In fact, they are all remote. Before that, there were wise pointers.


The remoteness gave him a lot of mountain records, especially those ancient books with the taste of’ Xuan’
In that kind of ancient books, mountains are not pure substances.
Mountain are also spiritual.
Different mountains have different characteristics.
Mountains are also a kind of
Xu tui is precisely because he has studied these things, although some of them have not been thoroughly understood, but his cognition has reached a certain level. Whether it is to sense the original frequency of the mountain or to visualize the mountain and the ground is very earth-aware.
It’s all a matter of course
Of course, spirit and micro-induction are also the former
This kind of reflection and retreat will suddenly make it clear that you have to walk in the future, that is, the medium-term goal.
Practice, visualize and study all kinds of ancient books.
Especially ancient books with mountains, water, wind, fire and wood.
Xu tui-hen found a lot of criticism and study of ancient Chinese mythology from teachers in remote areas.
A few words in these extremely concise ancient books often contain multiple meanings.
Of course, Hui Xin’s main cultivation direction can not be forgotten.
Spirit is the first element.
Besides, Xu tui also has plans to strengthen himself.
For example, the first gene base point of the mountain-character formula gene ability chain is strengthened to the second grade silver.
This made Xu retreat with the size of the mountain soaring directly to seven meters in Fiona Fang.
This hit is definitely a hit.
This is the size of 7749 square meters.
However, Xu found that as he became more and more capable, he consumed more and more spirit.
On the contrary, the first gene base point of the tattooing tactic gene ability chain was strengthened to the secondary silver, but the consumption of spirit did not increase too much.
This makes Xu retreat more like to stab.
However, Xu tui is also trying to visualize some other changes in practice to see if he can succeed.
It has been three or four days since Shi Qiaoxi entered November, 2137, when she retired and went out to clean up.
In the evening, Xu retired and received Luo Shifeng’s words.
"There are several academic conferences invited a week, and sometimes you can attend one."
"Teacher Luo, it’s good for you to arrange it. It’s convenient to come and go. It’s thoughtful when there are no waves. Of course, the horses and chariots are hey hey."
It is very popular to make hundreds of thousands of dollars after a trip.
"You little academic conference so high-end things abruptly by you into a greedy feeling.
What matters is academic literacy!
It doesn’t matter to us what horses and chariots are.
Of course, if the inviter doesn’t have any sincerity in the horses and chariots, it means that they all pay little attention to academics. "In the words, Luo Shifeng tacitly said.
Xu retreated and squinted.
"Teacher Luo is still a little more fresh. Every time you turn your academic meeting into a romantic trip for you and your female ticket, you feed the dog food every time. You are not bashful to say that I have lost my money."
With Luo Shifeng poor 1 "by the way, the day before yesterday, I heard Teacher Qu say that you seem to be playing for real this time.
Teacher Qu went to a bar and now he doesn’t even have a partner. "
"Ah, I am forty! I should accept my heart when I meet the right one. I just ordered a pair of rings a few days ago. What do you think of Feng Qian? " Luo Shifeng said
Xu back a face of language "you have in-depth communication so many times also asked me this young.
Are you an old hand or a novice in love? "
"I’m an old hand in love, but I’m ready to get married for forty years. It’s the first time. Forget it. I won’t tell you this waste chick.
There’s a thing. There’s also an invitation from the India-India area to give an academic report at the New India University of Genetic Evolution. Are you going? "Asked Luo Shifeng abrupt.
"Don’t go!"
Xu tui refused simply.
In the actual communication of the India-India exchange delegation in January, Xu retired and even beheaded three students of the New India Gene Evolution University, which became a big enemy.
This will run to the University of Genetic Evolution in New India. Isn’t this looking for trouble for yourself?
"Two million! They paid four or five times the price. "