Gas refining induction is the first difficulty for gas refiners. Once there is less condensation and refining levels, there will be no obstacles. If there is Shaqi and refining methods, you can practice all the way smoothly. With the help of the dragon and tiger, you can master the real method of all animals. When you break through, your strength has also passed through the gas refining induction. The accumulated qi is not enough. Several orifices have not been honed yet. These kung fu are strategically built, and Chen Qi has practiced. These days, the orifices can finally be moved freely.


From the ninth day of cultivation to noon, the sun’s true fire is the most intense moment. Chen Qi gradually sensed a ray of mysterious thoughts in the sun, and communicated with him to gently break off the body and absorb the true fire. The rest of the orifices were also moved to the 72 fire orifices according to the fire crow array method, which made the little thief control the true fire more than ten times.
Seventy-two fire orifices were repaired to dzogchen, and Chen Qi suddenly felt that the burning of these seventy-two fire orifices was gradually expanding. At this time, he had cultivated 72 true fires. Although 62 of them contained a fire crow, the remaining 10 true fires were also cultivated to the magic power of the six or seven heavy fire crow array.
These seventy-two pieces of real fire swallowed the internal heat together, gradually expanding the seventy-two fire orifices. Chen Qi gradually realized that each fire orifice gave birth to the corresponding number of layers based on the removal of the common orifices, and the firepower increased several times. The little thief’s head, arms and body all melted into a fire crow, and his eyes were brighter than black feathers. There were seventy-two flames rolling back and forth, and Chen knew that his current fire crow had changed ten times more than the original state.
Chen Qi gently flashed his wings and rushed out of the King Kong Tower. He flew out of a hundred miles in a moment with his wings. The wind speed of the gas refiner is at most similar to that of a galloping horse. It is already considered that the gas refiner can fly 15,600 miles a day. Whether he is driving clouds, driving a flying sword or flying a dodger in Wan Li, he is considered to be a master. Chen Qi secretly observes that his flying speed is at least twice as fast as that of an ordinary gas refiner.
There is a benchmark for flying speed in the monastic world. If it can be made into the sharpest but firm-minded sword in fencing, Lei Yin’s imperial sword can fly 50,000 miles in twelve hours a day and night. Although Chen Qi still can’t reach a sound number, it is already a very fast generation.
Chen Qitian’s intention is to fly freely for less than half an hour. He has been around Fuyang Fucheng for a long time. He has been playing enough with Chen Qiguang and still falls into the King Kong Tower. His mood is more sudden than before.
This little thief had already decided on Taihua Dragon Tactics, and later he took part in the Firecrow Array. This Firecrow can escape when encountering an irresistible enemy. Although it is fast, it can’t be achieved overnight. Chen Qi has been practicing for a long time, but the temperature is still poor. Although the Firecrow has repeatedly made outstanding achievements when encountering an enemy, Chen Qi has escaped several times, but this little thief also knows that he still has shortcomings when he becomes a Firecrow. It is not faster than ten thousand methods of demon king and peach blossom teaching two elders to fly and escape. Of course, if he meets the enemy, he will go. Let’s go, just as he got away from Pei County since he was a child, including sable, snow, Luan and Hou Dongchen. No one can stop him, but if he encounters trials, he will be furious. If Chen Qi wants to get away, he will be sure.
But today, after being thoroughly refined into a fire crow, Chen Qicai is considered to have the strength to challenge the enemy with the refining and vigorous series. Even if the mana is ten times more earth than him, if he can’t chase him, the fire crow will never be able to resist him.
Chen Qi’s slightly moving body, the fire crow’s true qi, and his body are burning fiercely. This is also the predecessor’s seventy-two fire tricks. Although Chen Qi failed to concise Shaqi, the fire crow’s true qi was not lost to ordinary practice, so it was three or four layers of Shaqi generation.
Chen Qi’s control over fire-feather arrows has also been greatly enhanced. As soon as he turns his mind, 72 fire-feather arrows are formed in front of him, and each fire-feather arrow is obviously more powerful than before. Many of them were originally limited by Chen Qi’s self-cultivation realm. His fire-feather array magic theory can’t break through the ten-fold ban, but now that this once boundary has been broken, he can practice nine more bans on fire-feather arrows. If the fire-feather arrows are banned by nine more, Chen Qi will surely become more fierce.
Chapter one hundred and fifty black dragon
Chen Qifuyang’s mansion has made many battles. Although he can’t practice, he has long been famous. He is practicing all kinds of magical powers of the fire crow array. Suddenly, a little bat spirit flew into the King Kong Tower and fell in front of Chen Qifu. He cried, "There is a woman outside the master’s door who said a lot of nonsense to kill her, and she has been stopped by us. I have come to ask the master what to do?"
Chen Qi’s slightly surprised thoughts expanded to thyme in Fiona Fang. At ordinary times, he put away his own thoughts in practice, which was disturbed by foreign objects. At this time, his thoughts expanded and all the nearby scenery came into my heart. Sure enough, he saw a beautiful girl wearing a red dress and wearing a close-fitting soft armor with a stick and a red gun. She was fighting with her little bat spirits.
Although this girl has a martial arts skill, her marksmanship is unsurpassed. Although those little bat spirits have developed some skills as adults, they are not as brave as this girl, and they have trapped this girl more.
Chen Qi thought about it and "saw" a restaurant not far away. Yangzhou Qiying was looking at this place with dribbling eyes, and I couldn’t help laughing internally. I thought, "These seven king eggs tricked a chick from somewhere to pick a fight and wanted to attract me. Are they also worthy of calculating the alchemist?"
Chen Qi couldn’t tell that the King Kong Pagoda was shipped with Dragon Tiger always taking charge of all animals. He pinched a method, and the vitality of heaven and earth was called and gathered into a vitality. black dragon stretched out a African claw from the semi-racket, and the momentum was so powerful that he cried that the girl in the red dress and red armor did her best and could not struggle.
Chen Qi got another avatar and low "Whose girl are you?"? Come to my door and run wild? I’m not a vicious person. I’ll let you go if you don’t make any sense. I’ll deprive you of all your martial arts so that you don’t suddenly get into trouble with your collar! "
The girl in red dress and red armor was transformed by Chen Qi, the head of vitality, and black dragon’s paws were beaten. Even though she was physically strong, she could not resist and shouted, "You killed my brother. I’m here to get revenge, you little thief. Don’t pretend to be a good person. I already know your number …"
Chen Qi’s heart moved and guessed the origin of this girl. He said in a slightly confused tone, "I have never met you before, so I have harmed your brother." Whose girl are you to speak? This must be a misunderstanding. "Chen Qi scattered the dragon and tiger, always taking control of the beasts, and the vitality of black dragon was still naturalized into heaven and earth.
Chen Qi exposed this first-hand thing, not only the girl in red dress and red armor, but also Yangzhou Qiying saw her eyes shining, which would produce envy. A young man with a double knife and a blue robe cried, "Wanqi, do you know this seven male mana is ten times higher than that of a monk we have ever seen? No, no, it is one hundred times."
Wanqi wry smile way: "But Lu Ze offended people miserably. He offended people and lost his life without saying anything, but it’s really human to end up like this."
Yangzhou Qiying sighed together. At this time, they already believed that the origin of Chen Qi’s identity was indeed inscrutable, which was not comparable to ordinary minor repairs. However, all seven people regretted that they had offended this great god because of their arrogance.
The girl in the red dress and red armor jumped up and picked up her own red gun, but she didn’t get mad when she knew that her martial arts roots could not be transported in front of the practicing Taoist priest, such as Chen Qi. Chen Qi didn’t show up to speak, but she also made a speech. She didn’t know that Chen Qi’s hiding place could point to the sky and shouted, "You dare to say that you didn’t kill my brother Lu Ze?" I just came to avenge my brother! "
Chen Qi slightly basked in the sun and said, "I won’t tell you the difference. I’ll give you a look at the situation at that time." Chen Qi reached a finger and there was a light curtain to reproduce the situation one by one from half a day, especially his own roar that "you let me go quickly so that I can save Lu Gong" was extremely eye-catching. The girl in red dress and red armor suddenly burst into tears when she saw this scene.
Chen Qi saw the girl’s heart broken, but she smiled and said, "It turned out to be Lu Zemei. Since she sent the door to me by herself, how can I let it go?" At this time, she must be weak at heart, and I can take advantage of it to break my heart! " Chen Qi thought of this and said softly, "Although I didn’t kill your brother, I always failed to take care of him. Since Miss Lu is here, I would also like to say that I regret that I can’t live without bones, but I am willing to make some compensation. Although things are not enough to compensate for Brother Lu’s life, it can be regarded as a token of my concern."
When Chen Qi drank it in the King Kong Tower, there was a small jade brand flying in front of the girl in red dress and red armor. This thing was white beard and Li Yuangong’s magic weapon. Chen Qi got the white beard and Li Yuangong’s magic weapon, but he was not interested in these two people’s sacrifice and refining of small implements, so he took a gift.
Although the girl in red dress and red armor didn’t come to ask for compensation, she couldn’t help but feel a little curious when she saw this jade brand suddenly floating and borrowed it, only to find that this jade brand was engraved with a group of Lei Yun.
Chen Qi shouted, "This jade brand is an instrument to ward off evil spirits. If you can refine the true qi, you can manipulate this jade brand to release thunder. It’s my sacrifice to ward off evil spirits. Now I’ll send you something. Don’t be too sad, Miss Lu. Everything happens, even our monks are no exception. I’m sorry for your loss."
The girl in red dress and red armor is still mourning and crying after receiving the jade brand. She accepted Yangzhou Qiying’s encouragement and deliberately didn’t tell her the truth. She came here to provoke Chen Qilai Wanqi and others. They also wanted to wait for Chen Qilai to punish Lu Zemei. When seven people stopped Chen Qishun together, they explained the misunderstanding and resolved the contradiction with Chen Qishun. But they didn’t expect Chen Qilai to be earth-shattering. black dragon, like a god, was able to summon his vitality. Chen Qie had already shown in a dreamland what happened at that time and easily resolved this period of enmity.
Chen Qi sighed with a sigh and made a gesture before he condensed his sleeves into dozens of energetic beasts from the top of the King Kong Tower all the way to Lu Zemei. The little thief’s head and clothes fluttered and strode from the top of the King Kong Tower, and there was a energetic beast who dissipated every step of the way. Even the bodhi old zu of the major factions may not have this charm.
Chen Qi’s doing this is not only shocking people, but also to impress Yangzhou Qiying more deeply. This little thief is extremely ruthless, not only to avenge his father, but also to let these people die willingly, or let him kill these people casually. I always feel that my heart is not enough.
The girl in red dress and red armor was so sad when she saw Chen Qi’s glory that she was blocked by an emotion and couldn’t help but be surprised. "Is the fairy here?"
Chen Qican’s rotten smile doesn’t know how much sunshine there is. It is this girl in red dress and red armor who died. My brother can’t help but be fascinated by his style. This is not how handsome this little thief looks, but how far he has broken through the induction range of refined gas induction. This little world is all his ministers. Chen Qicontrols the vitality of heaven and earth. This Fiona Fang is full of ups and downs, and naturally there is a world to dominate the prestige.
This girl in red dress and red armor is in the range of Chen Qi’s induction, so she can’t help but be puzzled by Chen Qi for a while, crazy in love.
Chen Qi smiled and said, "Miss Lu, you have been here for some time, and you are afraid that your family will have a lot of worries. Now that things have been said, you should go back early!"
The girl in red dress and red armor heard Chen Qi speak softly, and her heart suddenly cried with great sadness, "When my brother died, many relatives came to compete for the property. Did I argue with those elders? Even if I go home now, I’m just being swept away. Who will worry about me? "
Chen qi heard the girl speak so directly and was taken aback and asked, "Your brother also has many sworn brothers, so they won’t help you?" Besides, the Lu family’s family business is quite large, even if many relatives are close to each other, it is enough to spend money in this life. If you leave no room, do you have to kick you out of the house? "
I really don’t know that this big family is more ruthless and unkind to compete for family property than to be a mountain thief. They don’t talk about any affection, and they don’t talk about taking a fancy to those gold and silver goods. He wants to spend a lot of money alone, but he has to be so unkind. After all, he is also his relatives.
The girl in red dress and red armor cried even more sadly and said, "What kind of affection do those uncles and uncles still talk about after losing their property?" My brother died, and none of the sworn brothers were afraid that they would have forgotten that there was such a sworn brother. My brother had an uncle who wanted to make decisions for me before his bones were cold … "
This girl talked a lot about Chen Qi, who was shocked and sighed lightly, and gave birth to many regrets. She said, "The poor are troubled, the rich are sad and happy. If you can jump out, you can be a beggar and be cheerful every day. If you can’t pick it out, you will be a senior official with hundreds of millions of furniture, but you will still be intoxicated when you wake up."
Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Grant Fire Cloud Prohibition Law
The girl in red dress and red armor heard Chen Qi’s feelings. She didn’t understand Chen Qi’s feelings. She didn’t wake her up. This is a monk’s generation. Even ordinary people have heard it and said that they have their own reasons. They can hear it in their ears but can’t hear their hearts.
Chen Qi sighed with emotion that his heart also has a lot of tempering. He thought a little and smiled, "In that case, you can stay here with me. Many possessions are scattered, or others are fighting for trouble. If you disperse all these blockages, maybe you will be less entangled."
The girl in red dress and red armor can’t help saying something strange about Chen Qi. It took wait for a while a long time to get lost in thought and suddenly said, "Xianshi, you have a high mana to accept Lu Hongying’s disciples. My brother is dead and his home is almost gone. It’s better to become a monk and learn to be clean!"
Chen Qi ha ha a smile and said, "Good, good. If you beg me to help you get back your property, I will also promise that you are …" Chen Qi deliberately left a sentence without saying that Lu Hongying knew that this little thief was just trying to seduce her hand. I was enlightened and blessed, and my face suddenly lit up and I kowtowed again and again.
Chen Qi, hey, but smiled at the belly andao "Lu Ze has killed his younger sister, and I also received a female disciple to warm her feet. Every time she gets it, she will get revenge again … in Lou Jia’s house. Hey! It’s not easy for me to get it, but naturally someone will take the initiative. "
Chen Qi’s acceptance of Lu Hongying made Yangzhou Qiying stunned, and then someone woke up and went straight to Chen Qi’s house, Wanqi, without saying hello to others. The reaction was a little slow, but he also immediately came to Chen Qi’s house for nothing. He judged this character before. For these male brothers who are looking forward to meeting immortals every day, Wanqi was already in a dream. I secretly regretted it and thought, "I came to Qigong first, but I didn’t know it well, but I had to introduce it to several sworn brothers first. As a result, I was hated by Lu Ze." It seems that it is necessary to ask my sister Qigong to have a good impression on my sister. My sister Wan Fang is willing to give up her face and come to Qigong to be a little loose … "
Wan Qi hesitated for this moment and then fell behind. He hesitated for a few minutes and still followed more than six brothers into Chen Qi’s house. These chivalrous little people have resourcefulness and cleverness, so someone shouted, "Don’t be angry, Lu Hongying’s sister is misunderstood …"
Chen Qi Gherardini took a look at this man and said to Lu Hongying, "Now that you have worshipped my teacher, you don’t have to think about these things any more. I will take care of you for you and go to the King Kong Tower to dive back to me and teach you the Tao."
Lu Hongying got Chen Qi’s demonstration. Although she didn’t hate Chen Qi at the beginning, she couldn’t wait for her brother, these sworn brothers. She is also a smart girl. She is usually ill-informed at home. At this time, where is the bottom of my heart? These people encouraged her to take the lead, but she was busy. When Lu Hongying ignored these brothers and became sworn brothers, she went to the King Kong Tower. Only when she moved her steps did a vigorous beast Lu Hongying appear in front of her. Sure enough, the second vigorous beast appeared slightly higher. With the emergence of one vigorous beast after another, Lu Hongying went all the way higher and finally entered the King Kong Tower. The handsome figure disappeared.
Yangzhou Qiying saw that Lu Hongying was introduced into the center of King Kong Tower by Chen Qi. I don’t know what to say, or Wanqi’s self-sustaining friendship with Chen Qi is unusual and backed by her own sister. She took the lead and said to Chen Qi, "Seven times less is our brother’s fault, but Lu Ze also lost his life. Let’s buy wine to make amends."