The door shocked the people inside, and the officers in the room turned back together. All eyes were on a few people who were late.


Outside the door, it’s like two worlds crossing Andy Zhuang’s shoulder. Yip Han saw the round conference table, the theme around the round table, the national flag inserted in front of the theme and the follower seats behind each theme.
Except for the Chinese position, all his positions are occupied, and people can’t tell who is who at the moment.
Andy Zhuang never forced to smile "the meeting? We’re not late, are we? "
There was a commotion in the meeting room at once, which was the same work as the translator.
A tall white officer stood up and said a word in English and made a gesture of please to the Chinese position.
Yip Han’s foreign language level is too low. The foreigner speaks so fast that he doesn’t understand a few words at all.
Finally, I whispered to the translator behind Andy Zhuang, "He said that you are very punctual and please take a seat."
Yip hon asked in a low voice, "Who is that man?"
The translation of "Lieutenant General Thomas is the head of an American" also replied in a low voice.
Andy Zhuang stepped towards the round table, and two people hurriedly told Lieutenant General Thomas patiently until Andy Zhuang sat down to open his mouth and talk a lot.
The front is full of welcome nonsense. It’s interesting that so many countries must participate in African operations … Well, snakeheads can’t. It means establishing a joint command to command the armies of all countries … Ya Gen just wants to take it! " Said and handed yip hon a headset "with translation"
Yip hon refused, "I don’t want to listen to nonsense, but listen to your translation."
I can only speak English, but I can’t understand it.
Yip hon think about it, too. Just take the earphone and hang it.
A speech has changed. Yip hon saw a small rice flag in front of him.
Yip Han heard a grandiose rhetoric in another ear: "Dear General Pavilion is honored to participate in African operations on behalf of the Royal British Navy. We hope that your country will work together to deal with the threat from Africa …"
What did the translator say after talking too much nonsense? Yip hon was not interested in listening at all, because the translator didn’t keep silent, but spit out "to the effect that he agreed with the Yankee flattery."
The contrast between the two translations made Yip Han almost laugh.
Representatives of various countries expressed their support for the establishment of a joint command in both words and words. The difference is that some representatives flatter loudly, while others are full of sour and old vinegar.
Thomas is obviously an old fox who has experienced many accidents. Instead of getting carried away by everyone’s praise, he calmly turned his eyes to Andy Zhuang and said bluntly, "The joint command of Mr Zhuang needs your support. Without your support, the joint command would be a joke."
After saying his word, all the representatives’ eyes once again fell into Zhuang Boshen’s eyes, both envious and deeply jealous.
Chapter 729 tit for tat
Andy Zhuang really didn’t expect Thomas to be so direct. Since the Yankee was so direct, he didn’t have to turn corners, so he said slowly, "I think it is really necessary to set up a headquarters, but how to allocate the command?" General Thomas, with all due respect, we can cooperate with others, but we will never accept the command of outsiders in Beidu. "
Thomas said something in a gloomy and low voice.
Yip hon turned his head to look at the translator and smiled and said, "He asked Commander Zhuang how he wanted to fit together, and said that so many troops are fragmented without unified command, which is very unfavorable for African action … Don’t threaten Commander Zhuang to think carefully, which probably means that Commander Zhuang must be responsible for failure, and shit is full of fart … and it will continue to be put away!"
The translator can secretly scold Andy Zhuang, but he can’t keep the most basic manners. After listening to Thomas’ speech, he still said slowly, "I quite agree with General Thomas’ point of view. In that case, why don’t you leave the US military to me to command?"
"This is impossible!" General Thomas was furious.
Andy Zhuang smiled and said, "Oh, so, General Thomas, you are so incompatible. Should you be responsible for the accident in Africa?" It’s just a threat. Who wouldn’t do something as simple as that?
Although sitting at the same conference table, the country with insufficient strength certainly dare not say so, and behind Andy Zhuang is the North, the North Moon Island and the powerful Pacific Fleet. The strong national strength gave him unparalleled confidence, let alone a few threats, even if he left, Thomas had to endure it.
Thomas’s face turned blue and white, and he said a paragraph with emphasis.
The translator immediately explained, "He said … well, it probably means that all countries participating in the African operation agree that the United States will command the African operation, and then what? Generally speaking, it is reasonable. That’s almost what it means."
As soon as Thomas’s voice fell, Andy Zhuang’s calm voice rang. "General Thomas, I have not received the command. If you handle the command, it is your problem. I reiterate that our command will never be handed over to foreign troops."
If you want to know a little about military history, you will know that in the early days of the founding of the army, the command was once occupied by foreigners and the Red Army had to leave home for a long March.
Since then, the military has never handed over the command of the army to a foreigner.
Andy Zhuang’s speech was thrown to the ground, and representatives of all countries watched this not high general in unison. Many people felt ups and downs, and there was an unspeakable undercurrent surging.
They are willing to hand over the command to the Americans? Is it that people have to bow their heads under the eaves, and even the top leaders of the country have to look at the face of the Americans, and who is in charge of them?
Thomas’s face was as heavy as water and he was silent for a moment before saying a word.
The translator said, "He asked Commander Zhuang what he wanted, er, what was the meaning of the plan."
Zhuang Bo smiled slightly. "We can give us the time, place and goal. It is up to the North Capital to decide whether to send troops to participate in the war or not."
Thomas added another sentence and translated, "He said what if the plans affect each other."
Andy Zhuang replied, "Before the action, inform each other of the contradictions in the war plan, negotiate with each other, and whoever goes wrong will be court-martialed."
Thomas continued: "He asked Commander Zhuang whether we should care if he received a request for support from his country’s army."
Yip hon can clearly feel that this sentence is Thomas digging a hole.
Zhuang Bo replied, "Whether to support or not depends on the specific situation, first assess the degree of danger and then decide not to send troops."
Yip hon understood the subtext of this sentence, that is, don’t come to us if you die-don’t overestimate American moral integrity, let alone Americans can’t do anything to cheat and frame up.
Thomas said a sentence with a stiff expression.
He said, "Are we going to play soy sauce?"
Yip hon looked at the translator in amazement and shrugged his shoulders. "That’s what he meant and asked what we could do. The tone was not very polite."
"Who does he think he is?" Yip hon said discontentedly
Andy Zhuang smiled. "We can support our warships at any time and place without discount."
Thomas expression more ugly low growl.
He said that there was no shortage of warships in Al Qaeda.
Zhuang Bodao followed suit with a fluent English translation, showing a surprised expression. "Commander Zhuang told the fleet about the communication frequency when he asked the Americans. Don’t really go blind when calling for support. He also said that we would inform our fleet to go back after the meeting."