After five years, I finally came back!


Is it time to feel the emotion? I feel a lot of feelings and floating breath after my five-color light spot blends into the eyebrows. I urgently need to find a place to close it.
"But it seems that this is not Yuanzhou …"
After choosing a direction to fly away for less than half a day, Qingwei finally met a few people who passed by and asked about it, only to find that he was in Liuzhou.
Heart suddenly a tingle.
The western magic religion is based on the ten continents, and there is also the hidden Sect of mending heaven.
For the time being, there will be too many psychological problems. According to the news, I went directly to a monk cloud city-Feixian City.
Yuanjing directly leased an equal abode of fairies and immortals, and then Qingwei released nine yuan to protect the dharma and directly entered the closed state again.
Tianqingjie actually packaged the mystery of the five elements of jurisprudence and gave it to Qingwei!
With the help of the handle of the nether world, it can be calculated that the whole body can’t help but float independently, and it seems that some benefits can be obtained through the process of "soaring"
"The material roots of the five elements are the foundation of the world …"
This is what the azure will call an accident!
It is impossible to finish digestion even in a short time.
However, it is unstoppable to take this opportunity to find that you have entered the perfect scene.
The breakthrough is beyond imagination, but looking back, there is nothing unreasonable.
After the fine fruit of Zifu Lei, it will be much easier to make a breakthrough than others. Later, it will be honed by a great master, and it will be directly realized by means of reincarnation. Many legal realms in the azure world have also declined.
In the end, Tianqing directly sent a gift package of five elements of legal perception, which avoided some flaws that might be subtle in the foundation.
In this way, while understanding the mystery of the five elements of jurisprudence in the azure world, we can quickly improve our own scenery according to the legal rules of the ten continents without any so-called obstacles.
In this process, it also makes it easy to make up for a little flaw in the later stage of the breakthrough of the azure world. In the practice, Qingwei did not feel the passage of time.
A year’s effort has passed in the cold and summer, and this day, when Qingwei in the abode of fairies and immortals suddenly set off, the scenery emerged involuntarily.
In the illusory world where the five elements are intertwined, the figures in the Taoist palaces of the five continents of heaven and earth walk out of a vague seven-color figure slowly in Sinochem.
The scenery constantly reflects the perfection of Shizhou’s jurisprudence and its vitality, and it is constantly pouring into the Qing dynasty to make up for the emptiness brought by the breakthrough.
After a long time
The fuzzy method slowly dispersed, and the income was calmed down. After more than a year, I finally opened my eyes.
The scene is complete!
"But after more than six years of kung fu, it was a breakthrough from the middle of the scene to the perfection of the scene. At the end of the day, I have to thank Xiao Hongchen for not grabbing the ghost handle. I won’t be tempted to escape from the two instruments, and I won’t be brought to the azure world by turbulence."
Chapter two hundred and twenty-nine Ten continents change lottery
Friars are constantly in-depth and familiar with the process from the initial contact with the legal rules at the grassroots level to the perfection of the scene
However, there will be a qualitative change in the legal luck and understanding after the two disasters of wind and fire by condensation method
However, Qing Wei benefited from the gift from the azure circle. After the success of the breakthrough scene, he was not inferior to some great masters in understanding some legal principles. Of course, it was difficult to start a business temporarily, but there must be a leap after breaking through the law.
See behind Qingwei, a gorgeous five-color brilliance suddenly emerged, as if a material wonderful five-element world had evolved, and as if the pillars supporting the world’s operation stood empty.
Thoughts will be brushed out with a slight quiver of divine light, but in a blink of an eye, many legal principles will be shattered and slowly calmed down after an earthquake.
"It was I think too much! Even today’s understanding of the five elements, Yin and Yang and many other legal principles is far beyond the scene level and four images are divine and blue, but it is difficult to rely on the performance of this great magical power with the help of a mere floating rhyme. "
You can’t say that you are disappointed, but you still have a good idea. It’s just a bold attempt.
Now it’s a good idea to have a prototype.
With the high level of one’s own realm, Li Daoyun is getting stronger and stronger.
Qing Wei’s confidence in floating Li Daoyun and blessing himself to deduce a skill or magical power takes less effort and time than most great masters.
Unfortunately, although Fu Li Dao Yun has an opportunity once a year, it is really uncomfortable to have a quarter of an hour at a time when the key will be interrupted.
"Words can try to find a northern wilderness that enchanting peacock to discuss with him? The four elephants are equally ambitious, and they were also deeply experienced at the beginning. "