Ten years ago, the leaders of both sides were roughly equal; Ten years later, although both sides have their own entry, it is not what it used to be, but Dan Qiusheng is better than others.


After fighting for 300 strokes, Hailancha knew that she had no hope of winning. The only hope was to fight with Dan Qiusheng. However, if this risky move fails, he will die immediately and it is not known whether the other party is injured or not.
Just as Hailancha hesitated to decide whether he wanted this last killer, Dan Qiusheng’s swordsmanship suddenly showed a little flaw. He was on the way to a trick of "three dances of clouds", which was a trick of three styles to stab his opponent in three places. Two styles finally stabbed his opponent in the key, but I didn’t know how to slow down for half a minute. When he failed, he stabbed himself, but it became his own door.
He will reveal this flaw? It was that instant that he suddenly heard a faint whistling in the distance.
At this time, Chivalrous Dao and Kongtong Sect brothers outside the lawn are chasing the remnants of the enemy, and the pursuers are calling for killing and the injured are calling for the enemy. It is also the people who come to the lawn from all directions to watch the battle, who are fascinated by it, and no one will pay attention to this long whistle, even if they hear it, they don’t know who it is.
But when Dan Qiusheng heard the distant noise, he couldn’t help but feel a shock because others couldn’t hear it, but he could tell it was Moulizhu sound!
Mou Lizhu is in distress or does she have something urgent to call herself? Although he didn’t accept Mou Lizhu’s love, deep down in his heart, he already regarded her as his closest relative and valued her more than his own life.
He heard MouLiZhu whistling unconsciously, and when he felt a shock, he didn’t realize that this critical head suddenly revealed a flaw.
What’s the slight flaw in leading a master to fight? If Hailancha can seize this opportunity to attack immediately, he can at least achieve the wish of losing both sides and avoid getting hurt himself.
Hailancha is a martial arts expert. Of course, he can’t see this flaw, but it is precisely because he is a martial arts expert that he can’t believe it is a "real flaw"!
Dan Qiusheng is in the wind. Hailancha wants to come. Why is he suddenly so negligent? Since it is not negligence, it can be inferred that Dan Qiusheng deliberately sold a flaw to lure him!
At this moment, Hailancha did not dare to attack, but took a step back and carefully prevented Dan Qiusheng from crouching!
Famous artists from all factions, including Jin Zhuliu and Lei Zhen, also saw this flaw like Hailancha, but Dan Qiusheng deliberately sold it.
It can be seen that there are only a few famous artists who can’t see this flaw. They also said that Hailancha evaded quickly, which made Dan Qiusheng avoid this sharp move and sighed a "pity" in his heart!
One person in the field saw that it was a real flaw. He came from Meng Hua. He learned this swordsmanship from Dan Qiusheng. Secondly, his knowledge of "swordsmanship" was almost better than that of Jin Zhuliu. He knew that this trick of "three dances of clouds" was a trick and three styles. If it was done in one go, even if it still didn’t hurt Hailancha, he could hold the lead. There was no reason to deliberately sell a flaw.
However, although he saw that it was a real flaw, he didn’t know that the master would reveal it. He had fought against Hailancha and knew that Hailancha was strong. At this time, because he was too worried, the master unconsciously suspected that "Master is already unable to cope with it, and if he fights for so long, he will even suffer." In order to avoid the loss of the master, he immediately jumped out!
"Master how to cut the chicken? You’ve beaten this fellow in swordsmanship. Let your brother take care of him for you! " Meng Hua said
Dan Qiusheng and Hailancha once said that if you send a younger brother, you can send revenge, but there is a restriction that you can fight alone. It is not against the rules for Meng Hua to replace the master halfway.
Dan Qiusheng has long known that Meng Hua’s swordsmanship, which was named by Zhang Danfeng, is better than himself, but he still doesn’t trust to let him deal with the strong enemy alone. He is hesitating to look at Jin Zhuliu and nodded his head.
Danqiu was born in Quran, a province. "I heard that Hua’ er had many adventures in Tianshan this time. Is it because he is convinced that Hua’ er is sure to win?" As soon as he came, he became a disciple and made a name for himself; Second, I came to hang Mou Lizhu and said, "I’ll let you do it for me. Hailancha, if you can’t beat my apprentice, you should have nothing to say!"
Hailancha was slightly worried. "I was a little confused just now. Why didn’t I think of this little one?" Drink, "Are you a Tianshan Sect Brother or a Kongtong Sect Brother?"
Meng Hua said, "I’m a registered younger brother of Tianshan School and a younger brother of Kongtong School!" "Registered" and "Di" respectively, of course, Hailancha knows.
Lei Zhen shouted, "Everyone here doesn’t know that Meng Hua is Dan Qiusheng’s apprentice. Can he lie to you?"
Hailancha thought to himself, "Although this little swordsmanship is good, it’s not my adversary. It’s much better to deal with him than to deal with Dan Qiusheng." Although he once thought that he was taking advantage of Meng Hua first, Meng Hua’s identity was just Dan Qiusheng’s apprentice. How dare he care about Meng Hua in front of the hero?
However, he still didn’t want to suffer too much, so he said, "I’m sorry. I didn’t know that Meng Hua was Dan Qiusheng’s apprentice just now. Now that I know that I certainly agree to accept his challenge, am I still afraid that a young man like him will fail? But I still have something to say!"
Lei Zhen’s mantra came out again and shouted, "Speak quickly and fart quickly!"
Hailancha said coldly, "There are hundreds of Kongtong brothers who fight with me one by one. How long will it take to stop? I have to eat and sleep even if I am not afraid of wheel wars! " It is fear to say that you are not afraid of truth.
Meng Hua once had a big stone and a big pine when this venue appeared; The swordsmanship of the Dragon Sword and the Dragon Sword is obvious to all, but no one can believe that he has defeated Hailancha and led Lei Zhen as a notary public. He unconsciously hesitated for a moment and didn’t know if the ruling was proper
Lei Zhen hasn’t been out of Meng Hua, but he spoke first. "If you want to kill you, my master can kill you alone. What wheel tactics do you need?" However, you are not worthy to defile my master’s sword, and I will do it for him! "
Hailancha sneered, "What if you can’t kill me?"
Meng Hua said, "Master, please forgive my brother for being independent."
Dan Qiusheng said, "OK, just promise him whatever you like!"
Meng Hua said, "If I didn’t get the master to kill you, but I did, I would have to accept my own fate and never take revenge on me."
Hailancha asked, "What if I send Liang?"
Meng Hua looked at the master and said, "Let’s settle this one!"
Hailancha was overjoyed and quickly asked, "Dan Qiusheng, does what your apprentice said represent you?"
Dan Qiusheng saw from Meng Hua’s eyes that he had great confidence and was more at ease. He said, "I asked my apprentice to take my place. Of course, whatever he said is what you want to win. Even the Kongtong school won’t come to you again."
This statement is not surprising except for Jin Zhuliu, but the promise of Dan Qiusheng’s identity as the head of the company naturally cannot be changed.
Hailancha was ecstatic, clapped his hands and shouted, "Well, please ask the high disciples to give you advice!" The mouth says "teach" but the eyes are disdainful.
Dan Qiusheng said lightly, "Hua Er, I believe you will live up to expectations for me and you must be swept away." He was eager to find Moulizhu and then left.
Lei Zhen was taken aback and said, "Brother Danqiu, where are you going?"
Dan Qiusheng laughed as he walked. "I’m afraid that I’ll come back when I go out for a turn. I think it’s enough for Huaer to tidy up him." When it comes to "tidy up", the word has already gone out of the crowd and the back is gone.