Liu Xinyu has left with whisked legs.
Chapter three hundred and twelve A group of women in the forest is better than two women in bed (1)
The stripped Satsuma cylinder just showed its beauty, but Chen Yi wondered how to divide it into two parts or hide it in a big bag.
The hotel concierge helped to buy a big bag. If it was in China, Chen Yi might not buy stolen goods and equipment immediately after the crime, but there is no such thing in Italy. Different cities can’t be unified, and the administrative efficiency is even lower than that of the China government.
After playing for half an afternoon, Chen Yi found that neither quarrelling nor a small amount of source energy could stimulate the Samoyed cylinder to change, so he gave up on foraging.
Italians claim that all the food in the world comes from Italy, and they say that whether it’s French or German, British or American, it’s all Italian leftovers or from them. If you ask "China"? Speaking Italians are mostly at a loss. In their eyes, there is Europe and Africa, of course, there is racial food, but what about that? China is not in Africa?
The kitchen of the Queen Bologna Hotel claims to be the top level in Italy, but Chen Yi is lazy and asked for a double steak. The kitchen must not be very concerned about this. The name of the plate is the sixth chef. In the opinion of the executive chef, it must be a person who is not picky about taste to ask for steak in the Queen Bologna Hotel.
"Would you like a table wine?" The waiter routinely asked 1.
"Don’t give me two servings of seafood, a cod and another kind of shell." Chen Yi’s appetite shocked the waiter. He ran dozens of kilometers yesterday, but if he was lost, he might be hundreds of kilometers.
Sure enough, two steaks are half full after eating them. Chen Yi beckoned and called two steaks, which is equivalent to eating six non-Italian meals in an Italian restaurant and then returning to the room with the waiter’s intoxicated eyes and falling asleep.
A master is like an inflatable airship. You can’t fly until you are fully inflated, and it is also necessary to rest after flying.
Sleeping at noon is definitely not enough. Chen Yi hid the Satsuma column behind the curtain and then fell asleep. I don’t know how long it took before he suddenly heard someone talking in the bed.
"Let him sleep for a while and I’ll wake him up if he doesn’t wake up at 1 o’clock." This is about Liu Xinyu’s voice.
"Sister, you exhausted him yesterday, didn’t you?" This sound is familiar but can’t be judged.
Chen Yi turned over and prepared to sleep for a while. It is still necessary to be energetic in a foreign land.
"Hua!" Listen to Liu Xinyu when the water is poured. "You will know after a while that he does some exercise."
"He … won’t refuse?"
Liu Xinyu smiled. "Do you think men will refuse to eat fat?"
"I’m not fat."
"I can’t be spoiled."
The novel "I stole a look when I was helping you with your clothes"
Liu Xinyu laughed and said, "You have a lot of guts."
"I’m curious."
Chen Yi finally recognized that this was Yawen, the elder sister of the public machine.
When I left in the morning, Liu Xinyu said she would bring my sister back, and Chen Yi thought she was laughing again. Now it seems even a little bit true.
Chen Yi suddenly felt sleepy and thought about whether Liu Xinyu wanted to test himself or what to do. It’s only been done once, and everyone is new. It seems unnecessary to test it. Is that because Yawen asked? This kind of thing is not easy to be human.