Muming wind turned around but really didn’t have a chance to hide from Yang night. One punch spun at a high speed and actually hit Muming wind’s ribs.


MuMingFeng expression a pain unter den unter den back a few steps, single-handedly covered her ribs pain breathe a sigh of relief.
Yang night was a surprise. It turned out that Mu Mingfeng didn’t become so powerful as expected, and he was too nervous to be beaten, too drunk, too vomit, too young to be cool, too much to eat, and too swollen.
Mu Mingfeng’s expression seems to be more surprising than Yang Ye’s. It feels like it’s hard to believe that he will get hit and it will hurt. wait for a while glanced at Yang Ye and looked down at his ribs. When he looked up again, he was gnashing his teeth. The new skin in his eyebrows and nose bridge had been wrinkled together with anger!
Nan Rong Phantom punched back, and Kung Fu was seeing Mu Mingfeng being punched back by Yang Ye, so he chased and flew a foot. Mu Mingfeng shouted and caught Nan Rong Phantom flying sideways, kicked his foot and spun it in place, and then flung it at Yang Ye.
Yang night quickly raised his hands to catch the south glory illusion, but the strength was too great to be hit by the south glory illusion, and he also retreated a few steps and almost fell to the ground.
Two people get up at the same time and jump toward Muming wind without hesitation.
Three people, or three people, are not all fighting.
It’s amazing how fast and powerful Mu Mingfeng is. Yang Ye and Nan Ronghuan punch and stretch their feet together. He can actually dodge! And when fighting back, I punched Yang Yeyang’s arm and resisted it. The arm was numb and I felt that my whole body was trembling.
Fists and fists are mixed together, and the fight in this room is quite fierce. It is a close combat. At this time, if an ordinary person sees this scene, he can’t see clearly what happened. There are several shadows mixed with rapid shaking.
A southern glory illusion was kicked by Mu Mingfeng, who was kicking his chest. The southern illusion flew back on the spot and fell to the ground, excited to get up again, but he couldn’t hold himself up again and spit out a big mouthful of blood in his mouth.
Yang night a surprised toward MuMingFeng swing a punch while the other side dodge step to south glory magic side to hold him and ask "? "Nothing!" South glory magic eyes fire bold let out a cry.
Muming wind has descended again. Yang night got up and played against Muming wind. Few of them will fit well. Muming wind felt that his insides were shattered by two fists, and he shouted to struggle to get up. Nanrong auditory hallucination "Nanrong illusion! Knife bone! "
Nan Rong’s magic one leng flashed an eye. Although it was not skilled, Nan Rong’s magic was as full of anger at this time, so he straightened his five fingers and struggled with his arms. The phalanx broke out and slowly formed two bone blades on the left and right sides.
Yang night punched Mu Mingfeng’s face, Mu Mingfeng looked up slightly and hid, but he felt his cheeks cold. Then he reached out and touched the pain, and there was blood! Look at Yang Ye again. I don’t know when his left hand actually stretched out a red dagger attached to his flesh!
"How dare you cut my newborn face?" Muming wind said the veins stood out on his forehead suddenly and violently eyes fierce.
(The front is a little bit convenient for everyone to cry. The mask is Yang Ye’s smiling face mask and Nan Rong’s illusion! Please clap and scream carefully and queue up in order to sign.
Peng, as in the heavenly heart, was quite cautious when he went out of the small room door. When he saw the unconscious hands everywhere, he saw those two crying and laughing as if they were insane. Two people already had some premonitions, because the two people in front of him looked familiar and killed dozens of hands outside the door unscathed. Peng Tian had guessed that this was the two people in the warehouse.
It was a master, so the explosion made two people escape safely. Peng Tian thought that the three points had been taboo.
Although his kung fu is far higher than that of Mu family bodyguards, it is better for Peng Tianxin, who is facing these two unfathomable people, to secretly like one another than to fight two people.
Who knows that the crying face mask actually shouted "we two hit you one-on-one!" Then I jumped on Lai Peng’s nose and almost lost my breath. I didn’t think much because the crying face mask was so fast that Peng Tian tried his best to flash this punch.
At that moment, Peng Tianxin had clearly faced these two people, and he had no chance of winning, because the crying face seemed very relaxed and a little provocative, and he had to try his best to flash.
The crying face shouted back after punching, "Hey! Sisera coward walking tractor! Watching a play! Help! "
Smiling face, Nan Ronghuan didn’t move. He snorted and said, "Give it back to me?"
It can’t really deal with Peng Tian. The two of them cried. Yang Ye hit that punch and shouted at Nan Rong Magic. Then he turned around and kicked Peng Tian in the chest.
Peng Tian, no matter how severe it is, is also a mortal. He didn’t even have a chance to strike back at Yang Ye’s iron strength and unimaginable speed. This foot is fast and fast. Peng Tiangen didn’t dodge when he didn’t have time. He raised his arms to protect his chest and resisted "Kaka". Two Peng days, his arms and bones were kicked and cracked, and he flew back and directly hit the door of the small room.
Mu Mingfeng is more at ease with Peng Tian. After all, after all, Mu’s family has been in Peng Tian for so many years, he still knows that even if there is trouble outside, Peng Tian will go out and solve the problem. Besides, Mu Mingfeng is now paying all attention to the little girl. He has made a little effort to make the little girl faint, and is slowly lifting her nightgown, ecstatic and waiting for the ceremony of regaining her new land …
At this time, the door was pushed wrong. It should be said that the door was knocked off. Peng Tian followed the door and flew in. He struggled with a heavy fall, but he couldn’t get up. His arms were slightly raised and he kept shaking.
Mu Mingfeng got a fright. I don’t know who is so bold and so powerful, who dares to break in and beat Peng Tian so badly! Surprised, staring at the door
A crying face and a smiling face, two people walked in step by step and came to Mu Mingfeng.