Christie nodded and said, "Yeah, two shots." Then she suddenly recovered and patted Zhuo Qiang on the head and said, "What do you mean? Don’t I don’t know what you’re up to, but I don’t necessarily refuse. "


Zhuo Qiang is busy turning his attention from her body to the remote control. This Christie is really fascinating. When can it arouse his anger?
In order to be less stingy in front of Christie, Zhuo Qiang decided to make two shots tonight, and by the way, how about the performance of this guided warship?
It is a unique method that Daxia came up with to fight against American aircraft carriers.
Because the gap between the military strength of the United States is too large, the summer country can find another way to create some troubles for the United States from the perspective of fighting an asymmetric war
In fact, strictly speaking, Daxia is trying to guide the aircraft carrier, because the aircraft carrier is big and the target is bigger, so it is easier to be hit.
At present, this research in Daxia country has been carried out, but it has not been tested in actual combat, which is more than that in actual exercise. The specific effectiveness is not known, such as
However, the accuracy of these medium-range missile guides equipped by Long Yun will definitely not disappoint Zhuo Qiang.
There are not many warships moored at Jeju Island base through Long Yun. There is an Ulsan-class guided frigate and a Pohang-class frigate.
Due to the recent escalation of military confrontation between North and South Korea, South Korea has deployed most of its military forces to the northern part of the country, exerting psychological pressure on North Korea, so it has deployed a lot less southern ships.
"First come, dish first" is a reappearance of 10,000 tons of steel. He doesn’t care if he is a mosquito and has meat. It is a little bit to get more.
However, it is unnecessary for such a small frigate to make Daodaogong 3 naval guns more than enough.
I looked at my watch. It’s time to attack since I posted it yesterday.
Zhuo Qiang is a man of good faith. He said that a good day must be a day. Even if he knew that the other party could not let people go, he would still keep his promise.
More to 71 launch ballistic missiles.
71 emission channel guide
It was after nine o’clock when the Long Yun attacked, and the nightlife had just caused a great sensation.
With the huge roar of the Long Yun’s 3 mm naval gun, the two frigate horses in the military port set off a fierce fire.
Soldiers in South Korea, the shore base, are also in a hurry. There are lights everywhere and vehicles everywhere, but there is nothing they can do.
Seeing that the two largest warships in the military port were attacked by people, they could not only report the situation to the surface eagerly and ask for reinforcements, but also stare anxiously.
Zhuo Qiang was not soft this time. He didn’t intend to hit these warships hard. If he wants to fight, he must sink them.
Only after sinking can we find a way to transport their hulls out of South Korea’s waters from the bottom of the water unnoticed, so as to turn waste treasure into a lot of money.
Therefore, the shelling lasted long enough than the insurance. Zhuo Qiang still bombarded several guns when he saw that the hull had sunk.
Jeju Island is an important tourist destination in South Korea and the most important tourist destination for short holidays. It is known as South Korea and Hawaii, which has many tourists.
Jeju Island not only has the unique and beautiful scenery of Yingzhou, but also inherits the special folk culture of Gudanluo Kingdom, that is, "more than three" rocks, more winds and more women; Beggars, thieves, gate and Sanli folk customs, aquatic products and traditional crafts have attracted several foreign tourists to visit.
Therefore, this is a densely populated area for foreign tourists, because other places in South Korea, besides the mountainous areas, that is, the capital, are still worth seeing, and foreigners always like to travel here when they come to South Korea.
Among these tourists, there are a large number of people in Daxia, especially during the Spring Festival. Many young people who don’t want to spend the Spring Festival at home travel abroad to celebrate the Spring Festival.
However, South Korea has a lot of tourists here recently because of its distance from Daxia.
After the attack on warships in Jeju military port, many people who came here for vacation sent out Weibo on their mobile phones.
Many netizens in Daxia country cheered after the news appeared on major networks.
This time it’s finally South Korea’s turn to stick.
When Dongfeng pirates attacked the navies of various countries around the South China Sea, many people in Xia Dynasty were waiting for Dongfeng pirates to sweep all the surrounding countries.
And South Korea, the country that most disgusted netizens in Daxia, can definitely rank in the top three.
If a poll is conducted now, which countries do you hate the most? If netizens vote, it is more reliable. The order should be Japan, America and South Korea.
South Korea is annoying because it always makes annoying noises like a mouse hiding in bed at midnight.
Although it knows that it will not cause any substantial adverse consequences, it always wants people to kick a few feet and step on it again.
Now the day has come.
South Korea, which has always been the first in the United States, finally got angry fire from Dongfeng Pirates.
At this time, no one doubts what the manager of Dongfeng said. This person is definitely the spokesman or spokesman of Dongfeng Pirate Group.
And by the Dongfeng store manager, everyone is more associated with that Dongfeng store.
Since the manager of Dongfeng is really the spokesman of Dongfeng Pirates, what is Dongfeng Store?