"Maybe," Gu Jinxi took a deep breath. "You don’t say it anymore."


"I …"
Meng Jingxian’s thin lips slightly sipped "Then I’ll go first today and you’ll think about it." When she got up and walked to the door, she couldn’t help but turn around and look at Gu Jin Sunseeker. "Jin Sunseeker, no matter what, I treat you as my best friend."
After Meng Jingxian left, Gu Jinxi lay in bed with a quilt heart but couldn’t calm down; Gu Huai still has something to hide from them. What is Qin Rui’s identity? She has long guessed that his identity is different. Xiao Taihou can’t give his favorite young royal secret poison. What is Qin Rui’s identity?
Now family, Sue’s home has gone with her. In those days, she didn’t explore who Gu Su’s two families were. * It happened that the sky seemed to be a mess that she couldn’t see her. It happened that the fog was here again, even though she didn’t want to get involved, but it seemed that she was already in deep trouble.
Wake up Qin Nian and make up a reason to put her in the guest. Chapter 11 The smashed eggs and rotten vegetables are in the garden.
After a long rain clears up, it’s as blue as blue sky and white clouds. Looking at the more energetic outside the courtyard, Gu Jinxi closed his eyes and took a deep breath and stretched lazily. The nose is full of the quiet lake or a few small fish swimming through it with ripples and little lotus leaves and green flowers; Green grass is enchanting with willow branches in the wind; This picture is quiet and serene; Let a person anxious heart couldn’t help a little quiet.
Close your eyes and think about it carefully. Since Ann’s full moon ceremony, things seem to have become somewhat out of control. Her heart calculates others, but there are always others who refuse to let her go. Xia Cherish Soft Su Cen calculates her Jedi counterattack step by step; I didn’t want to distance myself from Mrs. Gu before I was absolutely sure, but then things developed unexpectedly, and even now she is still a little confused.
Now I don’t know whether the result is good or bad.
Now that things are a foregone conclusion, we should take it one step at a time and regret it. That is something that consumes more energy than making mistakes. She doesn’t want to think about God, but since it is so arranged, it has her own reasons.
It’s rare to have such fine weather, and it’s rare to have this moment of silence to put all my troubles behind Gu Jinxi and close his eyes and breathe deeply.
"Miss, miss! Something big happened! " Indigo’s deep voice suddenly sounded from the outside with messy steps.
Gu Jinxi just stretched his brow and wrinkled it tightly. Seeing that Ye Zhen’s mother was waiting next to him, she couldn’t help but hurt her face. "What’s the fuss? Have something to say!"
"Yes," said indigo naturalis after hearing that she was dazed and blessed with her hands. "Sue and Sue’s family are making trouble again. Now many people have been around the gate, pointing out that our family members are ungrateful, and some people throw eggs and rotten vegetables at our gate. Now the whole gate is rotten."
Gu Jinxi suddenly picked it up and turned around. "How can this be my mother?"
"Sue mammy protects the lady, but it’s not a big problem. It’s hard to get dirty." Indigo looked anxious. "When I was a housekeeper, I let people open the door, but now those people keep throwing things at us, and both side doors are blocked, and our government people can’t get out."
"Oh?" Gu Jin sunseeker’s eyes narrowed slightly, and there is such a thing.
"Miss …" Indigo Ru lips to know that the second young master and the third young master have not returned to the office yet.
"Who is coming to Sue’s house?" Gu Jinxi bowed his head in a tone of no hurry or delay.
Indigo seems to have been shocked for a long time before she calmed down and lowered her head. "It’s Sue’s gentleman and less lady and Cen … Su Cen also."
"I knew it! All right, don’t worry. I’ll go to the main hospital first to see "Gu Jinxi’s drooping eyelids are full of gloom. Qian still dares to come to Heng Wu Garden to make a moth’s feelings. It’s guaranteed that Su Yi is soft and bullied, isn’t it?
"Well" indigo naturalis nodded "Miss, be careful yourself"
It is not easy to watch the people’s emotions have been fanned to appease; If Gu Jinxi wants to go to the gate to argue with those people at this time, he will eventually suffer for himself. As the saying goes, the law does not blame the public. Those who dare to go to Heng Wu Garden and still have eggs will also be bought.
Gu Jinxi’s eyes narrowed slightly. "Zhen Niang immediately went to Ruiwangfu and said that I asked to borrow Ruiwangfu Weiyi!"
"Well," Ye Zhenniang nodded those people outside, and she didn’t look at her eyes.
"I let Pinellia go with me once because you don’t worry that I am measured." Seeing Ye Zhenniang seems a little uneasy, Gu Jinxi smiled lightly. "After all, I am myself and I don’t have to be angry with those who are not worth it."
Ye Zhenniang listened to the original heavy complexion and immediately looked good. "It is best for a young lady to understand this truth, but I will come back as soon as possible after that Zhen Niang walked first."
When Pinellia finally managed to get Qin Nian’s hospital in order, she came back with an anxious look and obviously knew what was happening outside. "Miss?"
"Didn’t disturb you?" Gu Jinxi looked at her straight.
"Qin Nianjun seems to be a little tired. After bathing and changing clothes, he has already slept. The handmaiden specially told the guest house people not to wake the monarch no matter what happens." Pinellia bowed his head.
Gu Jinxi’s face smiled lightly. "Very well, indigo naturalis, please arrange for Xiage Pinellia to come with me to the waterside pavilion Tinglan."