Yang Hua shouted, "Come on!" It was a trick that Duan Qiushi gave him "hands-on" when he folded his hands to meet him, but now his skill is far from what he used to be, and the power of "hands-on" is also surprisingly great. He heard a plate of stones and killed pigs and roared to the ground, and his left arm was twisted and dislocated


Yang Hua laughed. "You slapped me three years ago, and now I’ve got double interest to get back and spare you." This time, he took Pan Shisheng Shura’s Yin Shagong and immediately burst out laughing. It is obvious that he is not invaded by cold poison.
Dong Ming watched the battle in amazement. He came to expect that Pan Shisheng was no match for Yang Hua, but he didn’t expect that he would lose so fast. However, both arms were dislocated and he thought to himself, "It’s strange that this little emissary doesn’t seem to be a martial art? He can practice so well at a young age that he can actually crack the Yin evil skill of Panshi Shengshura? "
Leng Bing hugged Duan Jianqing and fled. At this time, she was just about to escape from the entrance hole of Jianfeng, and she shouted, "Leave it for me!" He was afraid that Duan Jianqing would escape with Zhang Danfeng’s martial arts secrets, thinking that Pan Shisheng had been injured anyway, and it was not too late to tidy up Yang Hua later.
Leng Binger sneered, "Do you keep your word when you pretend to be a martial arts elder?"
Dong Ming snorted, "What did I say?"
Leng Binger said, "Didn’t you say that we have to practice for another ten years and are not worthy of your opponent?"
Dong Ming laughed and said, "I can keep you without fighting with you!" " Talk, fly, leap, ups and downs, and catch up with the cold Europe. With a wave of his hand, the big sleeve blows out a strong wind, and the cold Europe stumbled and almost fell down.
I’m afraid that Yang Hua had a brainwave to save the two of them when he examined the situation. He laughed and said, "Pan Shisheng, if you are not angry, you can ask your master to take revenge on me. I want him to know that one day after another, someone outside the world won’t be able to dominate the Wulin without practicing the ninth shura Yin evil skill. Well, you can recover well. I’m sorry!" One turned not to run to Duan and Leng, but to escape to Jianfeng’s other exit.
Dong Ming was teasing Duan and Leng when they heard this, but they were suddenly taken aback. "I don’t know which school of work can crack the ninth Shura Yin evil work in today’s world." Then they thought to themselves, "This little collar is surprisingly good. According to common sense, how well he practiced at his age is also determined not to resist the Shura Yin evil work. Has he, he already obtained Zhang Danfeng secrets?" Then I thought that Yang Hua stayed in Shilin for a few years, and just now it was Jianfeng’s face. The possibility that he found the secret is of course much greater than Duan Jianqing’s.
"I’m so confused. I didn’t think that he was familiar with Shilin geography. Don’t run away for him." It’s a step to clean up Yang Hua’s mood at this time, but he didn’t change his mind. He thought Duan Jianqing had been injured. Where could a young girl run away behind his back and be afraid she could run? Pick up the Yang Hua, they may not run out of the stone forest.
Dong Ming’s mind turned to move quickly in the direction of Yang Hua’s running
Yang Hua deliberately slowed down to make him come back and said, "Are you going to fight me?"
Dong Ming shouted, "Give me the secret of Zhang Danfeng’s martial arts and spare you from death!"
Yang Hua said, "Are you Dong Ming, the elder of the Kongtong Sect?"
Dong Ming said, "So what if it is?"
Yang Hua said faintly, "Although my master forced you away, you are still my elder. I’ll let you do three tricks!"
Wulin rules are generational. It’s natural for different people to play against each other. Now Dong Ming’s seniority is two generations higher than Yang Hua’s. But Yang Hua turned it upside down. How can Dong Ming not be angry? When I snorted, "What an arrogant little guy! Since you don’t want to live, I’ll be you!" When it comes to "success", it means grasping the future.

Yang Hua just wanted him to get angry, and his body was like a water snake, and he avoided him.
Dong Ming was taken aback and thought to himself, "This posture of him is very strange, as if he had lost his footwork." It is said that Dong Ming lost his footwork and swordsmanship, and he has a set of corresponding footwork and swordsmanship. Although Dong Ming has never seen the ancient spectrum, it is scattered in his classics, and Dong Ming still knows a little about it.
Dong Ming was surprised, of course, and Yang Hua was also surprised. It turned out that Dong Ming’s fingertips crossed his vest and didn’t touch his skin, which made him feel irritable and painful. If Dong Ming hadn’t angered him and got a little impatient, he would have caught Yang Hua. He thought to himself, "No wonder Master is quite impressed with him. His first skill in swordsmanship is not the strongest one in the door, but this grasp is so powerful that he can really catch it for him."
Passing 18-wheeler, Dong Ming has been following him around, and he has seen Yang Hualing’s move. I dare not have the slightest carelessness. One move, two types of palm fists and palm potential enveloped Yang Hua’s figure. The left fist slammed out this move. There is a trick called "tight encirclement". The palm potential is like a day; The fist is like a net palm. The fist palm is rigid and soft, but it is virtual and rigid. It is the combination of rigid and soft that helps each other. It is precisely from the "serial killing sword" that he leads. "Can you escape from me, tight encirclement?" Dong Ming thought
Hearing "before" escaped from his "tight encirclement" like tearing Yang Hua’s clothes for him, but it was still as slippery as swimming fish. Rao is so skilled that he didn’t even see his posture clearly. Somehow, that overbearing punch was already made.
Yang Hua cried, "Shit, it’s okay!" Body flash "slide" out of a few zhangs kicked up a piece of dust.
Yang Hua said that he would let the other side kick up the dust and sand to fan the other side’s vision, which can be said to be a bit tricky, but he didn’t break his word when he fought back.
Dong Ming said that he was getting more and more angry with his heart. "Arrogant little sly thief, I won’t kill you today!"
Like a thunderclap, I heard the thunder "bang". A big tree around me was knocked down by the palm of Dong Ming’s hand. Dong Ming shouted, "It’s so small. You can blame me for your own death!" Yang Hua was badly injured by the shock of his palm.
Yang Hua’s eyes are black, and his chest is full of qi and blood, and his insides are all like shifting positions. He hurriedly takes a breath. Zhang Danfeng’s secret skill is to condense the true qi. The ghost words are still outstanding. Seeing the dust and fog scattered, Yang Hua is already calm in front of him. Where is it like being injured?
Yang Hua laughed and said, "Uncle Tai has let you get away with three tricks, but I haven’t died yet. I have done my best to forgive you!"
If you can’t defeat a junior by three strokes, you should stop. But how can he swallow this tone? He thought, "There is a rock born in this stone forest. He won’t say anything about what happened today. I won’t be afraid that I will laugh at the hero." When I press the hilt, but I am still embarrassed for a while, I will draw my sword.
Yang Hua seems to know his heart Gherardini and then said, "Do you want to kill me, Master Dong Ming, or do you want to kill me with one sword?" He didn’t call "Taishi Shu" but called "Daochang", which means that his legacy is dead.