How thoughtful of the cold housekeeper! She is always ready for anything …
"We’re going out. Stay at home by yourself," Yin Yuhao commanded, turning to Xiao Cheling and saying, "You take good care of her. She’s still young."
"…" What is a command but with a little warning? ! Maybe she heard wrong? !
Xiao Cheling said impatiently, "I like children to take care of themselves better than you! Just go out in peace! I will stay at home and take care of her today! "
Chapter 1 Daddy is in vain ~
Yin Yuhao is still very uneasy. It’s not that he’s worried! Of course he knows Xiao Cheling will take good care of her! But I’m afraid he’s taken care of too much!
This is what he is most worried about!
"Then I’ll go." Yin Yuhao was reluctant to look at her and seemed to be waiting for something …
Uh ….. Is it waiting for her to say goodbye? !
Sure enough, Yin Yuhao expected that his eyes had been completely betrayed!
"daddy is in vain ~"
Yin Yuhao just felt something was wrong when he heard Han Yiqing say such a thing. He really wanted to call!
So naughty!
"Han Yiqing! What the hell do you want! "
She still pack up the koo "no! Daddy! I am saying goodbye to you again ~ "
This really makes Yin Yuhao want to hit her before! But then he put up with it! No matter what, you can’t be as knowledgeable as a child!
No matter what, wait until she is well before dealing with her! By that time, she will really punish her if she calls him daddy again!
Yin Yuhao almost went out with anger. If I had known this, he would have stopped hinting at anything! Save him the humiliation!
I don’t know what to do when I see him so angry. Seeing them angry, she has a sense of accomplishment!
Seeing her like this, Xiao Cheling’s mood also became beautiful. "Are you so upset when he is angry?"
Han Yiqing almost blurted out without thinking "of course! I am worried when I see that you don’t care! "
ka! Han Yiqing, can you be a little more vulgar! What? If they don’t care, she will!
Xiao Cheling was beautiful just now, but suddenly she was not beautiful …
"Who let you guys often bully me! It’s still a small lesson to make you angry! "
Hear her say so Xiao Cheling directly refute the past "maybe you want to turn over? !”
"Yes! I want to turn over! I never want to be oppressed by you again! But do you think it is possible for me to say so? !” Han Yiqing naturally knew that it was impossible, but she still said this sentence. She really suppressed it for a long time.
They always bully her, always call her fat, always call her pig and always call her stupid! When it comes to one thing, it always stimulates her first, and every time she looks at her with such disgust, she is so hurt!
She looks up to heaven to be a man, and what can she hope for …
"Good good after I just don’t bully you" Xiao Cheling so calm said but this words make Han Yiqing doubt "really? You’re telling the truth? !”
"It’s true," he said seriously, but he didn’t think so in his heart! He promised her not to bully her, but he didn’t say that he couldn’t bully her severely!
Right? Right! So he can still bully her!
"Xiao Cheling, your credibility!"
"Are you? ! I don’t think I am generally reliable! "
I don’t believe it! If it was reliable, those 99 ex-girlfriends wouldn’t have appeared!
At this point, he suddenly became serious, and his eyes never moved. "Yi Qing can watch you grow up as if I were your childhood sweetheart, which seems to make up for the years I missed you."
Chapter 13 The Goddess is back!
Suddenly hearing him say this, his heart suddenly stagnated and he didn’t know what to answer. Even she missed herself for many years.
Up to now, she suddenly thanked that woman for being able to let her know herself so well.
She replied quickly, "I also think I look much better than the people in the previous photo!" This is something I neve knew! "
It’s such a sensational scene that she can always ruin the atmosphere with a word … Sometimes he really feels that some words are not suitable for Han Yiqing!
After that, he really chose to ignore it!