia. Someone moved him. It’s not just Xue Guanjia and Yang Guanjia in the Regent’s Palace. If they are really busy and don’t see each other for several days, it’s normal for you to take a rest. After all, you are not alone now."
Xue precious little smell speech face worry color finally receded some probably because the month is getting bigger and more sleepy; Not long after lunch just now, I feel sleepy again. After hearing what Mei Hong said, I nodded again. "That’s right. I don’t know that this cool capital is prosperous, but now I want to come to Brother’s Day. It’s also hard. I’m a little tired. Have a rest first. Remember to wake me up if my brother comes back."
"Yes!" Meigong bowed their heads and helped Xue precious little to the bed, and also carefully tucked her in the corner.
It was when Xue Xi woke up again that she heard the noise outside before she woke up. I can still hear Mei Hong and Mei Xiang’s low voice and slightly anxious and worried tone.
"Well, we know this matter and we will tell Aunt Xue." Mei Hongyin is no longer normal and crisp, with some worries and doubts, and it seems to be somewhat incomprehensible.
Mei Xiang is not as calm as Mei Hong. At the moment, the whole face is full of fear. "Sister Mei Hong, this … Xue Guanjia thing …"
"Aunt’s body is getting heavier and heavier. Now it’s the key time. This matter must not be let aunt know." Mei Hong lowered her voice and looked heavy, but her voice did not fall and suddenly she heard a voice next to her that sounded urgent and worried. "What can’t be let aunt know?
Mom knows? "
Mei Hong, Mei Xiang and the page who just came to certify the news suddenly looked up nervously at the sudden appearance of Xue Xi and felt that his heart was almost jumping out of his throat.
"Say, is there anything that my aunt can’t know?" Xue cherish the whole person pale at the moment, clutching the column next to it with one hand, and the bad feeling grew stronger and paler; I can’t believe it when I’m depressed.
Mei Hong stepped forward to help Xue Xi. "Aunt, are you all right?"
"Tell me, is there anything my aunt can’t know?" Xue precious little by MeiGong to help, but the mood did not settle down, but it became more and more excited. He clutched MeiGong’s arm tightly and his eyes were DengYuan. "Did my brother have an accident? Isn’t it? isn’t it? You say it, you say it! "
Next to Mei Xiang, her lips pouted, but she didn’t say anything.
On the contrary, the next page bowed his head and didn’t say anything, but he was very respectful. "I report that Aunt Xue’s housekeeper was killed by Miss Gu!"
"What?" Xue precious little hear such words suddenly feel eyes a black body overwhelmed involuntarily leaned back toward the back; She suddenly seemed to know nothing, and her eyes were thick with disbelief "no, no, no, no"
The page is low head "Dan Zhu and Dan Yun have come back, Kang and Xue Guanjia have … Aunt, don’t be too sad. Empress Taifei said that this matter will definitely make Gu Jinxi give you an account!"
"No, no, no!" Xue Xi doesn’t know what’s going on in his heart at the moment. He keeps shaking his head and there are three words in his mind: Gu Jinxi Gu Jinxi! What? She has put up with everything. What has she put up with? She still doesn’t let go of herself. Is it because of what happened at the Tanzhe Temple?