Ke Yong is like a pupil who has done something wrong. He is reprimanded by his baby sister, but I don’t understand it. Then you will understand! It’s like you’re not an official girl, but when he knows these words, just talk about it in his heart and vent it. Never let his baby sister hear it, or she’ll be miserable later, so he admits, "The lesson of my sister is that I will correct it after I do it!" Then did your tenant beat those chengguan? "


"Well, he seems to know the disabled man. After knocking down several chengguan, he asked me to take the disabled man to the hospital and went to work himself. He also told the chengguan his name and company address. When I got back, the chengguan took him away with the police …" Ke Mengxuan continued
Ke Yong thought that as soon as I guessed, he had to do it. He was a man. How could a man not save himself? He had to save himself, but he had to play with his sister before saving her from bullying herself all the time. So he reluctantly said, "Xiaoxuan, our soldier, is really difficult to intervene. Besides, he has nothing to do with you …"
"Cut the crap and say save or not!" Ke Mengxuan has so much leisure to bargain with him now. Although that smelly man is sometimes bad, he is still good to himself, and he has to be rescued by himself.
"Save … save or save, then I will violate the military discipline, but if he is my brother-in-law, I will throw caution to the wind …" Ke Yong continued to prevaricate.
KeMengXuan finally unbearable flustered scold a way "brother-in-law, brother-in-law your sister! Now he is your brother-in-law, hurry up and save! " Say that finish also don’t forget to blunt keyong ass kicked.
Keyong’s trick finally succeeded. He smiled and blew a whistle in his hand and shouted, "A small team will come out for me and give you 30 seconds to prepare the deputy armed forces! Save my brother-in-law! " When the special warfare players heard such a sharp name, they screamed and rushed into the barracks to get weapons.
As soon as the rendezvous was completed, Ke Yong was pulling his baby sister in front of an army off-road vehicle. Ke Mengxuan was still there screaming "Hurry up …"
"My good sister, you can rest assured that his abnormal skill has not been able to hurt him!" Keyong comforted or another speed.
After a while, I heard two emergency brakes and two dark green military vehicles stopped outside the public security bureau of Haigang City. Ke Yong sounded his flute and said to the gatekeeper, "Execute!"
The old man looked at the military vehicles behind the soldiers and saw this appearance. He hurriedly knocked on the door with trembling hands. Two military vehicles entered the public security bureau compound and shouted at the military vehicles behind him. "The cars lined up! Stand by! "
At this time, I heard "Brush Brush ……" A burst of footsteps and guns hit 20 Marines armed to the teeth and lined up neatly to wait for orders.
Ke Yong looked up at the mighty public security bureau building. At this moment, Qin Zhonghao also looked at him in the director’s office on the sixth floor. Qin Zhonghao was there, trying to find a way to be beautiful, which not only helped Hu Debiao release that Wang Xiaogan, but also gave an account to the vice mayor. Suddenly, his assistant knocked on the office door and hurried to say, "A group of soldiers broke in with two military vehicles. From the rank, the leader is a naval school …"
Qin Zhonghao shouted at him, "What are you panicking about! He can also give me the public security bureau! " I went to the window to look at my eyes and then said to my assistant, "Come with me to see Chapter 51 Multi-rescue ()."
Chapter 51 Multi-party Rescue () Ke Yongshi didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. He just brought his troops over and armed himself, which attracted the attention of the leaders of the Public Security Bureau, so he ordered his hand soldiers to stand by there. Sure enough, he saw a leader coming, followed by a large group of policemen.
Qin Zhonghao gave a military-like salute before Ke Yong and asked, "I’m Qin Zhonghao, director of the public security bureau of Haigang City. Which army is your city? Can I help you? "
Ke Yong gave a military salute, took out his military officer’s card and handed it to Qin Zhonghao, saying, "Ke Yong, deputy captain of the Marine Corps!"
Qin Zhonghao recognized this 30-year-old young man as soon as he hit the military officer’s card. Isn’t it Ke’s third son? He used to be a soldier with Master Ke! So he smiled and said, "It turned out to be the third son of Ke’s family. How is the old chief?"
"And you are?" At present, this 50-year-old man recognized himself as soon as he saw it. Ke Yong was a little shocked and confused and asked
"Ha ha how Xiaoyong forgot that I was your uncle Qin, the former guard of the old chief …" Qin Zhonghao went on to say that when he was a guard for Ke Datian, Ke Yongcai was five or six years old, and it was more than 20 years since he could remember in the blink of an eye.
"Oh … you used to be Uncle Qin. It’s been more than 20 years. My dad is still in good health. Why don’t you come to my house? My dad often talks about you. It’s a great pity that you didn’t leave the army …" Ke Yong suddenly remembered the tall "Uncle Qin" who often played with himself when he was a child, and suddenly said excitedly.
"Ha ha, where is it different? It’s all about defending our country … I don’t want to bother the old chief. I will definitely visit his old man’s house another day …" Qin Zhonghao said with deep feeling, then looked at the armed soldiers and asked, "Xiaoyong, who are you?"
"Oh … put the guns away quickly. Everyone in the car is one of our own!" Then turned to Qin Zhonghao embarrassed and said, "Hehe, Uncle Qin didn’t have any bad influence on you. It’s nothing. It’s just that Xiaoxuan’s boyfriend was arrested by you. I can’t help my little girl to save my brother-in-law …"
After listening to Ke Yong’s words, Qin Zhonghao looked at him and said with a childlike smile, "It’s okay when your army comes to visit us … to save your brother-in-law?" What about Xiao Xuan? " Since Hu Debiao inquired about Ke Mengxuan, Qin Zhonghao knew that she was the daughter of the old chief, but this little girl should not know that she was only one or two years old when she was away from the old chief. She thought that she had held this little girl for more than two months, and she was more than her own daughter.
At this time, Ke Mengxuan came out, and Ke Yong took his sister to the side and introduced, "Xiao Xuan, this is Uncle Qin, my father, and my family used to be a guard and hugged you for more than two months!"
Ke Mengxuan always listened to his mother’s small Qin Xiaoqin saying that he was raised by him and was a nanny. He didn’t expect to be a big man, so he thanked him and called "Uncle Qin is good …"
"Ha ha good … what’s your boyfriend’s name? Girl, tell uncle uncle to make decisions for you!" Qin Zhonghao cherish asked.
"Boyfriend?" Ke Mengxuan chanted and stared at Ke Yong and saw that he was laughing there. Now it’s not time to clean him up and save lives, so he quickly said, "His name is Uncle Wang Xiaogan Qin …"
"Wang Xiaogan?" Qin Zhonghao chanted these three words and was surprised at how this young man has so much energy that he can let so many people come. He is an old chief and a brother of life and death. It seems that this young man himself can’t help but save himself, otherwise he wouldn’t be unfaithful and unjust!
Qin Zhonghao said with a smile, "Xiao Yong and Xiao Xuan don’t come here when they come to my uncle. Go to my office and don’t worry, I will give them to you intact …"
Ke Yong ordered a small group of special warfare players to return to the barracks, and then went upstairs with Qin Zhonghao. Qin Zhonghao asked, "What the hell is this Wang Xiaogan, Xiaoyong?"