Not only won a large number of first-kill achievement awards, but also added to complete rich rewards.


Like Chen Zhou and Xu Xi, they all made a fortune.
Snow Chihiro paid more, and almost the first thousand reincarnation points were filled in. Now it is almost back.
Plus got the achievement method, blood bodhi and other things, etc …
Also earned a lot.
But Chen Zhou obviously has other thoughts, and he didn’t expect Bu Jingyun to look cold and indifferent, but he was actually so accommodating.
When I heard Chen Zhou’s request …
I want to ask Bu Jingyun to give me the palm of the cloud.
In fact, this can be regarded as extremely demanding …
The fact is that Chen Zhou’s face is really incapable of killing people and exploding treasures.
But he is also really optimistic about the younger generation.
And the opportunity is rare to miss this village, even if there is no this shop.
So Chen Zhou is willing to pay the price for Paiyunzhang.
But who knows that Bu Jingyun was unexpectedly accommodating and said that the emperor was his old enemy … They were kind enough to help him slay the emperor.
To help him save his rheumatism brother again, he will give everything to him.
So …
Nie Feng, who was seriously injured and dying before being put aside by the emperor, was taken back by Snow Chihiro and given to Bu Jingyun.
And Bu Jingyun actually kept his word and handed it to Chen Zhou as a copy of what he would do.
Even Zhou Chen couldn’t think that Bu Jingyun would promise to be so clean.
In fact, Bu Jingyun’s idea is actually very simple.
He just learned from a famous teacher that the power of the sword is inferior to that of the sword, and the power of the sword and the palm, especially the palm, is far stronger than that of the palm.
Before adding him, he learned the holy spirit swordsmanship and so on …
Compared with Paiyunzhang, what the overlord has taught us is that it has kept the secret of the trick of killing. The incomplete palm technique has been completely classified as the bottom martial art in Bu Jingyun martial arts equipment.
His impression of Chen Zhou is not bad. After all, the strength of the three men in front of the Emperor was much worse than theirs, but they really helped them resist a lot of lore … They contributed a lot to winning this campaign.
Snow Chihiro is the only person who can make the fire unicorn move, and without the fire unicorn, it is very unlikely that he wants to save Teacher Feng.
Chen Zhou’s story is that begging is the lowest juexue he has mastered. Plus, now that he has a peerless sword, I believe that the chances of winning the post should be very few.
At the very least, Bu Jingyun did so.
The institute will generously give away the cloud palm method.