Yun Ziluo denounced, "What do you mean? Do you dare to be shameless and pretend to be a gentleman if you are willing to be pawns of Tatars? Hum min Jackie chan, tell me, what are you going to do with me? " Min Chenglong was so scared that he was speechless at the moment.


Yue Hao wanted to free himself and quickly argued, "Teacher Niang, it’s not my business. Brother Min pulled me into the body guard. I really want to make a living and dare not expect fame and wealth. This time, he forced me to come. Where can I have the courage to fight the rebels?"
Yun Ziluo said, "What have you done? Tell me the truth!"
Yue Hao said, "This is all done by Min Chenglong alone. I dare not insult Teacher Niang."
Yun Ziluo came to ask them what they had done that was not conducive to the righteous military. After hearing what he said, he said, "What did he do that is sorry for me?" You say! "
Yue Hao said, "He Yang Dagu knows that you are with Mr. Miao. He has been sending out copybooks and rumors about you all the way-alas, I dare not be polite to my teacher, and I can’t say anything about his foul language."
Although he didn’t dare to say it, Yunziluo’s heart was white, and her face hung with a sneer and she thought to herself, "It’s a big deal to say that Brother Miao and I are adulterers and adulterers!" It doesn’t matter that he destroyed my reputation, but he was too tired to Miao eldest brother and I was slandered. "I don’t want to fill my chest with grief and stare at Min Chenglong coldly."
Min Chenglong peeked at Yun Ziluo’s face and said that she was determined not to spare his life. When she put her heart on the line, she simply hardened her scalp and pretended to be a hero and sneered and said, "Yun Ziluo, kill me to kill me!"
Yun Ziluo sneered, "You, you will be bloody and I am afraid of you?" Min Chenglong said, "What is a bloody person? Isn’t it eloping with a wild man now? Hey hey, you’ good things’ happen to touch me. If you don’t kill me, I’m sure you can’t rest easy. "
Miao Changfeng angrily said, "I just want to talk to scare you into not killing him. I will ignore you!" Raise the palm of your hand and pat him slowly on the forehead. He has never been slapped with the palm of his hand, and the wind has stung his head with tears.
Min Chenglong tried to be a hero, but when he was dying, he was so scared that he trembled to say, "I’ll be a hero again in twenty years."
Yun Ziluo suddenly sighed and said, "Come on, give him a break!" Miao Changfeng said, "Spare him?"
Yun Ziluo said, "Let’s be ashamed, but it’s not worth our dispute with him."
Miao Changfeng said, "It’s hard to forgive a living crime for a good death crime!" A pat on Min Chenglong’s hand makes him feel good. Generally, the acupuncture points all over his body are dull and painful. He cried for a while and fell to the ground.
Miao Changfeng said coldly, "I have confiscated the money you made for talons. If you use force with people in the future, your life will be ruined! Well, it’s up to you to live or die. Get out of here! "
Min Chenglong endured the pain and got up, holding his head and ran to Yue Hao to help him. Min Chenglong scolded, "You wish I were dead, so you are satisfied and now you are making false attentions." Yue Hao said in a passive manner, "Brother and younger brother just said that." Min Chenglong said even more angrily, "You just begged yourself to get out. Do you still have me as a brother in your eyes?"
Yue Hao suddenly saved Miao Changfeng’s words and sneered, "Min Chenglong, don’t put your master elder brother in a bad frame. You are no basket case now. Will I still be afraid of you? Hey, hey, you scold me for being nice to you, so let’s go our separate ways. I don’t want to curry favor with you! "
They haven’t reached the foot of the mountain yet, and the noise is still faintly audible. Miao Changfeng is angry and funny. Looking back, he sees Yunziluo in a daze.
Miao Changfeng said, "Violet, what do you think?" Yunzi Luo turned her back and wiped away the tears in her eyes and said, "No eyes are blown into a grain of sand by the wind." Miaochangfeng laughed. "It’s very good that they left these two mounts. We should go." Yunzi Luo was unhappy and didn’t speak all the way.
Miao Changfeng couldn’t help but say, "Violet, didn’t you just say that we are ashamed of ourselves? Is it even harder for Min Chenglong to be annoyed?" Yun Ziluo said, "I’m not annoyed with him." Miao Changfeng said, "Then why are you so unhappy?" Yun Ziluo said, "I am annoyed with myself."
Miao Changfeng sighed, "Violet, don’t be paranoid. I advise you to go to Xiaojinchuan to meet Yuan Chao."
Yunziluo didn’t speak, but suddenly she saw two horses riding on her back. They were teenagers of two ages, who seemed to be less than twenty years old. When they saw her, they suddenly turned their horses and ran away.
These two teenagers are Yang Mu’s youngest two apprentices, Song Pengju, who ranks fifth, and Hu Liankui, who ranks sixth. Among Yang Mumen’s six apprentices, Yunziluo, who is the youngest and purest, has always liked them better.
Yun Ziluo was dazed and rushed after them and said, "Are you hiding from me?"
Hu Liankui said, "Teacher Niang, alas, I don’t know if I should still call you Teacher Niang? I, I-"I said two words" I "and suddenly burst into tears and said," I, I can’t say! "
Yunzi Luorou said, "Although I have broken up with your master, you can still treat me as an elder, right? Have you heard some bad things about me? "
Song Pengju said, "Teacher Niang, we have always loved you. Why did you break up with Master?"
Hu Liankui said, "I don’t believe what Master Niang said, but but-"
Yun Ziluo said, "You believe it now, don’t you?"
Hu Liankui said, "Teacher Niang, you’d better go back to Master. Even if you are outside with others, you will never be able to gossip. Your reputation will be detrimental to our appearance as disciples."
Yunziluo felt sad and a little angry and thought to herself, "It turns out that they blame me for making them lose face! These two children are pure-hearted by nature, but it’s a pity that Yang Mumen has been edified and now he has gradually become self-conscious, but they are much better than Min Chenglong and I can’t blame them. "
Hu Liankui said nervously, "Teacher Niang, I am young and know that you don’t mind if I say something wrong."
Yun Ziluo sighed, "You are still young, and some things are hard for you to understand. Why do you want to break up with your master? I can still tell you the biggest reason because he and I are not going the same way."
Hu Liankui and Song Pengju looked at the teacher’s mother with a puzzled look on their faces. It seems that they haven’t really understood Yunziluo’s words.
Yun Ziluo said, "Let me ask you first, who is your master in your mind?"
Song Pengju said, "Master is a famous martial artist in Jizhou, and everyone we know respects him."
Yun Ziluo said, "Yes, he is a famous martial artist, but he has another identity, which I’m afraid you don’t know."
Hu Liankui said, "What identity?"
Yun Ziluo said, "Qing court spies!"
Song and Hu were taken aback and cried, "What do you mean, you say that Master is a spy?"
Yun Ziluo said, "I will never speak ill of him because I broke up with him!"
Song and Hu looked at each other silently, but they still couldn’t believe Yunziluo.
Yun Ziluo asked, "What are you doing in Dali?"
Hu Liankui said, "Big Brother asked us to come." Yun Ziluo said, "What does he want you to come?" Hu Liankui said, "He wants us to do things with him."
Song Pengju seems to be very dissatisfied with her questioning, saying, "I don’t know. I believe my senior brother will always arrange for us."
Yun Ziluo asked, "Does your master know about this?"
Song Pengju said, "Of course, we asked the master and he encouraged us to come."
Yun Ziluo said, "You don’t know that I know that Min Chenglong wants you to be the lackeys of the Qing court like him!"
Song Pengju changed his face and said, "Teacher Niang, do you have any evidence to say this?"
Yun Ziluo said, "Min Chenglong and Yue Hao have already become body guard officers. If you don’t believe me, you can chase them to that road. It won’t be long before you can see them dressed as officers."
Hearing this, Song and Hu were both stunned.
A long time Song Pengju muttered "master elder brother to cheat us to cheat us? Won’t his scam be uncovered when we arrive in Dali? " Hu Liankui said, "Why isn’t he in town when he has an appointment to wait for us in Dali?" It seems that they are still dubious about Violet’s words.
Yun Ziluo said, "When he arrived in Dali, he just fell into his hands and could be at his mercy. Were you afraid that you would know his identity in the Tatar General’s House?"
Hu Liankui was taken aback and said, "What’s in the General’s House?"
Yun Ziluo said, "Min Chenglong was sent to Dali under the command of the Imperial Guard to help the Qing court’s Dingbian General’ lead troops to fight in Xiaojinchuan. The most effective officer in the Beigong lookout is Shami Yuan, who is also the patron of Min Chenglong in the General House. Are you willing to work hard for the Qing court to fight the rebel army?"
Hu Liankui bit his teeth and said, "Of course not!"
Yun Ziluo said, "I’m afraid you’ll fall into his trap, but a great event happened in Dali last night. He set a trap and it’s already destroyed."
Hu Liankui asked uneasily, "What’s the big deal?"
Yun Ziluo said, "His backer Shamiyuan and Shamiyuan’s chief’ Dingbian General’ were both killed last night. He and Yue Hao escaped from Dali. Now I have told you that you are still going to Dali?"
Song and Hu stayed for a moment and said, "Thank you, Teacher Niang, for pointing out the maze. Of course, we won’t trap ourselves. We’ll go home immediately."