"What did he say?" Especially snow quickly asked.


"He said I wish you happiness" Chang Yandao.
Euchel’s look was one leng, and then she showed some dim and wry smile and shook her head. At this moment, her heart was more painful than a needle, which made her suddenly want to cry.
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Chapter seven hundred and thirty-one Great transformation
Feng Yang took Tang Ning and others away from an inn in the main palace of the country and got a room to live in. Then he sent a message to his disciple Chen Bin through communication.
In a short time, Chen Bin finally caught up. These days, with the help of heaven and earth, he has made great progress. It seems that he has reached the level of the Sixth Emperor Wu.
"A few beautiful women are now handed over to you by my apprentice. Give him a big transformation." The chair looked at Chen Bin with a smile.
Downing and Tseer first went to pinch Chen Bin’s thigh for a while, pinched his arm for a while, and then pinched Ba thoughtfully with one hand and looked at Chen Bin as if they were picking goods. The expression made Chen Bin a little creepy and asked, "What’s the trouble?"
"The material is good, but it’s too old-fashioned from the overall dress and dress." Tang Ning and Tseer have been mixed up in the mainland for ten years, and their aesthetic standards are naturally excessive. Moreover, compared with the mainland, the empire is just like the countryside and the city. In the empire, people are qualitatively different from the mainland in terms of dress, words and deeds.
Feng Yang said with a teasing smile, "Then you package him according to mainland standards."
Tang Ning, Cai Er, Xia Ying, Xi Yu and Fang Fang all showed great interest except Fang Fang and Xi Yu.
Immediately, they began to give Chen Binlai a big transformation. According to their meaning, they want to change a person’s image qualitatively, and sometimes they can change their image in a short time.
Xia Ying, a skilled tailor, went out to prepare sewing materials and set out to tailor two sets of clothes for Chen Bin.
Caier is a person with super-high skill, but it is not good to give it to Chen Binyi according to Fengyang’s meaning. It is too deceptive and can be repaired for him.
While Tang Ning is responsible for correcting Chen Bin’s words and deeds, which cannot be changed quickly, but can strictly require him to disguise himself according to his own requirements.
Three days later, Xia Ying had tailored two sets of clothes for Chen Bin. Although it was not as perfect as the navy suit that Feng Yang made in those years, changing Chen Bin also made Chen Bin’s temperament change greatly.
The so-called people rely on clothes and horses and saddle clothes to cooperate with appearance modification, which suddenly makes the original appearance seem ordinary and unremarkable. Chen Bin sets off a gentle, cold and calm temperament.
Chen Bin’s figure is not bad, and his facial features are not crooked. He is usually not good at decorating himself. At this time, he is wearing a white gown that fits better than himself, and his hair is covered with bangs. His temples are vertical and he is holding a sword. He stands still in the room like a cold swordsman, confident, calm and strong. His body is vividly displayed, and cold colors are also emitted from his clear eyes.
But for a moment, he looked at the wind and was surprised to see his change in the mirror. Nuo Nuo said, "Master, is this, is this too unreal?"
The imposing manner and cold, confident temperament formed in his speech suddenly fell apart. A person’s external image can be decorated by clothes and dressing, but a person’s cultivation and temperament can’t be decorated by clothes. His passive Nuo Nuo behavior has greatly reduced his image.
Tang Ning patted his forehead and said, "Why can’t you just teach? The key to staying calm and calm is to have confidence in yourself. Even if you don’t have these things, you have to pretend. Which girl do you think will like having no courage and self-confidence? I don’t like Nuo Nuo men."
"Being a woman and having been pursued by many people for beauty, I am responsible for telling you that the most exciting thing for women is the kind of bullying that occasionally reveals a little gentleness and humor and brings some strong men, such as, for example," Caier seems to be looking for something to make a metaphor.
The wind suddenly said, "Just like me, your sister Cai Er is my shape."
"Shit" Caier rolled his eyes shamelessly.
Xia Ying chuckled and looked at the wind and then at Chen Bindao. "Actually, Caier said that your master is almost the same kind of person. When do you think there are fewer women around him?" Speaking of this, there is still some bitterness in the tone. "There is nothing less than it, and he always feels bored."
"You don’t know when you are blessed." Tang Ning also pointed the finger at Feng Yang.
"A man like him is a curse. Don’t learn from your teacher, or you’ll have to have a few more poor women like us." Cai Er lightly chastised and stared at Feng Yang and immediately said to Chen Bin.
When Feng Yang saw that the spearhead had burned himself, he quickly said, "Ahem, I’m reforming my apprentice now."
Tang Ning said, "If you don’t talk about your master for the time being, it will make women move. Men, especially inexperienced little girls, will fantasize about the strong arrival of the white horse. Every little girl will expect her to be attracted by the attention of the white horse and then give herself a romantic memory. After all, every girl is vain."
"But a prince charming must be calm, confident, funny, gentle and elegant, or every girl has a different aesthetic view, and some girls like that kind of coldness and bullying, but no matter what kind of girl will be attracted to a man."
"That is, a man who is not only talented but also fearless of all verve. Think of a place that attracts people’s attention or a place full of crises. You can calm down and resolve all difficulties for her, giving her a sense of unease. It’s like holding her hand and everyone is watching and never leaving. What a romantic and warm picture. Which girl won’t be moved by it?"
"You don’t always take me as a metaphor. How difficult it is!" Feng Yang said with some embarrassment.
"While you are playing," Tang Ning and Cai Er agreed to look back at Feng Yang.
Chen Bin nodded thoughtfully and really believed in Downing and Caier’s connection, and looked at the two women with admiration and admiration. "You are really amazing to touch the girl’s mind so deeply."
"They are explaining their own psychology and experience. Don’t worship them too much." Feng Yang said again.
"Shut up" Tseer and Downing once again disagree.
Chen Bin also felt aggrieved for trying so hard to help him pick up girls, Tang Ning and Cai Er. "What the master said is that you are wrong. Sister Tang Ning and Cai Er are so beautiful, saying that they are really amazing. I think what they said is very reasonable. I am stupid."