Back to the previous woman’s home, put Yan Xin back into bed, and the middle of the cold had to meditate and think about what to do to help Yan Xin.


Yan Xin’s body belongs to the fire, and Ye Han’s vitality naturally helps her. This Ye Han is even more anxious. Now Yan Xin needs fire vitality to be able to relieve the injury. But in this small village, don’t say that it is a fire practitioner, even a practitioner can’t find it.
Sighing with a cold leaf, slowly lifting Yan Xin from the head of a bed, and immediately sitting on the head of a bed with her hands flat and shoulders behind her, she will stick Yan Xin back.
Followed by Ye Han’s palms, a cold, pale blue cold vitality slowly poured into Yan Xin body along the palm of his hand.
Everything seems ordinary, but Ye Han feels a little sweaty at the moment. The only thing that is fortunate is that the vitality injected into Yan Xin from his palm has not been hindered!
At that time, Ye Han had some joy in his heart, and it proved that he still had a way to treat Yan Xin if he wanted this vitality to enter Yan Xin.
However, just as Ye Han felt a sense of joy in his heart, a powerful fire energy emanated from Yan Xin’s body and just entered the other body along Ye Han’s palm.
The vitality of fire enters the body, leaves are cold, and the whole body is not full of hot feeling, and the vitality of body cold has also been eroded.
At the same time, Ye Han is busy running the body and the star is cold. He wants to use his own body cold to expel this fire.
However, Ye Han’s idea is good, but after all, he is a Yuan Dan realm repairman and Yan Xin is a Yuan Yi realm repairman.
Ye Han now wants to compete with Yan Xin unless it is a miracle, and now it is impossible for him to resolve the fire.
There is an exception to everything, and this will not be an exception. Ye Han runs the star cold tactic method, and at the same time, the jade flute in his hand has already appeared. With the help of the strange energy in the jade flute, Ye Han is busy fuelling the large plate of stars in the latent body.
Xingyuan was motivated by the fire, as if he had met some machine horror pictures, and hurriedly rushed around Ye Han’s body.
Feel the fire vitality trend Ye Han heart suddenly hurriedly put jade flute lips will; Lengling previously gave him the flute method to play.
The muffled lingering sound resounded through the whole room, and the fire seemed to have heard this flute sound, so it stopped flowing in an instant.
Ye Han looked at more afraid to be careless and busy. At this moment, the sudden operation of the star cold tactic affects the body cold and quickly comes to the fire, which will be tightly surrounded.
Caught in a heavy siege, the fire suddenly seemed to be in a desperate situation, and people immediately rushed around madly, looking for a breakthrough and struggling for the last time before they died
Seeing this situation, Ye Han suddenly gave birth to a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and immediately he crooned a jade flute and played the flute sound again, pulling the body cold and instantly annihilating the fire energy.
Ye Han just slowly admitted after the fire was annihilated, and Yu Xiao, the star cold tactic and method, also recovered to Yu Pei in due course.
Ye Han breathed a sigh of relief as if in shock. After a pause, he turned his eyes to Yan Xin.
At the moment, Yan Xin is still sitting with his back to Ye Han, and has not been changed by Ye Han’s actions. Looking at Yan Xin’s back, Ye Han naturally felt a sigh of emotion.
Feeling Yu Ye cold heart is one leng hands slowly lift arm in arm with inflammation hin shoulder slowly dint will inflammation hin body to turn it over.
"Xin son, are you awake? How do you feel? " Looked at a face of bitter inflammation hin Ye Han immediately and one leng soon also dare not neglect busy asked.
Being asked by Ye Han turned out to be a face of bitterness and inflammation, which turned into a face of pain and love at the right time.
Staring at Ye Hanyan, I haven’t spoken for a long time, but tears have already flowed in my eyes.
"Cold brother you this is bitter? You and I have different strengths, so you force me to heal. I am higher than you, and you will get hurt in the end! " After a long time, Yan Xin just shook his head and wry smile way
Sighing that a leaf of cold root didn’t put Yan Xin’s words in his eyes was a wry smile. "Xin Er, you can say yes this time, and I will get hurt. Even if I have to sacrifice my life, I must cure you!"
Words have been said more and Yan Xin didn’t continue to speak. She just threw herself into Ye Han’s arms and was hugged tightly by Ye Han after staring at Ye Han with sobs ~
【】【 Looking for Yuan Beast 】
Embracing for a long time, Yan Xin was reluctant to leave Ye Han’s arms and immediately stared for a while. Ye Han just shook his head with a wry smile. "Promise me I can’t hurt myself again!"
Ye Hanwen suddenly froze and remained silent for a long time before shaking his head with a wry smile. "Hin, I still want that sentence, and I will never give up!"
"But" hear Ye Han resolute words Yan Xin suddenly a hurried reloading across the river Ye Han anxiously said.
However, Yan Xin’s words were blocked by Ye Han’s lips before he finished. Immediately, Ye Han shook his head again and said, "Nothing, but what’s the point of living if I can’t even protect the woman I love?"
Yan Xin, who was once again attacked by Ye Han’s resolute words, shook his head but did not insist on going. Ye Han said with a wry smile, "If you are really so determined, then I will tell you the truth. There is still a way to save me!"
"What way?" After listening to Yan Xin’s words, Ye Han’s heart was suddenly busy, and he put his arm around her shoulders and asked in a hurry.
Yan Xin hesitated at first, then looked at Ye Han again, full of firm face and eyes, and then persuaded him again, so he said, "If you want to find a fire, there will be a way!"